What Happened to the MAGIC Homeland Mug?

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

Suppose you have a chance to ask Damian Lewis one question.

What would that be?

Mine would be a funny one: “Hey Damian, what happened to the magic Homeland mug?”

Isn’t it ridiculous? But I really want to find out about what happened to the magic mug!

Well, here’s the story…

In fact, it is me that call them magic mugs… I think they are officially called heat mugs. They look exactly like a plain mug…. until you have some hot beverage in them, and then they get magical and things appear on them as you enjoy your tea or coffee, and they disappear when you are done drinking.

I have a MAGIC Homeland Mug! As I have my tea, Carrie and Brody slowly appear on it… along with some words like… threat, patriot, confidential, enemy, american, traitor… Well, a lot of my friends have Homeland magic mugs, too; because one of my favorite pastimes is to buy them online and give them as presents to friends who turn out to be Homeland fans!

This pic tells you how it works!

source: pinterest
source: pinterest

As I was packing for my trip to Cheltenham Literature Festival last October, I got three of those mugs, two for my friends and one for me. But as I was packing, I somehow packed all three for the trip, and so, after I gave the other two to my friends I still had one left… And, me being me, I thought “Ok, it’s meant to be… If I somehow get the chance to meet Damian Lewis, I will give this one to him.” And I did meet him, and I gave the mug to him 🙂 But, in the spur of the moment, I forgot to tell him that the mug must not be put in the microwave… otherwise, it would lose its sweet magic 🙂 And then I thought… “who puts a mug in the microwave anyway?”

A few weeks after I came back from my trip to England, I read this Cherwell interview with Lewis, and I was devastated by this particular paragraph 🙂

“I’m not surprised – across the table Lewis’ voice booms out as if his kitchen were a theatre. For a man with numerous fan sites dedicated to him, Lewis is remarkably relaxed and chatty, quizzing me about Cherwell as he heats up his own mug of tea in the microwave, a twinkle in his piercing eyes.”

Oh My God!!!!

So, yeah, Brody and the twinkle in his piercing eyes have probably left that mug forever, exactly like they left Homeland… I owe Damian Lewis another one — well, I’m sure Showtime online store will make one with Bobby on it for Billions and it will be a best-seller 🙂

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