Misfit’s Revisit to Homeland (and to a certain, unfinished fanfiction)

Hi FanFun folks! Misfit here. For those who don’t know me, I was a contributor on this site for a brief amount of time, quite some time ago.

Misfit’s FFWDL Origin Story

What helped me cross paths with the amazing founders of this fan page was fan fiction, particularly a Homeland fic I started up in 2013 titled Suddenly.

The story started as my love letter to all things Carrie f*cking Mathison, and my wanting to explore an alternate, less bleak and lonely future for my leading lady fave where her brilliant, badass self could still shine through.

“My job, my illness. They don’t mesh with my having a pet rock, let alone a foster child.”

What it evolved into was a post Season 2 AU (with references to Season 3 and beyond), incorporating lots of characters from Homeland/a few of my own creation, and exploring various relationships and dynamics that the show touched on (or didn’t, but maybe could’ve/would’ve/should’ve?)

It also goes without saying, I wouldn’t be cross-posting this story here if I didn’t have an alternate, less bleak future in mind for a certain red haired Marine Sergeant, and if I didn’t intend on answering Brody’s question in “The Choice”. Yes, he and Carrie could be happy, and when just imagining that future for them was no longer enough, I decided to write it down. 🙂

Kindhearted reviewage from familiar faces on this site pushed Suddenly to become the longest story I’ve ever written.  After a five year hiatus and a little inspiration;  in the form of a quarantine rewatch of early seasons of Homeland, as well as (an adorable Variety Actors On Actors interview with Claire and Damian.)

I’ve started writing/adding new chapters and have outlined several more!

The most up to date version of the story is posted at both the links below, if you’re so inclined to take a look at what I’ve been rambling about. Going forward, as new chapters are added I’ll cross-post them here as well!

Suddenly [fanfiction.net]

Suddenly [Archive Of Our Own]

If you’ve read this far down this post, firstly, thank you (!) and secondly I hope you and yours are doing well. ♥



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