Desert Island Discs with NotLinda

Welcome to my island! We haven’t got much but what we have is the best! I’ve always loved music so for my Desert Island I’ll have to have

  1. Bad to the Bone – George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers. Straight on Rock-n-Roll. I saw him everywhere I could in the SF Bay Area back in the day. Loong, crazy shows! Do you have to Axe which of Damian’s roles he brings to mind? “Leave this one alone! I can tell by lookin’ he’s bad to the bone!”

  1. I’m on Fire – Bruce Springsteen. THE sexiest song of all time. I can see Nicholas McGrade, Damian’s role in Colditz, dancing as London burns! He may be a “bad boy” but just as in Forsyth, he makes the other characters pale in comparison. Nights can be chilly on this island and afternoons long; might could use a fire. “Oh, oh, oh I’m on fire!”
  1. Wicked Game – Chris Isaak. My best friend and I followed him around clubs in the Bay Area. Major fangirls. Later this became my Brody/Carrie anthem. The dark side of their using, playing, lying relationship.”I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you and I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you””

4. Every Breath You Take – Scala & Kolacny Brothers Belgian Womens Chior. I first heard this masterpiece in the Showtime trailer for season two of Homeland. The entire song is available on YouTube. From the pianissimo to the crescendo to decrescendo it takes you on passionate journey. Like the best romances do.

  1. Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars. Gotta dance and Damian loves to dance! “If you don’t believe me, just watch!” Watch Damian dance Gangnam-style on a video from the Jonathon Ross Show.
  1. Expecting to Fly – Buffalo Springfield. A moving song of love, loss and pain. “I tried so hard to stand as I stumbled and fell to the ground. So hard to laugh as I fumbled and reached for the love I found knowing it was gone.” William Keane knows this. I know this. The fully orchestrated version is lovely but look on YouTube for Neil Young with just his guitar accompanying. Try not to cry.
  1. Who Do You Love – Bo Diddley. I’m a fan of men. Damian can play sensitive or scared or playful but you can never forget he’s a strong man. Spelled m-a-n Oh, wait that’s a different song. No cheating.
  1. Tell It Like It Is – Neville Brothers. “I’m nothin’ to play with. Go and find yourself a toy” Sometimes we’ll slow dance and talk. My companion is truthful and soulful.

Favorite Track – I’m On Fire  Geez choosing 8 is tough; this is impossible but I came to play.

Favorite Book – Got to be The Goldfinch.

Luxury Item – Solar powered TV with Wi-Fi.

Damian Character – really? Brody. The man who’s standing on Carrie’s doorstep. Worthy and ready for redemption.

(Now I’m going to have to help him get over Damianista’s rejection on top of all the rest!)

Of course on our golden isle we are forever 42 years old!

8 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs with NotLinda”

  1. Thank you, Lady! Damianista made it look so good, As she would say it’s all her to blame! Looking at it this morning I thought This woman really has the blues (in the good way). Also except for the choir it’s all Americans. Thanks again for your kind support.

  2. Loving this NotLinda. Wicked Game is one of my all-time fave songs. And I had only heard The Police/Sting’s version of Every Breath You Take until now, so thank you! I love me some Bruno…he makes everyone want to dance, doesn’t he? Uptown Funk and 24K are my favorite Bruno tracks. So glad you played DID!

  3. I’m in love with your list! Thank you so much for sharing!!!! I have never seen “Every Breath You Take” as part of a trailer for Homeland Season 2… probably because I binged the first two seasons back to back and then spent the summer of 2013 waiting for any hint about Season 3… just to be devastated in the end… But if Brody had not died, I would probably never have thought of launching a blog for Damian Lewis, so maybe everything happens for a reason after all!!!! And I LOVE Wicked Game — it brings back high school prom memories! But also Billions S3 E11 opened with that song in Nusr-et Steak House in NYC, well, that was SOME scene!!!! That guy has become a celebrity in the US overnight thanks to the power of social media!

    Brody will be okay with me not taking him to the island! So funny we will all be 42 on the island — perfect age. Some people love their 20s or 30s, I love 40s sooooooo much for several different reasons so 42 will be perfect. ps. I met Damian for the first time when I was 42 — what a crazy trip that was to Cheltenham, UK of ALL PLACES — so it makes perfect sense! :)))

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