Brody Countdown 3: Season 2 A Gallery


Season 2 of HOMELAND is a mesmerizing character study of Nicholas Brody. The character is pulled by opposing, coercing, and uncontrollable forces. The repercussions of his commitment to Abu Nazir, the unexpected bond to his family, and his deal with CIA. And of course Carrie, always Carrie. Damian at the top of his game!

Episode 1 “The Smile”

The dust has settled from the chaos of Season One. Brody has been elected Senator!

Brody has slipped smoothly into his life as a sleeper agent. He believes he has set the ground rules for this game. Foolish man.

Episode 2: “Beirut Is Back”

Saul makes a discovery

Brody saves Nazir

His fellow Marines become suspicious

“Walker stopped being a Marine when he turned traitor.”

Episode 3: A State of Independence

Nothing goes according to plan…

Episode 4: New Car Smell

She’s back!

In play again

Episode 5: Q&A

Quinn’s strategy- reveal and

….. then attack

Broken with love and hope.

“You broke my heart y’know.”

“You’re a good man, Brody”




But he can’t stop lying …

Episode 6: A Gettysburg Address

Trust and suspicion …..

….. life as a double agent






Episode 7: The Clearing

The pressure on Brody mounts …

“Mike says you killed Tom.”

He can’t even help his daughter

Episode 8: I’ll Fly Away

Repercussions at home


“Do you think I care anymore what happens to me?”  “I care.”

“You think you can save this thing. You can’t.”

Kidnapped and brought to …

Nazir? Yes, Nazir

Episode 9: Two Hats

Old loyalty




… undivided loyalty

“I thought I was dead.”

“It’s REALLY good to see you.” – Carrie

Episode 10: Broken Hearts

New situation 

New threats   

Brody bargains for Carrie’s life 

the deal is complete 

Episode 11: In Memoriam

Nazir is dead     

“I just don’t want to know anymore.” 

“Carrie knows everything. She accepts it. You must love her very much.”

Watching his past walk away ….

“It wasn’t even close.” 

Into the unknown future ..

Episode 12: The Choice


a new life 

Talking for real 

He turns to Mike to care for Jess and the kids

Last time in the family house    

At Walden’s memorial

Carrie’s choice … 

CIA explodes


The end of the road …..

He knows ….

“You’re not coming, are you.”

“Goodbye, Love”

4 thoughts on “Brody Countdown 3: Season 2 A Gallery”

  1. No words necessary – the photos speak for themselves! Thank you for this!!!!
    Homeland Season 2 is my absolute favorite TV season of all times.

  2. Thanks for commenting and giving me this opportunity! One of the reasons I was put on this earth was for our paths to cross 😉 The beautiful and tragic Sgt Brody

    1. Cross paths with Brody or me???? 😀 Love you, friend! I am SOOOOOOOO HAPPY TO KNOW YOU! Oh and yeah I’m a bit tipsy after mid-week dinner party 😀

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