Billions Season 7: Whose Side Are You On? Prince or The Revolution?

Mike Prince is paving his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but along the way he has battered and bruised even those closest to him. Who will still be standing with him in the coming war with Axe and Co.?

Our blog-mate, TheTailThatWagsTheDog, came up with the idea of predicting who will stand on what team.

So, as we get close to the series finale of Billions we’re predicting who will be on Team Prince or The Revolution.


Team Prince:  Prince, Scooter, Bradford – those are definites to me. Even though Scooter has reason to abandon Prince – they all do – he is too loyal. That would be inconsistent. Bradford won’t bail because he sees Prince as his meal ticket to the White House (I’ve been in there Bradford, it ain’t all that). And he seems to think he can control Prince – dumb, but it is what it is.  I also think Victor will be the one former Axe-Cap guy who won’t bail – he is a monetary mercenary -he will go where the money is, but only because the money is there.

Team Axe/Chuck/Wendy: The usuals – Bobby, Chuck, Wendy, Wags, Taylor, Ira, Chuck Sr, Karl. I also think Kate and Philip will have a change of heart. Billions is notorious for a character about-face, and BK, being a pro wrestling fan, is big on heel/fact turns – Kate will see the light. I can even see where she has been playing a long game this whole time. And Philip looks too uncomfortable in his role to be happy with it. As for others – people who could/would/should take a potentially active role in helping to bring about Prince’s demise include “Dave”, Dollar Bill (no way he doesn’t go with Axe), Rian and Andy – yes, I called it, Prince’s own wife is going to do the face turn here – she is pissed about Derek. You’ll see.

Neutrals – people who remain on the sideline include Connerty, Grigor, Krakow, Ben Kim and Tuk (too soft to do anything) and Judge DeGiulio (not a politically smart move.

One last thought – going back to the opening scene of Season 7, when Prince threw the computer into Wendy’s window – I have no idea what leads up to that now. She has obviously left the station – why would she still be there? Why would Prince be surprised that she says something negative when Bobby has freed her? Up until the last episode it still made sense, now, I don’t get it. It will be interesting to see how that scene fits into the overall storyline.


Prince: Prince, Scooter, Bradford (but I’m tentative about Bradford) and Dr. Mayer. Dr. Mayer, who Lady Trader thinks is connected to the private company Mental that Wendy recently became CEO of (a brilliant thought I might add) has been sus since the beginning when it was revealed she poached Wendy’s traders for her own patients. Who could have connected Dr. Mayer to the traders to begin with? Prince?

The Revolution: Axe, Wendy, Chuck, Wags, Taylor, Kate, Philip, Dollar Bill, Rian, Victor, Tuk, Ben, Ira, Andy, Amanda, Charles Sr., Karl and Dave.

Neutrals: Jury is still out on the following, but only because I’m unsure if they will have another cameo or not: Mafee, Bryan Connerty, Krakow, Spyros, Hall, Bach and even Gordie. If any of them pick a team, it will be The Revolution.


I keep going back to Wendy telling Wags at the end of Episode 4 Hurricane Rosie that they have to do it like in Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. I am a HUGE Agatha Christie fan. I read all her books and Murder on the Orient Express is an absolute favorite. The murder in the book is committed by 12 people who coordinate to kill a man who hurt so many people in the past. And since every word and reference used in Billions has a purpose, I believe it will be an alliance of 12 that will collectively coordinate to take down Prince in the series finale.

So let us count: Wendy, Wags, Taylor, Chuck, Ira, and Axe. Six. I am positive that Kate is not the soulless woman she portrays this season, she is just playing the long game, and she will be part of  the alliance who takes down Prince. I also think that Kate approaching Amanda at the Women in Criminal Panel they were panelists on together could be a subtle, but effective way of reaching out to Chuck. Amanda may even be Kate’s insider in the SDNY from the get go! Seven. And then we have Philip who is not a big fan of Prince since he screwed Prof. Ruloff in Episode 7 DMV. Eight. More importantly, one of the dozen murderers in Murder on the Orient Express is the victim’s right-hand man! So, ladies and gentlemen, I put my money on Scooter to join the alliance against Prince. Scooter’s face spoke volumes when Prince came to his office to say he could not allow him to conduct the NY Philharmonic in Episode 4 Hurricane Rosie. I am positive this is not the first time Prince disappointed Scooter. I am also thinking about Dr. Mayer. Why did she let everyone go to take Wendy as a patient? Out of her big heart? And if she is reporting to someone, who is that? Prince or Scooter? My hunch would be Scooter since Prince has not confronted Wendy about what she said to Dr. Mayer. Scooter may have found out about Wendy’s plan early on from Dr. Mayer and may have been playing along. And I am sure Wendy knows about it all. With Scooter, we have nine.,

We are three people short. I believe one of those may be Andy. She knows Prince better than anyone and that the rescue mission could go wrong only if Prince wanted it to go wrong.Ten. Then we have Bradford. He has been witnessing what kind of man Prince is for a while, and when he realizes that Prince would not let him be the filter/buffer/protector, he may join the ranks of the opposition. Eleven. And, ladies and gentlemen, I believe the last member of the alliance will be Rian. While she was considering to leave the company, once she sees the trap Prince has set up for Wendy, she returns to the office – I believe she feels responsible for Prince finding out about Mental taking an interest in Wendy – and accepts Philip’s offer to take one of the new partnership slots. I think Rian will play a critical role in the downfall of Prince. And Prince leaving his fingerprints on her tablet in Episode 9 Game Theory Optimal may come in handy soon!

Lady Trader

I think Team Prince will consist of: Prince, Scooter, Kate, Bradford and Andy . I think Scooter is Prince’s Wags, and I don’t think he will abandoned him. I think Andy will want the title First Lady over anything else. My wild cards are Kate and Bradford. Depending on how bad the stench is that takes Prince down, I can see Bradford or Kate jumping ship with their future careers in politics in mind.

The Revolution will consist of the usual suspects: Axe, Chuck, Wendy, Wags, Taylor, Ira, Chuck Sr., Philip, Victor, Dollar Bill, Rian, Ben Kim, Tuk and Bryan Connerty. Of course all the old Axe Cappers are going to come to the side of their former leader, and Chuck has his posse lined up as well. I can see Bryan coming back to be legal counsel for Axe Global.


Author: Lady Trader

"Lady Trader" is a Brooklyn girl, and a Wall Street lifer! Recently fought cancer, and won! I love heavy metal, history, sci-fi, oh, and blogging about Billions and it's great lead actor, Damian Lewis!

3 thoughts on “Billions Season 7: Whose Side Are You On? Prince or The Revolution?”

  1. TheTailThatWagsTheDog – I was ‘this close’ to putting Victor on Prince’s Team as well, and for the same reason…Victor follows money. But then I remembered Prince went all cash and Chuck is dead-set on taking Prince’s money away from him. But you never know with Billions!

    Damianista – I almost put Scooter on team Revolution for the very same reason…the NY Philharmonic situation. Scooter looked so unbelievably devastated about that. I really hope Bryan becomes a lion and takes it back full circle to season 1.

    Lady Trader – Totally agree with you that all the old Axe Cappers are going to come to the side of their former leader. Just how involved they will be before the take over remains to be seen, but I went ahead and put them all as being involved. That might come back to bite me. Meaning, they are Team Axe, but weren’t a part of the Revolution. Excited to find out!

    1. I agree that all former Axe Cappers will step up in the end and side with the opposition. Also, some former Axe cappers like Bill and Victor are held hostage and some others like Ben Kim and Tuk have non-competes. The only way out is for Axe to conquer TMC and free the hostages and rehire Ben and Tuk!

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