Billions on Showtime, Season 4 Episode 8: Fight Night

Welcome to Fight Night where we have two boxers in the ring and many characters on the street playing the game of La Dolce Scienza (Sweet Science) where they need to find the perfect balance between hitting and not getting hit. Finesse. Slickness. Swagger. Everything on the street is as strategic as it gets on the ring! The cameos of real-life champions Deontay Wilder and Stipe Miocic as well as the boxing references in this fun episode hint that Fight Night is Koppelman and Levien’s tribute to one of their favorite sports.

Fight Night opens with the two COOs agreeing on the terms of the match. And it seems they want more of a gladiator fight: No head gear and 16 oz. gloves to protect their heads. The winner takes it all. Wags and Sarah are in for a side wager for $50K. And while Wags believes Mafee’s jaw is as fragile as Murano blown glass, Sara thinks it will be a sad evening in Palookaville when Axe Capital’s washed up Joe Louis meets his Rocky Marciano.

Dollar Bill finds Axe, Wags and a guy who says he will turn him into a man standing at the foot of his bed in the early morning hours. He is still very sleepy that he confuses Versace with Cunanan. And while I thought they only had to fight dragons in Westeros, Bill learns everyone has dragons to fight and if one cannot feel their face, it just means they have to work harder. In the meantime, the dragon he needs to fight, Mafee, demonstrates his extensive knowledge about THC/CBD ratios as he is giving away all his “jazz cabbage” aka weed collection.

Wendy and Bonnie seem to bond over running even though Bonnie complains Wendy is less talkative than Forest Whitaker’s Ghost Dog. She wants to know how Wendy feels after Mafee did his “you’re a garbage person” speech in front of everyone at Axe Capital. Bonnie does not know what Wendy did but she believes whatever she did, she did it to protect Axe Capital. She admires her for holding firm. But the thing is Wendy is not holding firm. Not even close. If she starts to talk, she will collapse.

That said, Wendy holds very firm when she comes home to a yummy breakfast, courtesy of Chuck, complete with her favorite bread from She Wolf Bakery. Wendy has seen Mamet’s Speed the Plow like Chuck has – a Mamet play about how circumstances affect behavior 😀 And so she knows this breakfast is about trying to make her remember home and give up on selling the house. Wendy lets Chuck know that a couple seems to have liked the house and is coming for a second visit.

Something is cooking at Taylor Mason Capital. Taylor has been able to buy some lot at a live auction. And while it is expensive, it will be worth it if everything goes according to the plan.

As I am thinking about what this lot could be about, Taylor appears on CNBC’s Halftime Report talking about the refiners they have just shorted.  There is a bill at NY State Legislature that will probably pass and ban fracking in the state. And while it will still be legal to refine natural gas products  fracked elsewhere in New York, Taylor argues that fossil fuels are a dead end like their time was at Axe Capital. Axe Capital used to be successful like Celtics were, too, once upon a time. And, according to Taylor, Bobby Axelrod is no Larry Bird. While Taylor says they still have some nostalgic respect for their “teacher” they also know he is a dinosaur.


Axe knows Taylor is doing what they are doing deliberately and he has to get out of this keeping his refinery positions. So he tasks Wags with finding out how they can use lobbyists in Albany through regular political channels and Victor with finding out how they can use lobbyists his way. He will also be on Halftime Report tomorrow ready to chop the snake’s head off…

…while the snake, ahem, Taylor, is telling TMC team that Axe made them cut their dad’s head off and they will now go full Sir Tristram de Lyones until they drive their sword into Axe’s heart. And when they are the only ones left in the meeting room, Taylor confides in Sara they cannot get over how precise Axe and Wendy were in targeting them. Still, they do not want to attack now and keep their full focus on the refineries at the moment.

Chuck is on his way, with Allerd and T, to the State Board of Elections for a conversation about mobile voting. T favors mobile voting because it will increase electoral participation while Allerd, who has a framed hanging chad in his office, believes people that are “too lazy to vote” should not even be allowed to register.

Remember this guy? I was glued to TV as long as the recount in Florida lasted while I was writing my dissertation in front of TV…

And Chuck… well, I bet Chuck was the best in his debate team in high school… The man who says mobile voting should be considered only after the security issues are adequately vetted, turns 180 degrees seconds after he finds Bryan and Kate in the room with Harvey  “Hap” Halloran,  the commissioner of the electoral board. It turns out Jeffcoat is against mobile voting and so Chuck is now its biggest advocate. Democracy. Voting rights. And while Hap may turn down Chuck’s proposal for a pilot program now, Chuck has no intention of letting it go. He needs to find why Jeffcoat is strongly opposed to mobile voting in the state. There is no question mobile voting is in our future. And, for your information, Denver will allow its overseas voters to use a mobile voting app to vote in the upcoming mayoral elections! Besides, several cities such as Moscow, Seoul as well as the Catalan government revealed plans to use blockchain technology for voting.

Another person who does not want to let mobile voting go is Kate and her exchange with Bryan looks like a turning point this season. When Bryan says he is only doing what his superior asked him to do, Kate’s answer is a true punch in the gut: Adolf Eichmann made the same argument when he was caught in Argentina. Bryan has to say no to Jeffcoat and protect the weak — exactly like Dawson and Downey should have done when they received the “code red” order from Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men.

Chuck finds out Hap is trying to bury mobile voting not because he likes Jeffcoat but because he dislikes Chuck. Hap and his wife used to go to Aruba every year for the last 23 years to reconnect. But now that Chuck has indicted thirty of his best friends in the state senate who did not do anything else but trading favors for “the betterment of the state” Hap and his wife are lucky if they can catch the bus to Belmar. I cannot help wonder if Jeffcoat has already arranged an Aruba trip for the commissioner.

Enters Chuck Senior. Senior has partnered with the indigenous communities (who he insists on calling “my casino Indians”) around his casino business and these communities favor mobile voting. So thanks to Senior, Chuck does not only meet the Cayuga councilwoman Halftown but also, well, his baby sister who seems to have her father’s chin! What can I say but hats off to Viagra! And now we know Jack Foley was right when he implied Senior had other children in Season 2 Episode 8 Kingmaker.

While there are a few hiccups in the meeting like Chuck using Cherokee Wilma Mankiller‘s quote to convince Haudenosaunee Townhall, he ultimately succeeds in getting the councilwoman to cooperate. Result: Chuck gets his pilot program, Hap gets tickets to Aruba, the indigenous community gets a better deal from Senior in Kingsford and a 529 college program is being funded for Chuck’s little sister.

As Wall Street gets deep into the holiday season when the NYSE president Stacey Cunningham introduces Wags to turn on the NYSE Christmas Tree, Mafee and Dollar Bill get deep into their training season with a song that is second to none when you want to feel competitive.

If I feel like Rocky, and I do, as I run to Eye of the Tiger, so should Mafee and Dollar Bill who end their training day in ice bath and with a massage in the garage, respectively. And I really cannot help share Kelly AuCoin’s fantastic BTS video where Dollar Bill is, well, being Dollar Bill! 😀

Bill has a meltdown when he has a sparring session with Bonnie who Axe believes could knock Mafee out in the first round. Good news is hanging out with Wendy pays off for Bonnie who tells Dollar Bill that if Mafee has younger legs Bill has his big heart. He is the Sugar Ray Leonard who will beat the fuck out of Mafee’s Donny Lalonde.

Rebecca is determined to take over Saler’s, the department store Axe likened to “a wheezing elephant ready to stumble to its knees” in Episode 7 Infinite Game. She now has 8% of the shares but needs to go over 10% to force the takeover vote so is pushing her broker to find her the shares she needs. And when Axe says maybe this company is not for her, we find out why Rebecca is so determined to do this.

As a young girl growing up in a small town, Saler’s catalogues served as her window to the big world out there and now she knows why she has become very rich:

“Show young girls that they don’t have to just dream about shopping at some department store. They can buy the whole company.”


While Taylor wants their team’s undivided attention at the refineries, Sara unilaterally kicks off an attack on Wendy. Wendy, who thinks Dr. Zhang would ask her to speak at a conference, faces questions she has not expected: what is her exact title? does she prescribe medication? how personal are the sessions she holds with the employees?

I have pointed out in earlier posts Wendy certainly violated her doctor’s oath. She used confidential information she had on her patients against them and for her own benefit as well as for the benefit of the company. But I was thinking there could be no legal discourse since there is no concrete proof that she did what she did. But now that Sara has filed an official complaint, Dr. Zhang talks about accusations of malpractice against Wendy. Her medical license is under review and she will ultimately have to appear in front of a medical board and make a case for herself.

Axe’s reaction is not surprising:

“You are Dr. Wendy Fucking Rhoades. Noone’s getting your license. And if it did — what does it matter? You’re still the best at what you do.”

But things are not as simple as he thinks they are, are they? Wendy may still be the best performance coach in the world, but even Birchie who gave Wendy his First Tracks Season Pass at Deer Valley in return for a session with her in Episode 1 Chuck Rhoades’ Greatest Game is now running away from her like the plague. So it seems even the question about her medical license may be enough for the street to avoid Wendy, and in turn, Axe Capital.

Wendy not being in the mood to prepare Axe for his TV appearance does not help, either. Axe starts with saying Taylor has a bright mind and that is why he cultivated him. And OMG I wish people really grew Pinocchio noses when they lied. He says they showed Taylor the door when he did not like their ethics. LIAR. He says he did not want Andolov’s money because it was not clear where the money was coming from and Taylor did not hesitate to grab it. LIAR. He says there is a rumor that Taylor has sold their dad out. LIAR. And yeah Taylor may call him a “dinosaur” but he still believes in loyalty as the essence of his business… and it goes well for him until…

…Taylor calls in and the two have their own “Bill Ackman and Carl Icahn moment” on TV.

Their exchange turns personal in two seconds. Axe is annoyed when Taylor says he pretends he fired the employee who bested him in every way and then he loses it when Taylor refers to him making billions out of 9/11 tragedy and his crown jewel Firefighters Fund moving to TMC— hats off to Lauren! Axe talking about crushing the S&P since Taylor was in their footie pajamas is beyond hilarious. And he does not stop there! He now bets Taylor $1M that Dollar Bill will beat Mafee, and $2M if it is a knockout. How about Taylor? Well, they do not negotiate with bullies! 😀

Having wasted his time on TV,  it all comes down to the governor if Axe wants to salvage the fracking refineries. Listening to his new bestie Chuck, Axe pretends he is inviting Sweeney to a donor dinner with 12 guests and $100K a plate. But what Sweeney finds out when he arrives at the penthouse with his entourage is 3 plates on the table and a $1.2M check for his Super PAC ready to be cashed out as soon as he helps Axe with the fracking bill.

As soon as he finds out Chuck is also there, Sweeney knows he may find Khartoum‘s head in his bed if he does not comply with these two. Well, governor, this is not Godfather, this is Billions 😀 Axe and Chuck provide political justification, from tax revenues to upstate jobs, for the governor to legalize fracking in the state. Besides Axe is ready to give him whatever he needs: And a keynote slot at the next National Governors’ Association Meetings it is!

As super fans Ben and Tuk are taking quite different selfies with Mafee and Dollar Bill’s life size cutouts, we see real-life finance guys like Jim Chanos and Jeff Yass arriving at the charity match.

And I spy with my little eye, Mr. Charles Koppelman, Brian Koppelman’s dad, who we had earlier seen at the idea dinner as one of the financial heavyweights in NYC. Mr. Koppelman is certainly a heavyweight, too, but in entertainment industry.

When Wendy arrives at the fight and confronts Taylor about them reporting her to the medical board, Taylor pretends they know all about it. And while Wendy is right that no one is blameless in this, who can contest Taylor’s argument that Wendy used their intimate family secrets and ruined their family? While Bonnie blames Taylor for going to the principal’s office crying, the blows she has suffered from Birchie and Taylor back to back force Wendy to call an Uber and get home.

A Bloomberg alert before the fight brings good news to Axe Capital. The governor has just confirmed fracking is legal in New York. Yet the moment Axe believes he has the last laugh, he realizes Taylor is still smiling. WTF?

“What’s the one thing you need most when fracking?”

Taylor has learnt from the best. It turns out the lot Taylor purchases early in the episode is nothing but water rights in the fracking areas. Their short on the refineries was small, they did it only to get the ball rolling. They ultimately provoked and used Axe to get the fracking bill passed. Yes, Axe will make money but Taylor will make even more! Now, if this is not a boxing match, what is? And this round goes to Taylor! But, I mean, can you imagine if these two join forces again? No one can stop them!

Neither Axe’s promise to Dollar Bill that he would buy two houses for each of his wives nor Taylor telling Mafee they are so proud they took him with them to TMC can stop the match from going into history as the most pathetic charity boxing match 😀 Mafee could be the same weight as Tyson in his prime but he is no Tyson. Dollar Bill may have a big heart but he is no Sugar Ray Leonard. And when the boxers have no chops, even champions like Wilder and Miocic cannot make them fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee on the ring. Well, yeah, I am more of a Mohammad Ali fan 😀

As it feels like Dollar Bill and Mafee hold onto each other just to be able to stand up, Bob Menery delivers the best commentary on the match:

“This looks like an audition for the fucking Walking Dead.”

The ring turns into a concession stand, and the match ends in a double loss making Winston the winner 😀 Since I did not understand why people were all over Sean Ayles asking for refunds, I did a little research and found out that the straight bets on the winner of the fight are refunded if the match ends in a draw.

Chuck should seriously consider sending “thank you” cards to Birchie, Sara and Taylor. Wendy now needs her family more than ever and she does not feel like selling the house anymore.

“Like it or not, this is our home.”

And  while we have not seen her sharing her medical license trouble with Chuck, she, at least subconsciously, knows Chuck will do everything in his power to help her.

Is it the holiday spirits or is it L-O-V-E that makes Axe help Rebecca with her business venture? Axe buys the shares Rebecca needs to force the takeover vote on Saler’s. Now they will combine the shares which would also give Axe a board seat. But I honestly do not think he is doing it to get a board seat, he is doing it for her because he now knows why she is doing what she is doing. Sweet.

One person that is not happy about Chuck’s pilot program is the AG. Jeffcoat, who thinks the Native Americans have been dealt with by Sam Houston and Texas Rangers 150 years ago, is very frustrated. I bet he is getting some serious money from lobbyists that do not want high turnouts in the elections. And now he asks Bryan to introduce an infected blanket like Lord Amherst and Bryan is still listening?!?!

Commissioner Sansome gives Jeffcoat what he wants when the latter threatens to move the prestigious NYPD task forces, including counter-terrorism and drug enforcement, to New Jersey.  And, lo and behold, Chuck Senior’s construction site is closed until further notice and seeing Bryan on location, Chuck knows why. And if this is not a boxing match, what is? This second round goes to Jeffcoat.

I am VERY disappointed with Bryan. From Jose Lugo to Federal Day to mobile voting, when will Bryan see that Jeffcoat is the depiction of everything that is wrong in politics? It seems to me that the U.S. Attorney seat is like the ring in Lord of the Rings. Whoever sits on it is obsessed with it and wants to keep it no matter what.

That said there is still someone that could end up doing what I have been expecting Bryan to do: Kate.

We see Kate talking to her dad about SDNY being as stuffy as when Chuck was the US Attorney. Besides, she tells her dad to get into media technology utilizing alternate uses of blockchain when he asks her advice. Why? Because Chuck Rhoades has an interest in it! I think Kate will take her dad’s advice as well:

“Take the blindfold off. Wait till the brain-fog lifts. Choose your target. Swing as hard as you can and take its head off.”

I am hoping Bryan will take the blindfold off along with Kate and they will take Jeffcoat’s head off together.

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19 thoughts on “Billions on Showtime, Season 4 Episode 8: Fight Night”

  1. Funny breather/buildup episode. I was in stitches when they brought out Chuck’s sister 🙂 Personally I think Jeffcoat wanted to kill mobile voting cause the ‘administration that will not be named’ probably doesn’t want high voter turnout either in the next coming elections. Also something I felt you may have missed was Taylor and Sarah’s interest in Rebecca and Bobby’s relationship, something that I think they may very well target soon to even the score after the debacle with their father. Keeping an eye on that, especially with all this talk regarding the Saler’s deal now with Bobby involved, would be a real case of karma if Taylor somehow forced Rebecca and Bobby to turn on one another over it later. Can’t wait to see what happens next 😉

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, now that they have finished the first story arch in Episode 7, we now have new stories and new characters to look forward to. I agree about Jeffcoat. It may be the administration itself and Jeffcoat himself may also be getting money from some interest group (lobby) that does not want higher participation in the elections — it may even have to do some question about a social or economic issue they will put in a future election – taxes, guns, environment, what have you.

      You are right. I don’t think I mentioned it in the post but yes Taylor certainly saw that Bobby and Rebecca were an item at the charity match. I was actually surprised in the previous episode that they didn’t know about them when Rebecca baited Bana to get control of Doug’s project but maybe Bobby and Rebecca did not appear in social circles together before. The next episode’s teaser trailer shows that Taylor is working on to make Rebecca’s first day as owner of Saler’s a “bad day.”

  2. Great recap! A few items. That was Jocko Willink waking up $Bill very early, which is his real life advice in his podcasts, books etc. Also Tim Ferriss played himself as Mafee’s trainer.

    Moreover Stipe is not a pro boxer but rather he fights in UFC where he held a heavyweight title … and in classic Billions style, yet another tremendous character actor appeared in this Ep, none other than the great Saul Rubinek as Hap.

    1. Thank you for reading and thank you for the clarification about the cameos. I have had zero idea about who they were. I guess you are a boxing fan?

      Oh, and it was FUN to see Saul Rubinek as Hap! I guess he will appear again since we are not done yet with mobile voting!

      1. I grew up watching boxing w my late father.
        Am a huge MMA fan for many yrs.

        Jocko is a former Navy Seal. I have a couple of his books on application of military experience to other areas of life.

        Ferriss is the 4 Hour Workweek guy, big-time entrepreneur.

        Both of these fellows are heavy into martial arts and it made perfect sense to have them as themselves.

        1. And it totally explains why I have no idea about them 🙂 I’m into running, swimming, and futbol.

  3. For what it’s worth, now that it’s been confirmed that Wendy has an active medical license, I think she should absolutely lose it. And I think her story going forward is going to look at how important that license is to her. As we saw, Axe doesn’t care either way. But other clients (like Birch) obviously do. So her need for the license is an indication of how tied she is to Axe Cap. If she’s committed to Axe forever, she doesn’t need the license.
    In hindsight, i should’ve just asked Kopp about the license straight-up instead of talking about legality. (Which, to me, were the same question) Chances are he wouldn’t have answered anyway, since it was a spoiler to this episode. But using the language of “medical license” instead of “legal recourse” may have clarified the exchange you and I had, and I apologize for not being clearer. Now we know that there is a violation in terms of her medical license, that is, there is an issue of legality. Whether or not it’s proveable, ie actionable, will be revealed in the next couple episodes I’m guessing, Either way, the bigger question, of course, is how Wendy maneuvers through this challenge.

    1. A couple of thoughts here, questions actually. Why that little bit with Wags lighting the Christmas Tree? Seems like it was stuck in there to kill some time and in my opinion, more time should have been spent with Axe on camera. Also, is Lara in that fancy house Axe bought in season one? Obvious Chef Ryan went into NYC with Axe. Oh yes, the kids. Axe appears to have forgotten he has two sons. I always felt the Rhoades’ baby sitter was raising their two kids, since they were seldom home with them. However they at least show up in recent epis. I know its a show about money/politics/power, etc., but I think it might appeal to a wider audience with just a bit more family life for the Axelrod clan. (No, I don’t expect Leave it to Beaver, or Father Knows best.) Wendy and Bonnie are rather unlikely girlfriends. I guess the writers felt the need for another female for Wendy’s psycho babble since she and Taylor no longer hang out together. While I’m complaining (I do have a great talent for that), I do not trust Rebecca at all. Axe was too smitten too quickly. Something is amiss there. Apparently boxing bouts for charity are really a thing and I’m all for charity, but sorry folks, that whole thing was just corny! My fingers are crossed that the last few episodes of this season impress me more….but I am very greedy!

      1. Hi Connie!

        Thanks for reading. I think the New York Stock Exchange Christmas Tree scene is (i) to tell us that holidays are starting in the show and (ii) to give a nod to Stacey Cunningham, the first female NYSE chair – the woman on stage that was introducing Wags. And I believe the lighting of NYSE tree is an annual ceremony that they wanted to show on Billions.

        I agree that his relationship with his family added to Axe’s story – my hunch is that, firstly, the story arch for the season does not really involve the kids and secondly, maybe they want to show us how Axe ignores his kids now that they are not living together as a family. I agree that Rebecca is a bit too good to be true. It may be that he really should not trust her, or the show creators want to see how the audience will respond to her — like we are questioning if she is real???? 😀

        I think Wendy likes Bonnie since she is very direct – no BS 🙂

    2. While I argued many times Wendy violated her doctor’s oath, I honestly never thought someone could act on it since presenting a proof is quite hard. And now, at least from whatever we have seen, it is Taylor’s word against Wendy’s. I do not know how medical boards proceed with such reports of malpractice but I guess we will find out in the next couple of weeks. In the teaser trailer for next episode Wendy says she wants killer Chuck back — he should help her and so should Axe. Those medical board members may regret taking this case —- if any of them has any laundry, Axe and Chuck will find them! Or, of course, there could be a maneuver that we cannot even imagine. Looking forward to finding out.

      I think BK did not want to join the conversation on Twitter because it would have been a spoiler — as I told you when you said it sucks he did not clarify. Because, normally, he answers such questions about the show. But this time he did not want to for obvious reasons that we did not know at the time!

  4. I found the fight to be hilarious. I’m glad it was realistic with two out of shape, windbags flailing away instead of them becoming good boxers over night. Both of them losing at the end is probably foreshadowing. Taylor and Axe are stronger together but are too bullheaded, proud and stubborn to ever put aside their differences and work together again.

    I loved the look on Axe’s face going from smug to “oh shit” in seconds. I like that Taylor is a formidable opponent and not just getting crushed. I think they’ve taken Axe’s best punches and is now really punching back. Good for them.

    I’m glad Wendy is finally facing some repercussions for her manipulative actions. I don’t know if they can prove anything but the fact that Wendy has been brought down to Earth is good enough for me. She’s never held responsible for her actions yet gets all the credit when things go well. I think she wants to keep that house because she knows her career is in trouble and that house is probably going to keep appreciating in value. Even if she wants to stick it to Chuck, she’s still thinking strategically. Best to hang onto it for now. I wonder if she even told Chuck about the malpractice complaint?

    Chuck Jr. probably has 40 other siblings. His dad seems like that type to think that any of his outside children aren’t really his. He even said so when he told Chuck he was always going to be his only son. This guy is a nightmare.

    1. Thank you for reading!

      I agree 150% with you about the fight. Hilarious and very realistic given the initial condition of the two boxers 🙂

      Damian Lewis is well known to go from any mood to another in the blink of an eye. So Bobby is no exception. Some fans are surprised that Axe is being beaten by Taylor. I am not surprised. Taylor is as smart as him, and that is why he made him his CIO when he knew he would get arrested.

      I have argued about Wendy violating her oath several times before. But I never thought someone could take her to the medical board because there is no concrete proof. That said we see that even the malpractice complaint can make people avoid her like the plague — look at Birchie! This is obviously taking its toll on Wendy even when Axe does not give a flying fuck about the medical board. We have not seen Wendy sharing the news with Chuck. So it is possible that she has not yet. But the new episode trailer shows Wendy saying she wants the killer Chuck back. So they may be plotting how to save Wendy’s ass this time around! I can’t wait to find out what they will do. I wonder how much dirty laundry the medical board members have 🙂

  5. Great recap and comments as usual I’d add that Wags lighting the Wall Street Christmas tree shows there is minimal damage from his set up embarrassment at the Kappa Beta Phi initiation night

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Hats off to your observation — you are absolutely right given that he is invited to light up the NYSE Xmas tree, the damage Nussfaur thought he would give to Wags on Wall Street has not really happened!

  6. The water rights to fracking make no sense. Fracking happens in the field at the wells, did Taylor buy the water rights to the entire state of NY?

    1. As far as I know they need water for drilling and fracking, and the new more cost-effective technologies need to use even more water than before. By buying water rights in probably the fracking area Taylor is likely to make a lot of money. Tankers carry the water to an oil or natural gas field and it is used for drilling/fracking.

    2. To David Hasha ____ I did not see how many water rights she bought up. This part was done in a quick look at a piece of paper. Fracking is viable in a fraction of NY State counties (far from NYC) and they all are economically depressed. So deals can be done same as in depressed counties putting up “Indian Casinos” as Chuck Senior would call them. Chuck Senior has his own “Casino Indians”
      Thus all Taylor had to do was buying up water rights where fracking makes economic sense. In contrast Pennsylvania is open to fracking. New York is not. Matter of fact this episode is fantasy as far as fracking. Andrew Cuomo the Governor will never let it take place.

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