Damian Lewis sends a Special Message from Billions Season 4 Set!

Having Billions withdrawals? Then we are in the same boat! But they are now more than halfway through shooting Season 4 in New York, so it is coming soon, people, IT IS COMING SOON!

Update 12/19/2018: DRUMROLL! Our next rendezvous with Bobby Axelrod is on March 17, 2019 at 9pm ET! And they have just dropped the first Season 4 teaser, too! ENJOY!

Now, I am delighted to report I was VERY lucky to catch up with Damian on Billions set! Since I have been sworn to secrecy by the man himself, I am keeping mum about what is going on in the show (not that I have seen much) but I am thrilled to bring a special message from Damian to us, the bloggers at Fan Fun with Damian Lewis, and to the entire fandom. 

There is so much to tell about my conversation with Damian and I promise to do so after the holidays! One thing I want to say for now though is, ladies and gentlemen, we are definitely supporting the right guy! Damian is not only one of the best, if not the best, actors of his generation, but he is also a kind and generous human being. As I have told him today we are proud to be on Team Damian!

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank my fellow bloggers on Fan Fun with Damian Lewis. When I launched the blog almost four years ago (yes, our birthday is coming up early January!) I sort of knew I would meet like-minded fans along the way I could team up with. What I did not know was I would meet some of the best people I have ever known in my life. We cannot be more different in some ways. We span different generations, time zones, cultural backgrounds and life experiences. We cannot be more similar, either. We are all strongly opinionated women, deeply inspired by Damian’s art, who do not shy away from expressing ourselves openly. And when we are together, we are the BEST TEAM. And, guess what, that is what Damian likes the most about us. That we are a team!

I do not know why I become such a chatterbox when Damian is concerned.  Okay, okay, I am shutting up and leaving the stage to our favorite guy… Oh wait, sorry for my Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer appearance in the video, but it was brutally cold! Please ENJOY!

Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

41 thoughts on “Damian Lewis sends a Special Message from Billions Season 4 Set!”

  1. OMG!!! What a nice surprise! Happy holidays to you Damian Lewis’ team! Happy holiday to you, Mr Lewis! I have to admit that You are the most handsome man in the world…. right next to my husband!

    1. Thank you, Joanne! Thank you for reading us and for your support. Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year! And I agree with you 100%: Damian is the most handsome man in the world… right next to my husband! 😀

      1. Hahaha… that’s right! 🙂 Damian, your husband and my husband are the most handsome men in the world! Happy New Year! :-*

  2. We write because we love it – not for recognition or money – just because we want to share our thoughts and options.
    However, when we do get such kind words, from such a kind man, it really is special!!

    Thank you Damianista for this! Can’t wait to write all about Season 4!!

    1. I could not have said it better myself. And how flattering it is to hear these kind words! Yes, Damian is a brilliant actor, but he is also an extremely kind and generous human being. I cannot wait to write all about Season 4, either. In fact, I just finished a draft about what to expect when we’re expecting Season 4. I want to kick off the new year with it! Very much looking forward to your reaction. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

  3. Well THAT. should carries us through Damian-drought! Thank you Damianista, thank you Damian. Can’t wait to hear the whole story! What no purple coat?

    1. Thank you for your lovely contributions to the blog, thank you for your support and thank you for your friendship! You remember the coat? Hahahaha! Lewisto also asked if Damian asked about the coat 🙂 No, he didn’t. He should have approved this one 😀 Happy Holidays, my lovely friend, and cheers to a wonderful new year for us all!

    1. Thank you! I can’t think of a better team. And I can’t think of a better guy to support. Yes, the whole story is coming in early 2019! Happy Holidays! ps. Since it says “anaonymous” I don’t know who I am replying to. I suspect you are someone I know 🙂

  4. What a lovely surprise! Well done Damianista, thank you for sharing your latest encounter with the Ginger One. As soon as the holiday season is over, I plan to view all 3 seasons of Billions (again) in preparation for season 4 which I hope will not be too far off.
    In the meantime, my wish for a very Merry Christmas to all!

    1. Thank you, Connie! Thank you for reading us and for your constant support and encouragement! The Ginger Prince was in top form last evening. I loved it that he played along and staged the video 😀 We have the exact same plan for January! And yes hoping for an as early as possible premiere date for Season 4. Rooting for late March early April! Wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

  5. Thank you so much for the post and the video. I love love love watching anything Damian and you are right. It really does show how genuine and grounded this fine man is. Can’t wait for season 4!

    1. Hi Aly! Thanks for reading us! Damian’s certainly one of the best actors we have today but he’s also a wonderful human being. I mean which actor would use his 5-minute break from filming to come play along and make a video? Brian Koppelman just tweeted that they’ll announce Season 4 air date tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  6. Wow wow wow, I’m only leaving a message now, I saw this post and video this morning when I woke up, nice way to start the day 😀 .
    He is so great and nice. What a really nice guy seriously. <3
    Thanks again to you for sharing this with us. Thanks to all of you who produce so much content of high quality on this website, keeping all of us up to date on damian-lewis.com.

    May all of you enjoy your holidays .

    1. Thank you for reading and for all your support Laetitia! You are very kind! We are doing our best and the fans as well as the man himself supporting it is simply a dream coming true! Damian is a genuinely good man. As I just told another fan, I mean, which actor would use his 5-minute break from filming to come play along and make a video? I will make a post about our conversation which was fun, too, but it needs to wait until early 2019. Happy Holidays!

  7. Lovely blog as usual and great video. He is such a sweet person and very grateful that’s why we love him so much.

    Happy Holidays to you all xoxoxo

    1. My Dear Eli, thank you so much for your kinds words and for your friendship! Damian is lovely. And he is incredibly humble. We are rooting for the right guy! Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

    1. Yes, Christmas came early this year thanks to Damian’s generosity and our wonderful Damian sisterhood! Grateful for all the love and the support! <3

  8. WOOOOW He is really nice…but we already knew that!!! I look forward to Season 4.HAPPY HOLIDAYS. FELICES FIESTAS PARA TODOS!!

  9. Damianista, we are all so blessed to have you at the helm of this brilliant blog. I don’t know how you do it but you find a way to keep us informed about what’s going on with our lovely Damian. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Much thanks for all you do.

    1. THANK YOU, Nancy! Your kind words mean a lot to me! Well, it takes a bit of planning, some forensic research and a lot of gut feeling to catch up with Damian. I am thrilled I have been able to do this. And Damian playing along was the cherry on the pie. You know we do the work voluntarily and without any expectations but it is an amazing feeling to know that the man himself appreciates it! <3 Wish you Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year!

  10. Hallo Damianista,
    Was Du suchst, sucht Dich !!
    Am allerbesten finde ich wirklich, dass gerade Du für Deine Begeisterung immer wieder mit einem persönlichen Treffen mit Damian belohnt wirst. Das zeigt doch wieder, das eine ehrliche und wahre Leidenschaft immer auch in unvergesslichen Erlebnissen mündet. Meinen aufrichtigen Glückwunsch.
    Es muss ein fantastisches Gefühl sein, so nah neben im stehen zu dürfen, mit ihm zu reden und seine
    Natürlichkeit so unmittelbar miterleben zu dürfen. Einfach klasse !!
    Vielen Dank, dass Du uns daran teilhaben lässt.
    Ich wünsche allen ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.
    Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland.

    Google Translate:

    Hello Damianista,
    What you are looking for is looking for you !!
    Best of all, I really think that you will be rewarded for your enthusiasm again and again with a personal meeting with Damian. This shows again that an honest and true passion always leads to unforgettable experiences. My sincere congratulations.
    It has to be a fantastic feeling to be able to stand so close next to him, to talk to him and his
    To be able to experience naturalness so directly. Simply great !!
    Thank you for letting us participate.
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    Greetings from Germany.

    1. My Dear Lucky Fellow! Thanks for reading us, for your support and for your very kind words! You call it just right: “Unforgettable experience.” I don’t think I will ever forget the evening on Billions set. I was a little bit nervous as usual since the set is a workplace but Damian made me feel like a guest. And you are again right it was a fantastic feeling. I will write about it in more detail after the holidays (I am currently on a two and a half week vacation!) and wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  11. What a nice holiday present for you D.and all of us. I’m glad there were no spoilers. I like to go in blind.
    Since I’m forever catching up on the blog I decided to start from page 1 beginning this weekend. I have quite a task ahead of me. Such brilliant writing and conversations, just love it.

    Wishing you and your team a wonderful and peaceful holiday season, and yes, to all the readers out there as well.

    1. Yes, Christmas came early this year!!! I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and constant support and… are you serious you are starting from Page 1? 🙂 Oh My God! Maybe I should do it, too, in the new year… We will have our 4th birthday early January and it would be a sweet walk in the memory lane to go back to the posts from the blog’s first days… It has been a true adventure and I am grateful for the friendships it has brought to me! Happy Holidays!

    1. I am thrilled that Damian, once again, brings us all together and just before the holidays. I am in love with our lovely community!

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