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Hello, Fan Fun readers! It feels like it has been a long time since I last sat down to write for the site. I’m so glad to be back again, joining in on all the fun!

As a burlesque performer, I get to combine my favorite things a lot. My costuming skills, my love of certain characters or styles, and then of course, the music! From pop to rock to classical to movie soundtracks, I get to perform to whatever I choose!

I perform to Gabage’s Supervixen in this costume!

And naturally, as often as I can, I perform to my favorite band-Garbage. From the first album I owned on cassette, to the most recent I’ve downloaded onto my iPhone, I love them all. I can listen to hours of Garbage on end-I’d definitely take them with me to the island! So today I am going to take a page out of my burlesque life and I am going to mix my love of Garbage and my love of Damian Lewis into my own Desert Island Discs!

I’ve always loved redheads

8 Songs: 

When I grow up

This song was the first one I thought of when thinking of this list.  It’s 100% Charlie Crews!

source: NBC

Playful, upbeat, but among all of that? A few threats, a few warnings. “Celebrate you, entertain you, I’ll be back to frame you..” Charlie essentially “grew up” in prison and came out a different man. But he’s funny, quirky, playful, absurd. And his love of Zen is in the last few lines, similar to “dig a hole, fill it up.” Shirley belts out “rip it all to shreds and let it go.” I couldn’t help but think of that last shot of Charlie, staring at the sun.


Happy Home

This one goes out to the character that started the whole Fan Fun site: Brody. Specifically, this song reminds me of the sad beauty that Brody and Carrie created together. The moments of peace, passion, and love they found with one another. “In my lover’s arms I wait for morning, I beg my god to speak and tear me apart.” Beautiful, tragic and epic. The song ends on a long and pounding instrumental. It reminds me of the fact that Carrie had to carry on without him, but he never left her thoughts.

source: showtime

Breaking up the girl

Damian’s portrayal of King Henry in Wolf Hall is one of my favorites. He’s imposing, temperamental, powerful, and foolish. He wants what he wants, and doesn’t stop until he gets it. He leaves a trail of women in his wake, which is why this song reminds me of him. “I am afraid that there’s much to be afraid of, here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t end up in the gutter just like the one before you, it’s such a shame. You’re such a loser.” He loved them, until he didn’t.

source: BBC

Bad Boyfriend

While we all wait anxiously for season 4 of Billions, I have been reflecting on just how bad a boy Bobby Axelrod truly is. At the start of season 1, and even through season 2, I kinda admired the guy. He could be terrible, but he could also be great. For me, by season 3, he was heinous, almost unrecognizable. The loyal family man has melted away, and the biker jacket wearing bad boy is back in full effect. “you’ve got the women all waiting in line, I’m not asking you to make up your mind.” He’d break your heart, but it certainly would be fun while it lasted, right?

Blood for poppies

While the song isn’t about poppies, or the military directly, just the title alone a bit of the imagery the lyrics creates reminds me of the chaos of war, and of one of Damian’s most famous roles-that of Dick Winters in Band of Brothers. Shirley Manson has said that the lyrics are about “maintaining sanity in an out-of-control place.”


The world is not enough

This track was the title of the 1999 James Bond movie. And we all have our dreams of Damian playing 007! I, myself, am not a big James Bond fan, but I think I’d make an exception if Damian got the role!

source: GQ

Cherry Lips

I really just love this song-I couldn’t head to the island without it! It’s fun, it’s rock and roll, and it makes me wanna get up and shake it! I know Damian has been known to cut a rug, and I think he’d have a great time bustin’ a move to this track!

#1 crush

This track was first released as part of the soundtrack for Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet. It was even nominated for best song by MTV in 1997! The connection to Shakespeare, and Damian being our “#1 guy” make me think of both Damian and our devotion to this blog and to!

1 book: The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama

This book changed my life. I read it back in 2002/2003, in the middle of a terrible relationship.  The person I was in the relationship with actually introduced me to it-and also cursed it when I mentioned the book as being part of my reason for leaving him!  To me, it was a book about empowerment, and finding your way to happiness even when life isn’t perfect or easy.

Luxury item-Tooth Brush!

I am taking the assumption that we don’t get to bring anything, so I’m bringing some hygiene with! How can I relax and have hours of conversation with my island mate while I have terrible breath?

Tough Cop Charlie

Speaking of my island mate, I am bringing Charlie Crews. He seems like the right kind of person for me to be trapped on an island with.  He likes to talk philosophy, so we could read my book together, he enjoys fruit so he’ll help find the best food for us, and we already know he’s a survivor!  I feel like he’s the most stable of any of Damian’s characters, and he’s also said it’s the character that is most like him.  And really, if I got to choose, I’d take Damian himself over any of the men he’s played. 🙂

I guess I’ll settle for my flat Bobby, for now

4 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs with Holliedazzle”

  1. Thank you Hollie for introducing me to your favorite band! I have never heard their music, but I see why you like it.

    You are spot on with your reasons for each song!

    And I just LOVE that photo of you in costume! Fabulous!

    Glad to have you back writing again!!

  2. I’m only happy when it rains! 🙂 Not too long ago BK was talking on Twitter with someone and Garbage was mentioned. I instantly inserted myself into the conversation to talk about “I’m only happy when it rains” to drop a hint for a track in Billions season 4. Doubtful, but hopeful. Love your DID. Thank you for sharing. <3

  3. Fantastic post! What a brilliant idea to bring your favorite actor and your favorite band together… and thank you for introducing me to Garbage! And as these songs remind you of Damian and the characters he brings to life, they also remind me of a few things:
    1. We really need to repost your “Damian Created a Monster” post which is a great observation about his Henry VIII
    2. Oh yes if there had been no Brody there would have been no Fan Fun. Can you imagine? 😀
    3. We’re in the same boat regarding 007. I am not a big fan, and I am torn about Damian playing the guy, but yeah I can make an exception for him, too!!!
    4. Our #1 crush has played Romeo on stage, in fact it is his first professional role ever on stage at Birmingham Rep! So yet another connection to “#1 crush”
    5. There is a long line for Charlie 😀 😀 😀

    I cannot agree more with you about Bobby Axelrod in earlier seasons and also in Season 3: Bobby being a family man has been the biggest attachment I have had to him and so Bobby, especially as a father, has been a huge disappointment for me in Season 3. Believe it or not, I am writing a post about it right now — coming soon!

  4. HollieD, what a trip to anther world! I’ve never heard of Garbage; they can do anything. Versatility embodied. Happy Home was my favorite (go figure) & your connection to Carrie & Brody was right on.
    Guess I’m alone in liking Bond films. Daniel Craig is the best one but I believe Damian could be up to the challenge.
    Seems like Charlie’s islands going to be crowded.
    BTW I’ve appreciated your work on the website. That’s a lot to keep up with and you do a great job.

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