008 – The Spy Who Replaces 007: Karen’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Meet Karen. She is an actress living in Los Angeles and her most favorite actor ever is Damian Lewis! Big thanks go to her for taking the time to write about her dream role for Damian. ENJOY!

I remember the first time I saw Damian Lewis, it was on “Homeland” as Nicholas Brody. I was absolutely impressed, not only because he is incredibly attractive but because of his charm and his impressive acting skills. My mom was impressed too and we were both completely infatuated by him. I looked him up on IMDB after I finished watching that episode…and to my surprise I found out he was British, wow! I always loved the UK and British actors are among my favorites, but I was even more impressed  because this British man had actually managed to embody an American Marine perfectly (I have known a couple of them), not only by having a perfect American accent but his physicality, the way he even glances at someone, it’s different, he became a marine for this role and I was even more impressed.

Damian is an expert at this, if you take a look at him as Bobby Axelrod even though he is an American like Nicholas Brody, his mannerisms are different, even his accent is slightly different (taking into consideration that Bobby Axelrod was born in Yonkers, NY and lives in Manhattan his manner of speech is different that the one of our favorite marine).

Then I discovered “Life” which I wish it had more seasons but in a way everything happens for a reason because if the NBC cop show had more seasons we wouldn’t have Damian as Nicholas Brody in “Homeland”. Charlie Crews in “Life” was a delight, his charm, his cleverness roaming around the streets of the city I live (LA) and while I was watching the show I was always trying to figure out the location which was fun. I mean is there anything Damian can’t do?

I am going to say that my dream role for Damian is James Bond. I think he was born for it and I think he would be perfect for it. But Damian said he doesn’t want to do it, and we must respect his wishes. But in my fantasy world he will always be the perfect James Bond, the perfect spy.

I have two roles in my mind for him. One for him to play in his delightful and aristocratic British accent and the second one for him to play in his American accent.

First one I shall called “Untitled Spy Thriller”: In this one Damian will play a British spy, but not James Bond, but someone better. After 2020 the MI6 is pretty much fed up with Bond, and the Queen is as well. He has defied authority and putting the whole country in danger because of his petty attitude, he doesn’t follow orders properly and in the last years he has caused more mayhem than glory to his country. The MI 6 is looking to find a different agent who could be less flamboyant , more elegant, smarter, aristocratic and he can get the job done. This would be Damian’s role (I don’t have a name of it, any suggestions?) an aristocratic Lord who has the right connections, the looks, the charm and none of the ego that 007, maybe he can actually be 008. We would be entering a totally different world with him, fun, charming, and exciting.

Now my second role for him “Untitled Manchurian candidate spinoff”. At one point our beloved Nicholas Brody was a Congressman in “Homeland”. Well, I think he would be a great politician (fictional of course) in this spinoff of the classic “The Manchurian Candidate”.

A congressman who has more charisma than JFK is very hard to find these days in the United States and all over the world, so both political parties reps and democrats are fighting for him to run for President, he thinks it’s because he is very valuable, and he is, but he has no idea they want to use him as puppet for the Illuminati, he would be the President but he wouldn’t make any decision whatsoever and he would have to go through techniques of brainwashing and mind control. When he is already President he is starting to “wake up” being a brilliant guy, he is starting to realize that he is being manipulated and used almost as a machine and he wants to break free and he wants to not only save the country but save the world. But in order to do that he has to keep appearances and not let the Illuminati know that he is aware of what they are doing. At the end he is the hero of course… I have way more roles for Damian in mind. If it was for me he would be in every film and TV show but after all he is human…..needs to rest as well.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

Author: Damianista

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