The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Unparalleled MVPs from Billions Season 4 Episode 7

Welcome back to our ‘Billions MVP Fanbook,’ a compilation post commemorating all those in honor of achievement for the utmost brazen, uber shameless, ultra scheming, unmatched bad asses to date – from sports references, music, and tasty food to pop culture remarks, shocking twists and ultimate paybacks.

In case you missed our previous awards, you can catch up with season four episode one, episode two, episode three, episode four, episode five, and episode six. Now, let us continue with that tradition as we award our Most Valuable Players (MVPs) this week.

Here are our Billions awards for Season 4, Episode 7, “Infinite Game.”


Loo Boos – Jock Jeffcoat and Todd Krakow sharing a moment at the latrine as they aim toward target flies. The juxtaposition of the two during their territorial toilet talk was terrific.

Glorious Gab – When Wags said “Goody gumdrops” I was transported back in time to the Hasbro board game Candy Land. Not the writer’s intent, for sure, but it happened. Jolly the chubby gumdrop monster, Lord Licorice, Duke of Swirl, King Kandy…all of them. Axe is my King Kandy…gonna get stuck in his molasses swamp 😉

Best Recurring Guest – Bruno!!!!! ❤️ Have a feeling we won’t see much of him anymore. What will Bobby do without his father figure around?

Literature AppreciationThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer, specifically, Tom Sawyer’s blood oath. The modern day Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are the blood brothers Todd Krakow and Bobby Axelrod. Axe is Tom of course, “…the smartest kid in town.” Instead of squeezing out drops of blood from each other’s thumbs, they traded in commodities of pizza and people-networking. #PowerBrokers

Wonder Twins – Award goes to the ‘pocket twins’ Sara and Lauren of Mason Capital.  I yelled at the television screen, “Wonder Twin powers, activate…form of a miracle!”

Best Scene – Axe and Rebecca chilling in bed swapping personal and business opinions over breakfast with their tech gadgets #PillowTalk. And Axe with his Axeceptional wisdom:

Just Ask Axe – “That chain’s like a wheezing elephant ready to stumble to its knees.”

Master Manipulator – Wendy Rhoades = Shiva the Destroyer!! But in destruction, lies creation. Like Mafee said in his diatribe, “…with that bullshit Buddha smile; sick, vicious phony; a goddamned monster; a garbage person.” She’s got a lot of running to do, hasn’t she?

Can’t wait for Fight Night! See you guys for episode 8.

Lady Trader

Best Friend – Mafee. Last week in my post, I was saying he should be fired for his stupidity in telling Wendy anything. This week, he made me proud! Not only was he sticking up for himself (and Taylor) he told the truth – Wendy’s actions have made her “a monster”. Oh, and extra points for willing to go toe to toe with Dollar Bill!

Best Zillow Listing – I’ll certainly go to the Open House for that townhouse! I’ve always wanted to live in Brooklyn Heights, I just don’t know if I’ll have the $7M for the place!!

Cutest Moment – A puppy!! I’m a cat person myself, but OMG was that puppy adorable!!

Hypocrite Award – Doug Mason. You accuse Taylor of only caring about money, but I didn’t see you ripping up the $1.3M check! Cha-ching!


Most Disgusting Motherfucker Award – Jock Jeffcoat

I certainly believe Jock Jeffcoat is THE villain in Billions. He is the depiction of everything I dislike in a politician. That said, I am handing him this award not for something he has done as the Attorney General but for something he has done as a man. If you are a man who does not wash your hands after targeting the painted flies in the basin, you are a disgusting motherfucker! Ewwwwwwwww. You are the reason I always carry Purell in my purse!

Spookiest Dad – Chuck Senior

It is official. Chuck has the spookiest dad anyone can imagine. And I do not need to know any more than the “pancake eater” story.

Perfect Gesture  – Axe giving Bruno an awesome sendoff ❤️

If you have been reading my Billions reviews for a while, you know that Axe broke my heart when he broke Bruno’s in Season 2 when he fucked Sandicot. And it is truly beautiful to finally see Axe making amends to the only father figure in his life! Axe is buying Bruno out tonight! And while the old man will now be able to make the sunshine state his home, Axe will keep the pizzeria. Bruno is right that Axe’s childhood is not in the hot oven, but it is inside him, in his heart, I love it that Axe cannot give up on the only place where he feels home. This is the Bobby Axelrod I truly like.

And, believe it or not, I was extremely lucky to watch this scene being shot at Rosa’s Pizza. You can read my story here. Salud!

Loser of the Week – Taylor Mason

Firstly, thanks to Axe and Wendy’s collective effort, Taylor was forced to make the right business decision and they sold their dad’s project to the government. I am sure it hurts. But secondly, and more importantly, they had to face their dad’s selfish nature. I agree with Wendy that Douglas has exploited the need Taylor has for parental approval. And now he leaves his child, who has done everything in their power to make their dad’s dream come true, falling into pieces, possibly thinking about what they did wrong. And I am sure it hurts more.

Most Uncherished Family Member – Ari Spyros

While poor Spyros is working his ass off at every opportunity  to play with Team Axe, he is only allowed in the playground  if and when necessary. We know he did not receive an invitation to Bonnie’s birthday party earlier in the season, and now it seems Axe does not even bother to invite Spyros to the family celebration at Bruno’s. To make up for this, I am planning to invite him to my birthday party next year. Who knows? Maybe he will bring me a bag of his “highly recommended” Spyroast 😀


Best Actor/Actress in a DramaPaul Giamatti for his ‘Pancake Eater’ story, Maggie Siff for her evening run breakdown, Asia Kate Dillon for their blank stare at the end. All three give amazing performances. I really am incredibly impressed with their performances all season so far. They have always been good, but this season their characters have gone through so much, the writers are making it so rich, and the actors are delivering in spades.

The Satchel Paige ‘Watch Your Back’ Award – Bobby Axelrod. Be careful with Rebecca there Bobby. She showed some love for Taylor there that should have you worried, but you still seem to be missing clues right and left these days. You seem to have lost your ability to read people – well, anyone except Wags that is.

The Behind the Green Door Bewilderment – What is going on with the writers’ current fascination with porn stars? Two weeks ago it was Rudy’s password, now they bring in three stars of the industry to help, um, move things along. The BDSM stuff may be dying down, but they apparently are still taking advantage of their home on paid cable television.

The ‘He has a Pulse!’ Award – Mafee. Finally we see some emotion out of him!! Well done Mafee! I’m still rooting for Dollar Bill in the Thrilla in the Villa – but it’s nice to see Mafee be something other than a milquetoast for once.

Author: Gingersnap

Management Analyst, part-time Adjunct Professor and Computer Software Consultant by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night.

11 thoughts on “The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Unparalleled MVPs from Billions Season 4 Episode 7”

  1. Another week, another great list!

    Damianista, I agree with you about Ari! He might not have a lot of scenes, but this week his 10 seconds was one of the best parts of the show!

    TTTWTD: Yes, the acting this season from that triple threat has been amazing.

    Gingersnap: You always come up with the most eclectic picks! I love them!

    This is why I love this group!!

    1. Another week, another fun MVP post! And, again, no overlaps! I love how we consistently see and like different things in the show.

      Ari’s absence was noticeable at Bruno’s. I’m sure he would have made a toast, too, should he have been there 😀

      TTTWTD: “Behind the Green Door Bewilderment”: I am still giggling about it! And I agree with the acting this season. They are ROCKING the TV screen. I was like “give all awards to Paul Giamatti!!!” when he told the pancake eater story. Almost the entire cast has background in stage acting and it shows big time!

      Lady Trader: I agree 150% about Douglas. Biggest Hypocrite indeed. His child has done everything in their power to make dad’s dream come true, and when it did not happen, he was like a spoiled child.

      Gingersnap: Tom Sawyer is the first novel I have ever read. I still remember the day my mom bought it for me. I LOVED IT! I didn’t like being a girl at that age, I did not want to be the princess, never played house in my life, I wanted to be like Tom and Huck. I was a total tomboy! And I made “blood sisters” too! 🙂 Thank you for bringing out sweet memories!!!

  2. Other fun scenes were Brian Connerty et al listening in on Chuck and Senior in old wiretapping style. In real time. It’s not done this way any more with all the smart phones etc. Fun and total bs.

      1. Yep. More dramatic. You and your fine women contributors get all the giggles? I think they are giggling more on the Billions set. Especially with absurdist jive like Comerty eavesdropping and the triple threat porn stars from yesteryear. With the blond one beckoning Hard Bob with one finger. That old man was snowed!

  3. Just want to say that all the above my comment…. this is superior female commentary and analysis. And I say this in such PC times. Whew … …this was exhausting …..I need a Grey’s Papaya Recession Special.

    1. Thank you for your support, we appreciate it a lot — still I don’t know how female commentary would be different than that of a male 🙂 By the way, are you a NYer? Gray’s Papaya is around the corner from my apartment.

      1. “I don’t know how female commentary would be different than that of a male”
        Yet somehow it is or usually is.
        I grew up in Jamaica Queens but have not lived in NYC for eons. I might have eaten at the original Papaya/Frank stand at 14th and 2nd ave. or so. For sure I walked by it many times. Not owned by Gray. But really that one was run down and crappy.This was pre-Gray. But the eternal Gray’s recession special will always get a laugh from me.

        So Billions is a bit of nostalgia trip. Has there been any Billions scenes in Katz’s. YES there has been

        The real special at Katz is the knockwurst w sauerkraut…..I always liked and last eaten by me in 1994 as we passed though

        1. I commuted between Manhattan and Stonybrook for 5 years for work. I always changed trains in Jamaica 🙂
          There was no scene in Katz’s but Ira bought take-out lunch for Chuck from there. I gave him “best friend” award for that!
          FYI: If you crave Katz’s pastrami they sell it online!

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