Billions: First Takes, Fresh Takes

Now, dear readers, what kind of forensic fan would I be if I didn’t do a pixel by pixel analysis of the latest trailer for Billions? What latest trailer for Billions, you ask? Why this one, called First Takes, with some fun behind the scenes bits interspersed with more juicy bits of the story revealed. I’ll tell you one thing from the get-go: I see a different Bobby Axelrod in this preview than has been revealed in previous trailers.

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Trivia Tuesday with “Free Man of London” Damian Lewis

source: BBC
source: BBC

Did you know that Damian Lewis received the Freedom of the City of London honour in recognition of his achievements as an actor in March 2013?

Freedom of the City of London is one of the oldest surviving traditions still in existence today. It is believed that the first Freedom was granted in 1237. According to Wikipedia, being a “free man” in old times came with certain privileges, varying from the right to drive sheep and cattle over London Bridge to carrying a naked sword in public. Continue reading “Trivia Tuesday with “Free Man of London” Damian Lewis”

Billions is Coming: Team Axelrod vs Team Rhoades

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Oh yes Billions is coming! The anticipation  is heightening by the second. Brian Koppelman is tweeting about 18 hour set/mixing/writing/editing days… They are shooting all over New York, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens to Long Island, and Bobby Axelrod even jet-setted to Quebec City to rock to Metallica a few weeks ago 😀  The first series poster is out, we’re already past mid-October and now have just three months to go for the series premiere on January 17, 2016! And, as we can’t wait to see Bobby and Chuck playing the ultimate cat and mouse game, we continue to let our imagination work at full force about Billions. Continue reading “Billions is Coming: Team Axelrod vs Team Rhoades”

Damian Lewis loves BOOKS, so do we! Part II

Yes, Damian Lewis LOVES books! In fact, when asked about his non-sporting interests in 5 minutes with Damian Lewis interview, he goes…

…and makes reading his number one non-sporting interest! So it’s no wonder that Books Are My Bag (BAMB) — a nationwide campaign in the UK and Ireland, the biggest collaboration between publishers, bookstores and authors to date, to celebrate books and bookstores, that we started talking about here earlier, is absolutely thrilled to have support from him 🙂 Continue reading “Damian Lewis loves BOOKS, so do we! Part II”

JaniaJania: A Weekend with Damian Lewis, continued

Where do I even start with a retelling of the events of October 3, 2015, my first time seeing Damian Lewis in person? Seems like my experience was clouded by a fangirl fugue state that started when he first walked into the theater for his interview with Lauren Collins, reached a new crescendo with the Cleo reading, and didn’t let up until days later, when I could sit and recall it all in a moment of tranquility. As we were wrapping up our immersion into The Weekend with Damian Lewis provided by the New Yorker Festival, Damianista wanted to talk about how we would write about the events, who would write what, and when. Truthfully, I said, I could take that 90 minute interview and churn out a post about every 15 minute chunk of it. And that’s not even including the Green Room time, which in my fugue state felt like 5 minutes, but, in reality, I’m assured, was much longer. Such was the richness of the experience.

Granted, for the hard core Damian fans, there were several things we’d already read or heard him say before. But even those topics that had been touched upon over the years in one forum or another (eg Damian being told he got the Dick Winters role when he was still drunk from a night carousing in Santa Monica and his visit with President Obama) were retold under a fresh light. And how fresher a light can there be than when the subject of the interview is sitting less than five feet in front of you. Blazing light, to be perfectly honest.

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