Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in Stolen

source: BBC

Human trafficking is nothing but modern day slavery. It is a multi-billion dollar crime industry where, according to The International Labor Organization estimates, 24.9 million people are deprived of their freedoms globally. What makes this even worse is that 1 in 4 of the victims are children.

Stolen is a harrowing TV drama, made in 2011 for BBC One, that focuses on the problem of child trafficking. Written by Stephen Butchard, directed by Justin Chadwick, and filmed in Manchester, the movie stars a number of very talented first-time child actors along with our own Damian Lewis. The movie received a BAFTA TV nomination for Best Single Drama in 2012.

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Billions Season 2 Music

We know how important music is the world of Billions. Showrunner Brian Koppelman recently said on his podcast The Moment that he writes to music. He shared that he wrote the penultimate episode of Season 2, “Golden Frog Time” with Tom Petty’s “Even the Losers” as inspiration and that song played during the writing of the show as well as within the show itself. When the question arose to whether they’d get the rights to use the song in the episode, Koppelman insisted that without the song there’d be no episode, literally and metaphorically. Thankfully they did get that song and many more memorable cuts for Season 2.

In a wee bite of a taste of what to expect in Season 3, we learned that “Born in San Antone” by Garrett T. Capps will open the first episode. Here’s some of his Lou Reed-ish styling here:

Just occurred to me and I had to go and listen and check to make sure they indeed haven’t used this song in either S1 or S2: LCD Soundsystem’s “North American Scum” totally brings up the ethos of the Billions world. Again, not one from the show as we know it, but certainly one metaphorically connected, at least in this viewer’s head.

In the spirit of getting geared up for another season of rich musical accompaniment to this show, let’s revisit Season 2’s playlist. Enjoy!

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Billions Season 3 Trailer: The Ultimate Pissing Contest Continues

We kicked off the festivities for Billions Season 3 with a detailed coverage of Billions at TCA 2018 last week. Now that we have an airdate and a trailer, speculation rules until Season 3 premieres on March 25 10pm EST. Continue reading “Billions Season 3 Trailer: The Ultimate Pissing Contest Continues”

Damian Lewis in Top Gear

Driving into work today came the unsolicited thought, hey, we haven’t seen Damian in proximity to a car in ages. Then the mind went to one of the shots from the Billions S3 promo. The one where Bobby is gliding through a sea of lovely hot rods, perhaps picking out one to take out for a test drive. Of course, the mind said, you’re not crazy for randomly thinking about Damian and cars; You just saw that image recently, that’s all. (My mind likes to talk to itself, no biggie.)

So, when Damianista and I had our usual Tuesday late afternoon chat about what my weekly post should be, and since I didn’t have anything new, I thought, why not post Damian’s turn at Top Gear again?

Then, as serendipity would have it, on the drive home, listening to NPR’s “Fresh Air”, I heard Terry Gross’s interview with  a lovely young woman, Patrice Banks, who had opened up a mechanic’s shop run by women, with the goal of making women comfortable with taking care of their cars. Is car care the last frontier for women, I thought? The name Danika Patrick rings a bell, even to those of us outside the NASCAR circle, so that diamond-cut chrome-plated ceiling must have been traversed on some level. But, yeah, it is kind of uncomfortable as a woman to go get a car looked at, with the ever-present thought that the guys are going to take advantage of the fact I know little and care little about my mom car, a little Mazda, accept for the expectation that it keep carrying me around town when I need it to.

Alas, sometimes the universe decides for you. So, here’s my post on bearded Damian’s appearance on British Top Gear. Enjoy!

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Showtime Billions at TCA18

It’s been a long winter, but now that Billions has announced a return date of March 25 for Season 3, bluier skies may be ahead. On Saturday, showrunners and stars graced the stage for this year’s Television Critics Association winter press tour, where they dropped the first promo and got the buzz up and running for the new season.

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