Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in Desire

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Recent internet frenzy about Damian Lewis smashing the “Next James Bond” bets makes it extremely tempting to share this blog post once again with you! Regardless of Damian becoming the next James Bond or not (does it really matter? We know he will do a brilliant job with whatever job comes his way), he starred in a short movie called Desire — and the protagonist Sidney Clark is, in fact, sort of a James Bond parody. So, why not enjoy it in celebration of this exciting rumor that has given us so much FUN this week? ENJOY!


Damian Lewis is a good friend of Jaguar. He first unveiled the Jaguar F-type roadster in 2013. Then he appeared in a short action film called Desire by Ridley Scott Associates and Jaguar in 2013 to promote the all-new 2014 F-type roadster.


Starring Emmy Award Winner Damian Lewis

and the New Jaguar F-type 🙂

Music by Lana Del Rey

 His name is Sidney Clark.

His job is to deliver cars.

But in the desert, nothing is what it seems!

Here is Damian Lewis talking about the movie just before they started filming in the desert in Chile!

I love his description of Desire: “It’s kind of Coen Brothers-esque stroke David Lynch-type little piece of Americana…”

Damian also told The Hollywood Reporter that humor was one of the things that attracted him to the project and Sidney Clark, the character he plays in Desire.


“I thought he had a quirky voice and actually I might have pushed comedy a bit further because I found him as sort of a comedic character,” says Lewis. “At times there’s an oddly hapless quality to him, and I quite liked that. He wasn’t just a stereotypical monosyllabic hero. I think I went a little bit to Cary Grant, David Niven and these famous British movie stars of the past. There’s something very British about them which I tried to evoke.”

Now, are you READY to see the movie? Oh, yes, you are!

ENJOY your time with Sidney Clark 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in Desire”

  1. I’ve just watched it and loved it!! I loved the part that he shows his British Passport to move through the crowd:-)) This is the first time I saw this short movie. There we go, we already have our ‘Bond’… All he needs to do is to be more arrogant, sulky and be more of a player-type with ladies… He reflects his real personality with the characters he creates… This guy cannot be a slimy, sleazy type:-))

    1. Totally agree — he would give a Bond that no one has seen before, and with depth, too! Give him a role and Damian Lewis owns it! Having said that though I wouldn’t mind if he didn’t get the Bond role, either; I would selfishly want him to play more variety, I think — but of course I will jump up and down in case he gets the role 😀 I love Desire, and we’re lucky that it’s publicly available – hilarious short movie!

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