Fan Fun Movie of the Month: Brides (Nyfes)

“Niki, my darling, I thought about you all last night. That’s more or less how a love letter begins. Isn’t it, Niki? ” – Norman Harris

source: screencap
source: Screencap from movie

It is THAT time of the year again 😀 While I have been living in the US for the last 27 years, I come back to my native Turkey every summer to visit my mom and my extended family. And here I am in Izmir, my hometown, at the moment enjoying my time with family, the sun, and the blue waters of the beautiful Aegean sea.

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Billions Season 7 Official Trailer: Who Will Come Out On Top?

“That’s the problem with vacations. They always end too soon.” — Bobby Axelrod

Oh no, Bobby, we’ve been counting the days… it’s been such a long vacation!

But the good news is, ladies and gentlemen, Billions Season 7 is just around the corner! The seventh and the final season is premiering on Paramount+ with Showtime on August 11 and on Showtime at 8pm EST on August 13! And not just that but Damian Lewis is returning to the show and according to the media reports, he will have a meaty part in the final season ensuring that Billions will end with a huge bang!

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From Dick Winters to Steve McQueen: The “American” Damian Lewis

“This sounds absurdly pretentious, but the American Damian, I’m sort of oddly comfortable with him.” – Damian Lewis

A Guardian article from July 2015 talks about Brits versus Yanks in Hollywood:

The invasion of British and Irish leading men in Hollywood has now gone beyond a joke for many in the American entertainment industry. First noticed some time in 2011, the trend was initially dismissed as a novelty: an interesting phase that would pass, rather than as a threat. But this summer actors and directors are calling for action to mobilise American drama teachers and schools to counter it.”

So Hollywood has finally taken notice and is now somehow mobilizing to defend its territory against the British invasion 😀 Well, maybe it is too little too late at this point? I mean, it is not that the Brits are coming, but they have already arrived. Besides, Vanity Fair says “victory is assured” in the video clip below, with fabulous ginger alert at 0:29, about which I blogged about earlier here! Continue reading “From Dick Winters to Steve McQueen: The “American” Damian Lewis”

The King and I: Catching Up With Damian Lewis at Rough Trade East

Damian Lewis and his fabulous band had a special little gig at Rough Trade East in London followed  by Damian signing the copies of ‘Mission Creep’ vinyls and CDs gig attendees received with their ticket purchase. I have already shared with you here every single detail I remember from the insightful chat, fantastic gig and the intimate sighting. This post is for those of you who enjoy reading about my catching up shenanigans with Damian. I am happy to report the chat + gig + signing was bookended with some fun moments with our favorite guy! Continue reading “The King and I: Catching Up With Damian Lewis at Rough Trade East”