An Exclusive FAN FUN Interview with Damian Lewis

I cannot agree more with Times Talks tag line: The brightest stars. The smartest conversations. Because we just saw a very bright star, Damian Lewis, in a very smart conversation with NY Times Culture reporter and new Carpetbagger Cara Buckley at Directors Guild Theater in New York City. In case you missed it,  you can find the conversation in its entirety here and my review of the evening here.


The conversation covered a wide range of topics. Damian had a lot to say and what he had to say had such substance that I know we will go back and dig into this Times Talks over and over again in the future. But this very post is all about how a seemingly sad moment turns into a HAPPY moment in an instant thanks to one wonderful person: Damian Lewis. Continue reading “An Exclusive FAN FUN Interview with Damian Lewis”

Damian Lewis ROCKS Times Talks at Directors Guild Theater

source: Times Talks Program
source: Times Talks Program

Damian Lewis was the guest of celebrated Times Talks at Directors Guild Theater and had a great conversation with Cara Buckley, a New York Times culture reporter and the new Carpetbagger.

Well, on the day the UK votes to stay in or leave the European Union, a conversation with a British actor calls for a question about Brexit. And that was Buckley’s opening question. And, somehow, the conversation turned more political than I thought it would and I enjoyed it immensely. We all know celebrities tend to avoid from getting involved in political conversation probably because they do not want to lose fans. And I understand that. On the other hand, one may be an actor, a doctor, a teacher, or anything else, but first and foremost we are all citizens and we have responsibility to speak our minds about issues that we care about. And just THIS, I believe, makes an individual, regardless of who she or he is, and regardless you agree with her or him, a good citizen of the world. Thus, I applaud Cara Buckley for her hard-hitting questions and Damian Lewis for speaking his mind thoughtfully, knowledgeably and graciously. He was certainly in TOP form providing compelling arguments along with brilliant humor that cracked up the room one too many times!

Now, it is quite a task to turn a one hour and fifteen minute conversation into about 2500 words. But I have such delicious quotes from Damian and I would love to build the review around them. Plus I have a BIG surprise for you! I have been able to have an exclusive interview with Damian after the event which I proudly call “Fan Fun Talks.” Why not? You can see our interview with Damian at the end of this review.

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“He’s more Just Like Us than we are”: Take the Tube like Damian Lewis!


Here is the most HILARIOUS conversation between Damian Lewis and Nick Grimshaw, the host of BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show that Damian joined last week. You can hear the radio bit (short version) here and (long version, starts at 01:33:48) here. BIG thanks go to JaniaJania for transcribing part of the conversation for me!

source: @R1breakfast
source: @R1breakfast

Nick Grimshaw: We saw this picture the other day, Fifi sent them, of you on the tube. (I said) That’s cool, it’s Damian Lewis, he’s getting on the tube!

DL: Yeah.

Nick Grimshaw: Because it must happen when you’re out and about, people are like…ohh, can I have a …

DL: Who has pictures of me on the tube?

Nick Grimshaw: I don’t know, it was in the paper. But em…

DL: (To Steph) Do you know who has pictures of me on the tube?

Nick Grimshaw: (To Fifi) Do you know this? There are pictures of him on the tube. What was it Fifi?

DL: Who took a picture of me on the tube?

Nick Grimshaw: Who did that? (Fifi: Somebody on the…) Somebody on the tube did it.

DL: I’m always picking my nose on the tube. You’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to be overly careful about that. Continue reading ““He’s more Just Like Us than we are”: Take the Tube like Damian Lewis!”

Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 1: The Pilot


Billions has finally made its highly anticipated arrival in Damian-land aka the UK tonight. And it seems the show has some certain households fighting over the remote 🙂

source: @lewis_damian
source: @lewis_damian

I don’t know, mate… I would personally avoid from messing with Aunt Pol! Still, a personal invitation from Bobby Axelrod could be too tempting to turn down! 😀


So if you are in the crowd that did say “YES!” to Damian’s invitation to stay in with him and watch Billions on Sky Atlantic, this blog post is for you! Continue reading “Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 1: The Pilot”

Billions Season 1 Dining Guide: Eat like a Billionaire or without Breaking the Bank

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

I know I am a broken record but Billions is a dream coming true. Not just because it is one of the most, if not the most, smartly written show in the history of TV. Not just because it is bringing my favorite actor Damian Lewis to my screen. But also because it is being shot in NYC, my favorite place on earth: Let me put it this way. If I had not blogged about Damian Lewis, I would probably have blogged about New York, in particular about its fantastic dining scene since my husband and I are crazy foodies. He loves to cook and we both love to eat. That is why NYC dining scene making some memorable appearances in Billions, from some of its “special occasion” restaurants to yummy hole-in-the-walls to cozy neighborhood joints to dining landmarks and take-out places, makes me SMILE big!

So, here is our Billions dining guide as a thank you to the show for showcasing the dining capital of the world in the best way possible: Some of these places are my NYC favorites and I believe, being the forensic fan that I am, I have been able to figure out almost all of them using hints from the scene as well as Google and, hey, Google earth, too! 🙂 Continue reading “Billions Season 1 Dining Guide: Eat like a Billionaire or without Breaking the Bank”