Happy Birthday, Damian Lewis!


Welcome to Damian’s Birthday Party! We may not have a real cake and candles but we certainly have our color pencils and crayons and markers ready to go and color Damian in as we wish him a happy birthday and a wonderful year! Come join the party!


Happy Birthday to my favorite actor, a very kind man and a fellow Aquarius!

If you believe in horoscopes (I really don’t but still enjoy reading them) then 2016 will be a GOOD year for Aquarius. But, honestly, when it comes to Damian’s year, we don’t really need to read the horoscope, the tea leaves, or having grown up in Turkey, the coffee cup for him 🙂 We’re just one and a half month into the year and look where we are! First, Wolf Hall received a very well-deserved Golden Globe Award in the Best Limited Series/TV Movie category. Then Billions premiered on Showtime receiving rave reviews from the critics and breaking viewer records. We were just two episodes in when we got the fantastic news that the show has been renewed for a second season. Better yet, we have already fallen in love with Bobby “Axe” Axelrod who is different than any other character Damian has brought to life to date and we just cannot get enough of him! So I can only imagine the possibilities the year may bring… Happy Birthday, Damian! You make 45 look so damn good!

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I was a woman attending to her own thing until a few years ago… Until a red-headed Brit in disguise of an American Marine came along and turned everything upside down… Brody made me a Damian Lewis fan for life, and later on, a blogger, too! And, believe me, I have never had this much FUN with any hobby of mine before. So, thank you, Damian, for the constant inspiration and for your support; thank you for being YOU.

The idea of coloring Damian in came to me the moment I saw the Colour Me Good Ginger coloring book online. You know adult coloring books are all the rage nowadays, right? Coloring is soothing. It’s relieving. It’s stress reducing. Hey who needs another reason to color Damian anyway? So, if you like what we do, go get your copy immediately and color away!


Well… The color I think about when I think about Damian is BLUE. My partners know this about me since I have gushed a bit too much about how good he looks in BLUE. But he does. He REALLY does. Damian has such beautiful blue eyes (especially in daylight!) and they are even bluer when he wears blue. So, my Damian is blue on blue on blue with fiery red hair and pale skin. And now that we have blue and white and red, I have a Damian as American as the American flag 🙂

And… I have a feeling that Billions costume designer Eric Daman would agree about Damian and BLUE.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime


I struggle with Birthday messages for family and friends so Christ knows what I’m supposed to say to Damian Lewis, Happy Birthday? Seriously though, I have had so much fun being a part of this blog over the past year and, it is nice to see the power of the blog (that is blogs generally, not ours specifically), getting the respect deserved in Billions episode 4 ‘Short Squeeze’. It is only right and fitting therefore that I wish the subject matter of this blog a very Happy Birthday and all the best for his 45th year, of which he will get one extra day. Woohoo for leap years. Thank you for being such an inspiration. It has been a fabulous start to the year and let us hope it continues. Back to the fun aspect of this blog. I laughed hard when Damianista first aired the idea that we should colour Damian in. In fairness to myself, I did not know at that point that she had actually sent me a colouring book with Damian in it! So what colours then? Tough one. I knew immediately that either Damianista or Jania Jania would snag blue.

Colours: But in the end I too have gone for Blue.  Because he wears it well.


Jania Jania:

How does one say Happy Birthday to a Muse? Aren’t the Muses immortal? Hm, let’s see:

The Nine Muses were Greek goddesses who ruled over the arts and sciences and offered inspiration in those subjects. They were the daughters of Zeus, lord of all gods, and Mnemosyne, who represented memory.

Okay, so Damian, decidedly a man, cannot be a muse. A muse is by definition female. Poet Robert Graves even went to far as to say that women cannot be poets, they are the Muse or they are nothing. If a woman chooses to write, she must be her own Muse. Hm.

Further research is telling me that a woman inspired by a man is bending gender and crossing over to the other side:

In our current culture, where Beckham’s prettiness and Johnny Depp’s beauty are celebrated and fetishised by the mainstream, such a relationship risks both the man being mocked as a ‘himbo’, and the woman being perceived as mannish.”

Double hm… Okay, before I write a thesis on the subject of the Muse, suffice it to say, Damian is inspiration personified. He makes art. And since he makes his art out of his own mind and body, he is art. And a man who IS art is immortal. So wherefore this idea of birthday?

Regardless of this “musing”: Happy 45 years on earth, Damian Lewis, and a toast to many many years more of making art, being art, inspiring us, being the loyal true and truly talented gentleman who made his life’s profession to engage in this Reach out to the masses, to so seamlessly embody characters that tell us just a little bit more about ourselves and each other, a profession out of reaching out to US. We are grateful. Best wishes for your 45th year and beyond.

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Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Damian Lewis!”

  1. Happy birthday Damian, I want to see you for many years on the screen! There is no actors in the world, which get your talent, and your charisma! France loves you!

    The only thing I do not like at this moment, it is your hairstyle, in Billion I do not like your stylehair ,coiffed back, would you aged a bit!

    Sorry, but anyway I adore you, since I saw you for the first time in LIFE in the French tv!

    Stay what you are great Damian Lewis

    1. Haha Monique, so you don’t like the hair… I thought it looks good on him! But you are right, regardless of hair or anything else, we adore him. Much love <3

    2. I agree, the hairstyle isn’t flattering on him. But it is very in character! Slicked back, in control, very precise. It makes his red look more like dark brown(boo!!) but the style really helps him visually become this different man.

      1. I, in fact, love the hair – it gives him a unique American look that I like. As you say, he is a visually different man than he is in real life and than any other character he played before. It’s like a different actor almost. Amazing. It’s a tough guy look that reflects Axe’s blue collar background. There is a bit of Tony Soprano in there. I suspect they have dyed his hair. No?

        1. It is VERY blue collar American, shades of kinda stereotypical gangster/Italian look. I don’t think they colored his hair, as in some scenes in other episodes, where his hair hasn’t been as slicked down, its very vibrant. Like, when he’s going to bed with Lara(the night he was ready harry potter to the kids), his hair doesn’t have anything in it, and its very soft and vibrant. Like I imagine he might have had a hot shower to relax, and changed into his comfy lounge clothes(those cut offs!!). Its an interesting thought that the more pressure and focus he has, as a character, the more slicked down/polished they make his hair. The boardroom awards scene, his hair was much less slicked down.

          1. Yes, Bobby’s hair is nearly a pompadour, isn’t it? Not as extreme as the Sopranos’ sidekicks but almost there. And so true his hair was more of its natural color in bed. I also think that red hair gets a bit darker in winter? In my coloring on this post, I took extra care to make this his summer hair. 🙂 Used about 5-6 different colors in that hair of his. 😀

      2. This hairstyle is better for his character, it is more serious, more business man! Anyway, I still love him as much, as I liked him bald, in Homelend season 3!
        But there are hairstyles that suit him better, that do look younger, I love his short hair, but that wave a little! I hope that you get to understand my English!

        God, that it is difficult to write what I want to express!

        1. Monique, your English is perfect! And you are right. That short hair, let’s say Brody hair, or Winters hair, looks so good on Damian! And, hey, you are again right that we even liked him bald in Homeland S3. He has a nice-shaped head that he even made bold look good, even though not preferable 😀 😀

  2. What a special day for our special guy- I hope his day is filled with friends, family, and celebration. I’m sure Helen and the kids will make it a wonderful day to remember!!

    1. Hey Joanna, great to see you here, I think we talk on Facebook, is that right? It was Damian’s day and I so hope he made it count! Don’t be a stranger, we would love your feedback on the blog! Much love to Poland!

      1. Yes, that`s me! 🙂 Joanna Borowska – a big fan of Damian Lewis as an actor and secret admirer of Damian Lewis as a man (he is so incredibly handsome and witty 😉 Awww, and I`m big fan of your blog as well! 🙂 Much love to you, girls!!!! You`re doing great work here!

        1. We’re all secret and not-so-secret admirers of Damian Lewis as a man – welcome on board! Please keep your feedback coming! It is the fans – our readers – like you that make us keep going. BIG THANKS!!! Much much love!!! <3

  3. Happy Birthday to Damian!
    His birthday just coincident with a new trailer “Our kind of traitor” where he plays detective Hector.
    Let’s with Damian that this year he will get starring roles in big movies !!!

    1. Hi Veronica! Thanks for visiting and reading us! Oh we all hope Damian made it count yesterday with a big cake and a lovely time with Helen and the kidd! And, oh yes, Our Kind of Traitor trailer was a GREAT surprise yesterday. I loved the book and I am sure Damian is a perfect Hector! JaniaJania will be making a post about our anticipation for OKOT early next week! Fingers crossed more movies will be in works this year and hopefully all three of Damian’s recent movies, including Queen of the Desert and The Silent Storm will HIT the movie theaters soon!!! Please keep your feedback coming, we love hearing from you! <3

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