Billions on Showtime, Episode 7: The Punch

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

The Punch opens with a bang and throws a number of punches, literal and metaphorical, at us all.

We find Axe doing laps in his Hamptons pool and listening to Replacements’ The Ledge that goes “I’m the boy they couldn’t ignore, for the first time in my life, I’m sure” on his waterproof headphones. We cannot ignore the boy does not look okay today. We have never seen him like this before. The pressure is taking its toll on Axe. He is at the end of his rope.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Kids come back from an afternoon outing with Mr. Layner, a Hamptons neighbor, and his kids. As they declare their afternoon was awesome, Lara gets a call from her friend Lilly asking if the kids arrived home safely. She saw Mr. Layner drinking before he drove them home. This gives Axe what he’s been looking for: A punch bag! He gets out of the pool, literally runs to his car, drives to Layner’s house and turns “Margy time!” into “Punch time!” 🙂


Well, I did not take it literally when Chuck said  in The Pilot that Axe “is Mike Tyson in his prime.” It seems I should have! Axe punches Layner as if he is the world’s heavyweight champion finishing the job on the boxing ring!

Emergency meeting at Axelrod residence: Orrin Bach says if the word of the punch gets out, it may knock out Axe’s business. Sheryl, who runs communications at Axe Capital, knows some gossip writers are already on the story and Lara’s friend Lilly should come forward to confirm Layner’s drinking. Bach, prepared as ever, has a retired police officer with him. Chief Mueller has been retired for 7 years but is still respected in the Southampton Police Department. He has intel that the police has a video of Axe punching Layner and there is pressure for an arrest but Mueller is arranging a backdoor arrival meeting for Axe and Bach at the police station. Still, Team Axe should get confirmation of drinking asap.

Oh yes they should! We know via Chuck Sr’s grapevine that Garth Sykes’ Flagship already jumped ship. Axe cannot tolerate another institution to leave the company. And he now has one of his strongest backers Raul Gomez come all the way to Westport to tell him he needs to settle his trouble asap. Withdrawing his money is the last thing Gomez wants to do but he WILL do it if there is any misdemeanor. This is serious shit.

Lara sees Lilly just to find out oh she is so sorry but her husband says press would fuck his business badly. What the fuck? But we all know the type, don’t we? She starts a thing, gets you in trouble and then watches from the sidelines. I know Lara despises Lilly is not coming forward but what Lilly says about her maid is probably not helping, either: “I have to go. The maid is leaving at 3 today. Some bullshit about taking her kids to the doctor.” I imagine Lara as a modern day Madame Defarge that records the names of the people to be revenged 🙂

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Guess what lands in Mike Dimonda’s mailbox? THE Video. He asks for a comment for his piece. We now find out Axe has photographic memory that creates wonders! He singles out the person who should have made the movie: The girlfriend of Layner’s son. Sheryl is on it! She’d better be on it, because Axe looks like a time bomb:  it’s not a matter of if but a matter of when that he will explode. Look at those crazy eyes: “Find that original video, pay what we need, get it.”

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Once he hears from Lara about Lilly, Axe is on his way to Hamptons police station: The police do not like the fact that they need to, in addition to college kids and regular dirtbags, to deal with billionaires punching multi millionaires. They will take a statement of Axe’s versions of the events but it is ultimately the DA’s call to proceed or not. And, yes, they have the video.

Axe needs to move fast now. He takes Dimonda to dinner and kindly asks for a short hold, just a day, on the punch piece. And when Dimonda says he would not spike it despite how good the veal chops are at the restaurant, Axe brings out the big guns: Dimonda could use THAT DAY for a meeting with a certain network chairman in Aspen about his own show: “Charlie Rose has got to move on at some point, right?” Done.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Damianista’s side note: if you want to eat where Axe eats, this is Artie’s Steak and Seafood on City Island, the Bronx. The owner, Spiros Chageres, in a Bronx Times news report, says Damian Lewis enjoyed their “shrimp and scallops over glazed tomatoes.” So, go for it!

In the meantime, Lara is not comfortable with their kids having no street smarts. She does not want them to be the rich kids Axe always told her he had an edge over thanks to his desperation. Axe thinks desperation was also responsible for him still being an animal when they first got together but Lara wants the kids toughen up a little so they can stand up on their own feet. She drags them to the beach for clamming so they learn about earning your own living and finds the ultimate solution in a summer camp that would teach them a thing or two about life.

Sheryl delivers the video within her “budget for this kind of thing” with Layner admitting to his DUI. Axe turns into an instant hero on You Tube with 400K views in less than 2 hours… so much so that he even gets a text from Lawrence Boyd who pissed on his face in The Deal: “Bobby, share my chopper out to the Hamptons for Clean Water Gala.” Axe is now saying hello to the healing waters of Lourdes. Fist bumps indeed!

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

The day ends on a fun note for Axe as he gets a text from his boys who are desperate to come home from screen-free camp. Dad to the rescue! Axe believes one day at the camp might be enough for the kids to appreciate what they have at home. I wonder what mom will say in the morning but Axelrod boys will make sure they will have great milkshakes tonight! But what is the life lesson for the boys in this? Calling dad works! Axe may have second thoughts when they are 17.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

The problem is Axe has been dealing with the the punch he has thrown that he seems to be in the dark about the ones being thrown from within his inner circle! Trouble looms large over Axe Capital and Axe may be in deep shit.

It turns out “loyal soldier” Donnie Caan has been “turned” by Bryan and his team. Well, having seen the guy’s hesitation about starting with 200,000 shares of Rubinex, when his stack was tripled, I knew he would not be Axe Capital’s Brian Doyle. But, honestly, I was not expecting him to be a mole, either. Donnie loads up on Rubinex, sells at a monster profit the moment Rubinex has FDA approval for some organic pesticide and is flagged big time. He could neither provide research on the product nor any sign off from the compliance. And when they pull out meta-data showing he had been in contact with insiders, he breaks, in Bryan’s words, “like a Mexican condom.” Yikes. All wired up, Donnie tries to have Axe talk about the Kemlot trade but after his “bit of a weekend” Axe is just in the mood for drinks and a conversation about Pavlov’s study.

Chuck is “out of the game” as much as Axe was in The Good Life. He has recused himself so there is no “conflict of interest” but he is on it 24/7 and determined to pull the strings behind the scenes.

He first gets rid of Spyros who is pushing hard to be “the commandant” on the case. Chuck finds Marina Slovis, the woman he asks Dale to find the contact information for earlier. It turns out Ari raped her in the past and he is simply frozen when he sees Marina talking to Kate in an office. Glad to say bye to Spyros and his cologne.

Then he extracts information from Bryan regarding his informant at Axe Capital and encourages him to have a little motivational session with Donnie to speed up the process. Chuck arranges a secure place and watches behind the closed doors as Bryan tells Donnie not to “bojangle” him and Donnie tells Bryan it makes him sick to sell out the man who gave him everything. Bryan explodes — “Are you fucking kidding me?” — when Chuck surprises him at the end of the meeting to sing his praises for his excellent work on Donnie Caan. No Chuck is not kidding. He is dead serious.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Chuck preaches to Bryan the following day about how the ends justify the means. He is “willing to look into the abyss beyond conventional morality” and do what needs to be done to save the retirees, the hourly workers, time-card punching factory employees from the likes of Bobby Axelrod.

Ha! Now… I don’t know about Bryan, but I really have a hard time believing Chuck since I heard his own wife putting him in his place when he claims he works for the public good in The Pilot:  “No. You work for the good of Chuck Rhoades and maybe sometimes they intersect.”

This is a brilliant observation on Wendy’s part that I believe applies to almost anyone and in particular to people with aspirations for high office. Chuck is no exception. Man, he even makes Bryan to sit in his chair to FEEL it. He asks Bryan only to think about whether he could do a better job with Chuck in his corner or without him.

Well, what does Bryan feel? This is what I am curious about.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

I don’t buy Chuck’s argument about the public good but I completely buy my Bookworm’s argument that it is likely Bryan will see Axe and Chuck are not that different from each other. Wouldn’t it be hysterical should Bryan leave the public service by the end of the season to start with a 1.4 million dollar salary at a private law firm? We have found out about Kate’s aspirations, but we don’t know much about Bryan’s. We just know he cannot get a decent NYC rental without a guarantor. And, hey, defense pays much better! 🙂

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Bryan gets a stick from Donnie late at night with a note that he will be happy to see it. I hope we do not get a punch in the stomach when we see the contents of the stick. But I just can’t help imagine… what if this is all part of Axe’s plan? If I can see Donnie not being the next Brian Doyle, Axe is more than able to see that. What if? What if he gives 200,000 shares of Rubinex to Donnie knowing he will get busted and US attorney’s office will be all over him as Axe and other PMs at Axe Capital move on with their business under the radar? Could it be yet another layer of protection for Axe? I know it’s a stretch but I just want to throw this out there.

In other news that has not reached Axe yet, Wendy may jump ship any moment now. And she is the only person that has felt the change with Donnie: “You used to be one of the most open people here. But you’ve withdrawn from me. Even now I’m sensing you’re withholding.” And what would Dr. Mojo do if Donnie opened up to her in a session?

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

We find Wendy at a meeting with Chase, the headhunter who her best friend Billie had a fling with at some point. She does not want a job at a hedge fund because it would not feel right to work at a competitor. Chase, who seems to be a natural flirt, tells Wendy it is hard to find the kind of love and money she wants in a job outside the hedge fund world. Wendy wants to keep discreet and does not share this meeting with her husband.

source: Showtime

And she is still working at Axe Capital so she needs to make sure Axe knows all signs (read “the deal” and “the punch”) point to him starting to fit a certain type that enjoys self-sabotage. Axe admits he should not have thrown the punch but the deal is another story: “Just think about who had what to lose. And know that I went into that room ready to make a deal.” Wendy is not smiling as Axe leaves the room. She probably now has all the details.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

When she asks Chuck about what happened during the deal, his answer is these meetings are often unpredictable and “big gamefish often has one final thrash in it as he gets close to the boat.” Wendy already knows what happened and she could probably tell someone who tells a story with almost no eye contact is lying.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

I find it surprising Wendy does not confront Chuck. She may be forgiving because he has recused himself from the case. If only she knew 🙂 Wendy is sick and tired of the pissing contest between the two men and she knows  a new job could be the best for her family. She just lets Chuck know that they are meeting Gilberts tomorrow for dinner and, no, they cannot reschedule!

Chuck finds Gilberts creepy since they are a bit too loved up! But, hey, my husband and I know each other’s passwords, too; does this make us creepy? 😀  And I believe the dinner with “Siamese Twins” (which Wendy corrects as “Conjoined Twins” and I love it that Chuck always says “Sure!” when someone corrects his political incorrectness) is all worth it because (a) they are eating at Babbo, a New York staple and one of my most favorite restaurants in New York City and (b) as much as they are creepy, Gilberts sort of turn on Wendy that she starts it with a slap as soon as they are back home.

source: Showtime

I have no idea about the BDSM gear Wendy collects from the floor the following morning. But it seems they had a good night and there is a note from Chuck with his password on it 🙂 Wendy seems to be okay with staying in and letting Axe solve his problems on his own that day. Besides, Chase has a great idea and wants to meet for drinks at Chefs Club. He knows she likes Negronis, too.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

It turns out a blue-chip consulting firm that do turnarounds from inside out could be exactly what Wendy is looking for: clients vary from innovators, thought leaders to crazy geniuses and people on Fortune 500 that would require her up her game and the comp is platinum, too. Wendy is intrigued by the opportunity. I just wonder if she is also intrigued by Chase. Is this some harmless flirting or more than that? Only time will tell, I guess.

Author: Damianista

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19 thoughts on “Billions on Showtime, Episode 7: The Punch”

  1. Well done, D-Lady! Dayum, Axe has the crazy eyes. A mean right hook and who knew, peripheral photographic memory?
    Ha, ha, when you wrote billionaires punching multi-millionaires I laughed out loud.
    Nice to know the locations like the restaurant.
    I like Wendy’s body language when she faces people with her hands on her hips. She plants herself and postures.
    So Bobby taught his kids you can always wriggle your way out of an unpleasant situation like he did? As long as you have connections. And a cell phone.
    Maybe Wendy wants what that mushy couple has and Chuck can’t give. And the recruiter is cute and doting on her. The grass is always greener.
    I feel the whole Wall Street system is set up for people to cross the line. Why allow hedge funds then? They have morphed into something that sets the stage for failure with flawed humans running amuck.
    Thanks for the great recap and insights.

    1. Thank you! I just have so much fun thinking and writing about the show.

      I think Axe is one of these gifted kids who was great at math (and on the card table) and his photographic memory should help him a lot in keeping all he has in his head, be it the cards or the stocks!

      Axe seems to be the good cop and Lara seems to be the bad cop with the kids. Their parenting is quite different. They are now adorable but spoiled brats that whine about their omelettes today may easily turn out to be whining adults that cannot stand on their own feet. So I appreciate Lara’s efforts to raise them as individuals that can take care of themselves.

      Your observation about Wall Street also applies to the US attorney’s office (at least in the show), doesn’t it? Power corrupts and it does not understand enough. It’s fascinating to see Axe and Chuck are not that different after all. It’s about justifying means for the ends. And they are both willing to go beyond “conventional morality” to reach their goals.

    2. Re the whole system being rigged. So TRUE!

      I keep thinking what are these guys really doing wrong?..they’re just getting information before anyone else gets it. Isn’t that what competition in any field is about? Isn’t that THE job, every where you go: getting something before the competitor gets it? It’s the crux of capitalism. How can it be illegal? And, furthermore, if it is illegal, how do you get humans set up to compete (from birth!) to accept limits in competition? It’s not like anyone is blowing out anyone kneecaps here. What the hedgies are doing is not a crime in any obvious way. And, yet, of course it is. But who does it serve to lock them away? Fascinating things to think about!

      1. It’s as gray an area as it gets, isn’t it? I understand the playing field is not leveled in the world of finance, but someone please tell me where it is really leveled? If it’s about access to information, well, it’s always the highly educated and relatively high income people that have that access and know how to use it better in ANY context. From Health to Education to Money matters. But then yeah it makes sense that it’s a crime to use money to bribe and get information and get ahead and make more money. And Repeat. Insider information feels like doping to me. But I agree that the grayness of it makes it even more fascinating.

        1. Yes, doping is a great analogy. But, what if, just what if, laws change and doping becomes okay? Laws adjust all the time to what humans are willing to tolerate from each other. And as long as basic morality is adhered to, which it will be, as long as we stay human (to be human IS to be moral, IMO) there’s no limit to what we can attain. That’s evolution, right? Survival of the fittest. Seems like sometimes (as our dear Bobby Axelrod is showing us) laws are put there to deter the fittest. To slow down our evolution. Evolution does happen more slowly than anyone can even see it…it NEEDS to happen slowly. But progress DOES need to happen, it’s up to us as humans to determine the limits to that progress, I guess. And, believe it or not, these are some of the questions science fiction provides windows to understanding… the good science fiction, anyway. 😀

          1. And we’re talking about this in the wake of the most recent Sharapova doping scandal! Everyone knows everyone is doing it and it’s banned so it’s okay as long as you are not caught and it’s not ok when you are. Exactly like insider trading isn’t it? 🙂 Yeah, of course law changes over time, and it may change for this one, too. But I doubt it. The question is: what is fundamentally wrong with insider trading? I think the fundamental flaw is that you BRIBE to get to the information. It is not that the information is available and you have better access and ability to analyze. You pay to get info and make money and then use that money to pay for more info and make even more money. So, it makes sense that it’s a crime even though I can see the gray area.

  2. Great recap of an episode that was difficult to keep up with! So funny you saw the googly eyes the recruiter guy was making at Wendy (and she back at him!). I wondered about that actor…I know I’ve seen him before somewhere. He was good!
    Bobby is losing his mind, slowly but surely. And, goes without saying, Damian is showing us the disintegration perfectly.

    1. Thank you! I think this was the episode that I had the most difficult time keeping up with. I needed to watch it two times and some scenes three times before I start writing. I saw some googly eyes between Chase and Wendy and I thought it could be me but it seems there is something there. It could be totally harmless flirting but the guy seems to be very interested in Wendy! And it makes you think if Wendy misses the kind of love he cannot really find in Chuck. He is a different animal. Well, so is she! Hey, is it creepy to know you better half’s password? 😀

      We have never seen Bobby like this. He is losing it. And yeah Damian OWNS it completely there. As you have brilliantly shown us in the half-time report, he is not playing Bobby. He is Bobby.

    2. I think that actor playing the recruiter is playing Mark Forman on the FX mini-series “The People vs. OJ Simpson”. Which in my opinion is a great series. Very good. It’s on tonight at 10pm and On Demand on cable. This actor looks like Clint Eastwood’s son who is an actor and Oliver Hudson who is Kate Hudson’s actor brother. But he seems to be getting roles right now.

      Does the recruiter have an ulterior motive? Is he just trying to hook up or does he want to have an affair? Doesn’t he know who she’s married to? Is she giving him signals despite herself? Or someone of her calibre means a huge commission?

      I feel as if Bobby and Chuck are two sides of the same coin. They are in parallel universes. They both seem to be self-destructing and disintegrating. They need to clock some meditation time for sure.

      Maybe the hedgies are breaking laws but I don’t get how Chuck talks about them like evil incarnate. Although this show makes Bobby and some of his people kind of likeable and charming. If they weren’t they would be less sympathetic. The hedge fund people prosecuted don’t get time like Bernie Madoff. HE was evil incarnate.

      It’s like a casino. You can’t cheat in the casino and steal from the house. So Chuck catches them counting cards or using tricks. But I guess this isn’t as straightforward and he wants to have an airtight case before he charges them. Bobby is as slippery as a greased pig. Just when you think you have him, he relaxes and slips through your arms.

      1. Brian Koppelman, one of the show creators, says in a Billions promo they met people both from the US attorney’s office and the hedge funds and it turns out both sides despise each other so much. Lady Trader once told me they have a saying in finance that “those who can trade, trade, and who can’t, prosecute.” :))) That’s the perspective of the hedgies looking at prosecutors! I understand the hedgies see US attorney’s office as a bunch of “crooked cops” and the US attorney’s office see the hedgies as “the mob.” So yeah I agree with you that Axe and Chuck are like twins separated at birth at so many levels. Of course they have different reflexes and intuitions coming from their completely different backgrounds; however, they are operating in parallel universes with similar rules — they are both willing to go the extra distance – beyond “conventional morality” in Chuck’s words — to get to their goals. I am fascinated by the portrayal of these two worlds in this show and by these two very fine actors.

      2. That actor is Steven Pasquale ( I remembered him playing sort of a “dumb blond” character on Rescue Me, a pretty good drama series about a team of firefighters post-9/11. He has a really interesting look to him. But, checking imdb, he’s only in this season for one episode. Hey, writers, if you’re reading this: bring back Chase for next season! We like him!!!
        As for his role here…I think he’s meant as a vehicle to show Wendy looking at her options, both in work and in personal matters. I’m still holding on to the idea of her eventually losing her mind over Bobby. But that’s just me I know. I LOVE stories of otherwise intelligent confident reasonably sane women losing their minds over some guy that’s not good for them. My all-time favorite vicarious thrill from good drama!

        1. Haha you want to see some Carrie in Wendy! 🙂 As someone that really wanted Brody to be happy with Jen — at least for a while, until I knew that it would not happen — I root for domestic happiness for all in Billions, let’s say at least for a while 😀

    3. That actor is none other that Steven Pasquale who played Robert in Bridges of Madison County on Broadway and is now the lead in The Robber Bridegroom. He has a WONDERFUL voice (see, even better than his acting. He recently played Furman in the FX OJ drama and was Elfman on The Good Wife. I went to Chicago’s Lyric Opera last year to see him Carousel where he sang “Soliloquy” with passion. I’m a fan. He is now engaged to Phillipa Soo, Eliza Hamilton, in Hamilton on Broadway. A talented duo indeed.

      1. I just LOVE that Billions is filmed in NY. The show creators have the most wonderful inventory so that you have these remarkable stage actors cast for even small parts, very MEMORABLE small parts thanks to them, in the show. Brilliant!

  3. Does anyone think hedge funds have “jumped the shark”? I read the perception is that they are not as cool as before. More workers are going into tech firms now. With the improved oversight by government and going after them, some say it’s too cumbersome now to do what they do and many just have family offices. And with recent films and documentaries after the 2008 crash, the public is more wary of Wall Street and the opaque hedge funds. We’re looking and learning now. And this show is a mainstream way of educating the public even if it’s entertainment.

    We did have Occupy Wall Street after the crash. And now we’ve had Edward Snowden and the exposure of how government spies on us. These firms do things that the regular person knows nothing of but it winds up affecting all of us when it goes bad. And we also are angry at the 1% who have most of the wealth. Our middle class is being destroyed. I don’t know what we are going to do in NYC. These predatory landlords are deregulating the apartment stock and rents are soaring. The government does nothing about it except lip service. The middle class is being pushed out of Manhattan. Something has to give. The range of people and historic buildings and businesses is what makes Manhattan what it is. Great cities have real neighborhoods where people know and care for each other as Jane Jacobs said in “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”. We need our stoop culture of watching out for each other. Not these modern glass behemoths for only the rich.

    Of course the tech companies are destroying San Francisco. Look at the documentary on HBO “San Francisco 2.0”. The tech companies have moved back into the city from Silicon Valley and they are taking over housing and tearing down to build new apartment buildings. Middle and lower middle class and being pushed out. It’s always been expensive but now it’s on a whole new level.

    I’m babbling. I just wonder if there ever will be an overhaul on Wall Street and stop the unending greed and corruption. And the corruption in government. Citizens of NYC are not being served and protected and that is the job of the government. I wish the Chucks would go after the criminal landlords. My landlord is one of the worst and he is buying all over the city from low end to high end buildings. Even famous tenants have fought him. We have a right to affordable housing. There are a lot of basics in America that need attention. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Things in NYC are ancient underground. Punish these white collar criminals by making them use their smarts to help the lives of average citizens.

    I had a friend who thought her landlord illegally deregulated her apartment by claiming he did more than he really did to fix it up and it went all the way to the Appeals Court. She lost because it would have set a precedent and all hell would break loose. A local politician even knew the outcome before it was announced. Backroom stuff. Money talks. People are paid to look the other way.


    Back to fun.

    1. Yes, corruption runs deep and regulation is one way to stem the spread of corruption, true. But what a series like Billions is showing is that there can be corruption on both sides. It’s all in flux, the law and the lawless. In my mind, the greatest “cure” if there is one, is visibility into all of it, total transparency, and making art out of what we see. Shows like Billions, and books and films like The Big Short and Too Big to Fail do that so well! But, yeah, not easy to make art when you have a family to take care of and the balance of the world seems to be skewed against your success. If we want to do away with Wall Street shenanigans, we have to do away with capitalism all together. And that’s never going to happen. To the victor shall go the spoils. (but the meek shall inherit the earth…what there is left of it….maybe 🙂

    2. I can see you are pretty pissed off with NYC housing market and you are absolutely right. I think NYC still has neighborhoods, maybe more in Brooklyn nowadays than in Manhattan, but we have that feeling in the Upper West Side. I can imagine Tribeca may not feel like that 🙂 But yeah New York is also changing like everything else and the whole city seems to go in the direction of becoming a huge shopping mall with same chain stores everywhere. Yes. Money talks indeed. And Chucks do go and will go after criminal lords but finance, politics and law go hand in hand in this country and there is a lot of constraint against what you can do and what you cannot do. We have seen in Billions that the AG is not happy with what Chuck is doing with Axe mostly since it’s election year and she needs Wall Street money. It’s not just the administration though, the city itself, and the people of the city need that money, too. Big money supports the arts and they give us most of the free stuff (say Shakespeare in the Park or NY Philharmonic in the Park) during summer, etc. They make a lot of tickets more affordable than they would have been otherwise. So it’s pretty complicated. But I feel you!

  4. I like the fact you mention that the title isn’t just related to the physical punch that Bobby lands. I agree of course we shoukdn’t be swallowing Chuck’s speech to Bryan.

    I think Anne is right about Wendy wanting the mushy stuff the couple have and her realisation Chuck may not be capable.

    There was certainly a lot going on in this episode. Most interesting is Wendy’s apparent U-turn from ‘the Deal’.

    Axe needs to get the arms up in defence before he risks taking another punch from blindside.

    1. One thing I just cannot figure out – maybe I will later – is WHY Wendy has not shared with Chuck that she was looking for a job. Maybe she did not want him to have an expectation that she is leaving Axe tomorrow? Or because she’s not committed to changing jobs yet and she might not find something that would intrigue her in which case she would stay at Axe Capital? Once she knows Chuck is lying to her then there is not much point in sharing the job search info with him anyway and she may even have decided on changing jobs but met with Chase just for the FUN of it 😀

      Chuck’s speech to Bryan, I am sure there will be follow up on that, can certainly create in Bryan the incentives that you have been talking about for some time now. That story is VERY intriguing!

      Re Axe: I am afraid he may be losing it. He looks like a time bomb. It’s not a matter of it. But a matter of when. BOOM.

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