Wolf Hall Wins 2016 Golden Globe for Best Mini-Series

imageedit_43_6884616896Breaking News! Wolf Hall wins the 2016 Golden Globe for Best Television Limited Series! Our King, Damian Lewis, was in attendance himself, nominated for Supporting Actor for Wolf Hall, but, as luck would have it, didn’t go home with the award.

It all went by so fast that I wasn’t able to identify all who went on stage to accept the award. Mark Rylance was there (nominated for Bridge of Spies) as well as three others who worked on the series. I was a bit distracted by the bloke second from the right on stage, but I did manage to catch the gentleman who accepted the award acknowledge David Cameron’s support of the BBC (perhaps ironically?) to a smattering of applause, most likely from the several super-talented Brits in the audience.


Even in the cloud of my blessed Yank ignorance of the world, I did surmise that perhaps public television goes thru similar funding troubles on both sides of the pond. Nonetheless, what a year it was for PBS with the airing of Wolf Hall, arguably one of the highest calibre of television ever made.

We wrote about the series extensively when it aired in Britian, and, again, in even more depth, when it aired here. You can find all of our Wolf Hall posts, mentions of the series in the press as well as our own detailed episode reviews HERE.

Now for some shots from the Golden Globes for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s Damian with his Showtime cohorts, Liev Schreiber and MauraTierney, at a gathering before the festivities.

source: Showtime Twitter

And here’s the perfect gentleman winning over the ladies as only he can.

source: ExtraTV Twitter

Now, for some improvised shots of NBC on our TVs via Damianista’s and my phone. (yes, we are so ghetto)





And, lastly, some red carpet savoir faire.



Damian Lewis, Golden Globes
Source: Getty Images
Damian Lewis, Golden Globes
Source: Getty Images

ETA: Damianista just sent me this and I have to share, especially in light of what is to come re Billions. Consider our gooses cooked, friends:



4 thoughts on “Wolf Hall Wins 2016 Golden Globe for Best Mini-Series”

  1. I cannot understand how a show can win for Best Mini Series, but then none of the nominated actors who are in said series win! Um, the actors are what actually make the series amazing!

    1. It’s always the one million dollar question, isn’t it? I think they sometimes think one actor stands out more than others and when a show wins it is more like the ensemble made it happen but one actor was not outstanding… I am not making a defense, I totally agree Damian should have won it… but I am trying to justify, I think, why sometimes a movie or a show wins without its lead actor/actress winning the awards… I am still very happy Wolf Hall has received the recognition it deserved big time. Emmy snub was unacceptable for me! And seeing Damian on stage was FUN! Hope we see him again next year for Billions! Thanks for visiting and reading us!!!!

    2. True, Lisa, actors do count for a lot, but for Wolf Hall, more than any other series, I think, it was the grandness (and bit of new twist) of the story and the authenticity they strived for and achieved beautifully with the costumes and lighting. Damian was brilliant, no doubt, and so was Mark Rylance, who wasn’t even nominated for this part. The Emmy snub for every award they were up for was just inexplicable to me. But at the very least they did get this recognition at the Golden Globes, and in the States too, where so many of our blissfully ignorant could care less about English history, which, in reality, is American history too.

  2. Lisa,you are right!!
    I am disappointed because Damian, deserved to win, but the series won, and that’s good for him!
    He is always beautiful, and very stylish!

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