A ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Champion: Darlene’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Hi all! Damianista here. Our  ‘Dream Role for Damian Lewis’ series continues today with Darlene who is determined to cast our guy in a role that would bring  him again to this side of the pond 😀  Many thanks go to her for sharing her dream role with us!

I have a very specific role I’d like to see Damian in.  I do consider it as a role, as it would require a lot of Damian’s time like a movie or TV show would, AND require him to come across the pond once again…
NO SOLDIER ROLES!  (at least for now!)
I love Damian’s physicality…that long, lean body though!  Plus, I read somewhere that Damian likes to dance.

That’s why I’d like to see him on Dancing with the Stars!  Yep, you read correctly!

Can you hear it now…da da da da da da da, da da da da dat…

As he takes his place on stage, I am fixated.  I don’t even see or hear them announce his partner or other contestants participating.

What will he dance to first? What will he wear?  Those costumes though… And what kind of scores will the judges give him???  GAWD…will he fumble?


I’m thinking the first few weeks the judges will be stingy with their scores, not surprising.  Damian is composed, charming and witty as they hold up their cards.  His partner tries to comfort him. I think she’s the one who needs comforting.  Her smile can’t be any more forced and fake.  Just saying…

As the weeks dance on, celebs and their partners are eliminated, picked off.   I can’t help not feeling sorry for them .  Obviously, they are not working as hard as Damian is or as hard as he doesn’t have to.  Samba, Tango, Jive, THE CROWD GOES WILD!  Flawless in my mind…

You know where this Dream Role ends up… Damian with MIRROR BALL IN HAND!  Another notch on his belt.  Another award for his shelf, feather in his cap.

And just like that, 10 weeks (or whatever) are gone.  Too fast.  Of course I have all episodes taped and ready to re-watch on my DVR!  But I am somehow bummed.  It’s over 🙁

Well done, Damian.  Well done!

I think  Damian is fab.  Yes, I enjoyed Band of Brothers, but I mostly loved Keane, The Baker, and Friends & Crocodiles!  Depending on my mood, the order changes.  And OF COURSE I am loving BILLIONS!!! Someday I hope to get to meet Damian.  HE IS TRULY A CHAMELEON!!

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