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Music has always been an important component of my life. My mother sings in a choir, my brother plays saxophone, and I used to play flute. Not incredibly well, but still.

We’d always listen to the radio and blare my parents albums in the car when I was growing up. While my parents had diverse, all around great taste in music, it wasn’t until I owned my first CD player and later on my first iPod, that I really developed an appreciation for music. Listening to what I wanted, blaring my favorite songs on my headphones (at way too high a volume). I’d listen to discs and playlists on the bus to and from school and I’d be transported.

Later on, I began associating songs that captivated me with fictional characters and couples that did the same. I’d hear a song and think, oh, that fits so and so on that series to a tee. Before long I was learning to make fan videos on my crappy Windows software. I’d apply different lyrics to different scenes, and imagine the perfect arrangement of clips in my head while listening to the too loud music in my ear.
When I got to college, writing and courses and just, life, made fan-vidding something I did less and less of.  Until a certain show and certain couple forced my hand.

I resurrected my old YouTube account and began uploading video tributes to Carrie & Brody. Easily the most warped and dysfunctional of all my favorite fictional pairings, they became my favorites all the same. A testament to the talent of and the chemistry between, Claire Danes and of course the remarkable Damian Lewis. To this day I wish I had more Brody scenes to put to use. But what I was given served as material for quite a few videos.
After season three of Homeland my video making ceased all together. (Blame my broken heart) But every once in awhile I hear a song and out of reflex, start thinking of it in terms of a new fanvid. I wanted to use my post on Desert Island Discs to showcase those songs, as well as a few that I did wind up putting to use.

1) All I Want- Kodaline

I first heard this song in the film The Fault In Our Stars. It’s a perfect fit for the tearjerker story of Gus and Hazel Grace (still haven’t forgiven John Green) but the lyrics reminded me of another similarly tragic pair. The lyrics are very bittersweet, talking about a love “fit for movie screens”.
Carrie and Brody did bring out the worst in each other, no question. But in the Weekend we see sides to the both of them that are playful, truthful, peaceful.

So you brought out the best of me
A part of me I’ve never seen.

These are sides to them that the audience has never seen as well. Maybe that’s the reason The Weekend is so fascinating and captivating for me to watch. And watch again, and again…

The question “if you loved me, why’d you leave me?”  asked in the song, is haunting and heartbreaking and unfortunately way too fitting. Carrie leaving Brody at the fire road, to him leaving her for his mission to Tehran, and everything about the mission as well. Needless to say making a vid to this song was a task I was not up to.

2. A Bad Dream- Keane

I tried and failed to make a Brody tribute video set to this song. Realized about two minutes into starting it just wasn’t going to happen, blame my being overemotional.


This song is incredibly haunting as well, describing a soldier who is “too tired to be fighting. Guess I’m not the fighting kind.” Feel like it’s applicable to so many roles Damian has taken on, and I adore this band as well. Couldn’t help noticing too that they share the same name as the film that got the Homeland producers interested in casting Damian as Brody. 🙂

3) The Chain- Fleetwood Mac

I’ve always loved this song. More so after seeing it performed live. I toyed with making a vid to this based off the title alone. Kept thinking of the scene in Q&A with Brody in shackles, and Carrie holding the key.

source: Showtime

The intensity of the song I think mimics the intensity of Carrie and Brody.
Damn your love, damn your lies.

After the Weekend I’m sure that was ringing in Brody’s ears, and certainly in Carrie’s down the line. But in spite of all that, the last part.

Chain, keep us together.

If I’d had it my way in the finale of S2, they’d have done more running in the shadows than just to the fire road.

4) Fire Meet Gasoline- Sia

This song to me is the perfect description of Carrie and Brody. In spite of finding peace with each other, their romance was certainly a dangerous, risky game on both their parts. But the spark between them was undeniable and both posed a challenge to the other. One neither of them could resist.

So come on
I’ll take you on, take you on
I ache for love, ache for us
Why don’t you come
Don’t you come a little closer

In spite of that though them being together is a “bad debt, certain death”. Even after you finally think they have a chance at a future.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.15.08 PM
Hot ash, dead match
Only smoke is left

5) Should I Stay Or Should I Go- The Clash

This song never fails to make me think of Damian, thanks to a certain season 1 wrap party concert that was dedicated to a certain favorite CIA agent. Claire rocking out to Damian and YummyYummyYummy’s performance is a thing of beauty.

I also adore the song, and think that the lyrics pertain to both C&B “it’s always tease, tease, tease.” and the writers dilemma whether or not to keep Brody on the show. “If I go there will be trouble, and if I stay there will be double.” Personally I’d have been fine with the double trouble. 🙂

6) “Be Still”- The Fray

This song is a bit of a contrast to the others I’ve chosen. It was actually recommended to me by a subscriber on my YouTube channel as a song that fit Carrie and Brody. I’m a fan of the Fray and after listening to this song, I agree.  It’s softer and slower and calmer and reminds me of how Carrie and Brody turned to and found solace in each other, in spite of their contrasting lives and ideals and paths.

homeland0107-2025 - Version 2

Be still and know that I’m with you
Be still and know that I am here

Even after the veil is lifted in the Weekend and truths and lies are exposed, in Q&A Brody clasps Carrie’s hand for comfort, and later on in “A Gettysburg Address” she’s the one seeking his embrace. Going into S3, Carrie defends Brody to Congress in spite of personal costs. And manages to get through to him at the base after she learns he’s there recovering. Though I created this video before S3 aired, I feel the song still rings true with the story arc given to these two characters.

If you forget the way to go
And lose where you came from
If no one is standing beside you
Be still and know I am.

7) One Line- P.J Harvey

I heard this song during the season one finale of one of my all time favorite shows, Gilmore Girls. One afternoon I was on my way home from work, heard the song come on and started thinking it related to another show I cared about.

Do you remember the first kiss?
Stars shooting across the sky 


In spite of how risky and complicated Carrie and Brody’s relationship was, they did feel peace and a sense of safety with each other. I feel like in “Broken Hearts” it’s established that Brody will go to extreme lengths to ensure Carrie’s safety, and I incorporated scenes from that episode as well as “In Memoriam” to showcase it. Stars are also referenced in the lyrics and, as any C&B fan knows there is significance in those to this couple as well. I created this video prior to S3, but feel like with “Be Still”, the lyrics still held true for the arc for Carrie and Brody. I titled this vid after a lyric that I think especially fit them and the show.

This world all gone to war
All I need is you tonight.

8) Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Lorde

I know the original version of this song was by Tears for Fears, but I love Lorde’s take on it because of the intensity she brings to it. I felt like in the episodes leading up to the finale of S3 of Homeland, intensity was a key component. I was holding out hope that Brody would come through for Carrie but at the same time, live to fight another day, and was experiencing every emotion in the book watching those last few episodes of the season. I made this vid to kind of capture that, and just the general intensity of Carrie and Brody and their respective arcs, leading up to the season three finale. It’s one of my favorite videos that I’ve made and I’m proud to share it here. 🙂

I am also eager to share my other choices for my desert island. As far as luxury item, computer with Internet. I think I’d need it to keep sane.

My book of choice, Gone Girl. In spite of seeing the movie and knowing every twist, still one of my favorites to read and reread.

And as far as my Damian character companion? Much as I adore Nicholas Brody, gonna have to go with this guy. Would need to keep my spirits up and get my daily recommended amount of fruit. 🙂

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