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I am an immigrant. I moved to the US for graduate study in late 1990s. My husband and I, having finished our PhDs, moved to New York in 2001, only weeks before September 11, for our first jobs. The city has since given me so much in so many different dimensions and defined me as an individual: a foodie, a film buff, a theatre lover, a feminist, a wine snob, a runner and more… Even though we moved to the South five years later for new jobs, we could not give up on New York. We still have a tiny apartment on the Upper West Side and we enjoy the city as part-time New Yorkers 😀

And as I mentioned a billion times before, Billions is a dream show for me not only because my favorite actor is in it, but also because New York, from its landmarks to its city parks and to its quirky shops, appears as a cast member in the show! As someone who feels the only home she has in the world is the city that never sleeps, I particularly love it that Billions is taking over New York, the BIG film studio that it is, and shooting all over the place, from Manhattan to Queens to Brooklyn to The Bronx to Long Island and to northern suburbs. So I have put together this Billions Season 3 Location Guide as a loving tribute to my most favorite place on earth and a heartfelt thank you to the show creators for writing a love letter to the city.


ps. If you think I am missing a location in Season 3, please let me know and I will be very happy to add it to the list.

Episode 1: Tie Goes to the Runner

The new season introduces two surprising relocations! It is not just that the newly single Bobby Axelrod has moved from Westport to New York living in an incredibly luxurious penthouse but Axe Capital has now relocated to Manhattan as well!

Sky Lofts Glasshouse Penthouse 

As much as I have known that sky is the limit in New York Real Estate I never knew how high the sky could be! Well, a little bit of research about Axe’s “bachelor pad” Axe lives in Billions Season 3 reveals that the top-of-the-line penthouse was on sale a few years ago.

Here is the description from the real estate listing:

“Masterful design and modern luxury are uniquely embodied in this 4 bedroom 4.5 bath Duplex Penthouse with a 4500 SF wraparound terrace atop Sky Lofts Condominium. This one-of-a-kind glass house, created by NY architect James Carpenter who designed 7 World Trade Center, is sheathed in high-performance, museum-quality insulated glass atop an historic Art Deco loft building in the heart of Tribeca. The sun and temperature-controlled glass envelope of its 7500 SF interior was tastefully designed with the top art collector in mind. Unobstructed 360 views from this penthouse are truly unparalleled, and include vistas of the Freedom Tower, Empire State Building and Hudson River.

Highlights include Lutron light and shade systems, heated bathroom floors, concrete first-level and hallway floors, teak wood bedroom flooring, troweled plaster walls and ceilings, artwork display lighting, hidden mechanicals, a climate-control system, high-tech security system, and spacious corner rooms that overlook the city. Entertain in grand style in the 42′ x 21′ living room graced by 22′ ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace (1 of 3 in the home) surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling plain-sawn cherry wood hearth, and a perfect Freedom Tower view.

The top-of-the-line chef’s kitchen is clad with premium finishes and fixtures including custom white lacquer cabinets, bluestone counters and professional-grade appliances.

Sliding glass doors in the dining area showcase views while opening up the home to even more light and air. Spill out to the awe-inspiring terrace which can be accessed from any room, where a fully-equipped outdoor stainless steel kitchen, sun deck, hot tub and private outdoor shower await.

Two dramatic stairways lead to the private bedroom suites, all boasting sleek en-suite baths, generous closets and wonderful views. The master bedroom is the ultimate retreat facing the Hudson River, complete with a spa-like onyx bath with a steam shower, Jacuzzi and sauna.”

It could be all yours for only $48M! 😀 😀 😀

And even if you cannot afford it, you can still take an exclusive tour of Bobby’s “bachelor pad” here 🙂

EOS Building

This 47-story glass tower in midtown Manhattan is supposedly housing the new Axe Capital Headquarters!

Please notice that even though we have seen the bird’s eye views of the building quite a few times in the show along with a few exterior shoots around the building like the one below, they do not shoot the interior scenes in the building but in a studio where they have created a spaceship-like Axe Capital!

Wang Chen Table Tennis

Bach finds Bryan showing off his ping pong skills at Wang Chen’s Upper West Side branch!

Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom

We find Chuck and company celebrating(!) the arrival of the new Attorney General Waylon “Jock” Jeffcoat at a reception at Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom.

Russian and Turkish Baths

Having served New York City since 1892, the facility features five saunas and steam rooms, a cold plunge pool, a roof deck, and a restaurant.  They also offer massage services and treatments.

And it is the perfect place for Wags and Taylor to take a field trip and talk somewhere without everyone coming at them 😀

Episode 2: The Wrong Maria Gonzalez

Bronx County Courthouse (Mario Merola Building)

This historic courthouse building was designed in 1931 and built between 1931 and 1934 in Art Deco style. The murals on the walls depict scenes from the Bronx history such as the landing of Jonas Bronck, George Washington in the Bronx, and Van Cortland Park.

We see Bryan and Dake arriving at the courthouse to find out what judge the wooden wheel will draw for United States v Robert Axelrod.

The East River Promenade

Chuck meets Wendy at the Promenade to give her the full description of the judge they need for the Ice Juice case 😀

Classic Car Club of Manhattan

We find Axe at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan, taking a good look at vintage cars as well as chatting with Mark Cuban, who does not want his money, as well his fellow hedge-funder Michael Panay, who wants his money to buy a vintage Cheetah together 😀

Nike Headquarters

The entrance to the stunning new Nike Headquarters stands in for the entrance to the stunning new Axe Capital Headquarters 😀 The new Nike Headquarters is in the EOS Building where the new Axe Capital offices supposedly are but has a separate entrance.

WNYC Transmitter Park

This is the original home for the WNYC public radio station’s twin antennas for broadcasting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. After WNYC moved its antennas elsewhere, the property sat unused until 2010 when they broke ground for WNYC Transmitter Park. Mayor Mike Bloomberg opened the park in 2012 as a local waterfront destination for Greenpoint and Williamsburg communities.

Axe meets with the New Halls at the recreational pier in the park to talk to them about how to solve a problem like Maria Gonzalez.

Episode 3: A Generation Too Late

Whitney Museum of American Art

Founded in 1931 by Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (1875–1942), and informally known as the “Whitney” this art museum focuses on 20th- and 21st-century American art with a particular emphasis on exhibiting the works of living artists. From 1966 to 2014, the museum was located on the Upper East Side. It relocated to its current location a new building designed by Renzo Piano in the Meat Packing District in 2015.

Axe meets Michael Panay, a fellow hedge-funder, at Whitney’s stairs to tell him there is a way to get out of the dire financial situation he is currently in.


A high-end jewelry store, founded in Milan in 1919, at the backroom of which Ira makes a “recession special” deal with Axe for $30M and gets a bonus engagement ring for Taiga, courtesy of Mr. Robert Axelrod.

Federal Building and Post Office

A beautiful example of Romanesque Revival architecture, this historic building was originally the Brooklyn General Post office. It is now the Downtown Brooklyn Station with the north addition housing the offices for the United States Attorney as well as the courthouse for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York.

We see bird’s eye views of the building followed by Dake, the interim United States Attorney for the Eastern District, and Bryan, conducting the Ice Juice investigation.

Amsterdam Avenue and 72nd Street

I never really list general neighborhoods. But, man, this is EXTRA SPECIAL since Billions shot a couple of scenes literally around the corner from my apartment in October and I was able to catch up with a certain hedge-funder on Amsterdam and 72nd Street! You can read my story here!

Episode 4: Hell of a Ride

New York City Marble Cemetery

One of the two oldest public non-sectarian cemeteries in New York City, NYC Marble Cemetery was designated as a city landmark in 1969. The cemetery has 258 underground burial vaults constructed of Tuckahoe marble on the site. And it seems Wags, who is determined to do death right, has reserved the last burial plot here for a bargain $350K (not possible in real life).

Among the notable people resting at NYC Marble Cemetery are James Henry Roosevelt, founder of the Roosevelt hospital, and James Lenox, co-founder of the New York Public Library and founder of Presbyterian Hospital, and John Lloyd Stevens, an archeologist that became pioneer in the study of Mayan culture. While it is generally closed to the public, the cemetery is open twice a year, on a Sunday in spring, and a weekend in the fall.

St Regis Hotel Roof Ballroom

Axe shows up at the venue for a reception held by World-Aid, a charity whose board he is sitting on, and meets Oscar Langstraat, whose plane runs on recycled corn oil, the same oil Axe’s masseuse uses, is worried about overheated Central Africa!

Morningside Castle

Oh this is our old neighborhood – Morningside Heights! The Morningside castle is a unique venue with old world charm and a popular place for weddings. It is a part of  Union Theological Seminary, an independent, non-denomination, Christian seminary affiliated with neighboring Columbia University.

The Morningside Castle stands in for Yale University where the class of 1968 is having their 50th reunion and presenting Chuck Senior a life achievement award. Chuck takes the stand to make a speech celebrating his dad’s life and accomplishments, yet his sentimental approach to steal Senior’s heart does not work!

Wempe Jewelers

Wempe Jewelers has been located on 5th Avenue since 1980 when the German-based watch and jewelry retailer decided to enter the US market. It has been located in the famous Peninsula building, across the street from the original location, since 1990.

We see Taylor at Wempe buying a Patek Philippe 5270R in Rose Gold, the perfect timepiece Craig Heidecker has been wearing, for $165K, as a tribute to their fallen hero.

Episode 5: Flaw in the Death Star

Lotos Club

Lotos Club is one of the oldest literary clubs in the United States and certainly Lawrence Boyd’s happy place next to his boat 🙂

Bryan meets Boyd in the Lotos Library at the Lotos Club, the exact same place Chuck meets him in Season 2 Episode 5 Currency. However, while Chuck convinces Boyd to cooperate with him, Bryan cannot convince the man to cooperate with him and take down Chuck!

Republic Airport

Republic Airport is a regional airport in Babylon, Suffolk County on Long Island.

The New Halls find Axe, who is about to leave for a trip to Bay Area, at the airport to let him know that the FBI is looking at Dr. Gilbert!

Fort Tryon Park

A  public park located in the Hudson Heights and Inwood (where Lara grew up!) neighborhoods of Manhattan with commanding views of the Hudson River, the George Washington Bridge, the New Jersey Palisades, Washington Heights, Inwood, the Bronx and the Harlem River. 

Once his flight is cancelled due to the wind breakers looking at Dr. Gilbert, Axe joins the new Halls in finding the good doctor as the latter is enjoying his favorite pastime, bird photography, at the park!

145 Hudson Street Parking Garage

Dollar Bill does pull his pants off for a “Strip or Retire” in front of Axe’s personal garage directly below his luxurious penthouse.

Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Central Park

Bethesda Terrace is considered the heart of the Central Park, my most favorite place on earth.

source: Damianista

The Bethesda Fountain, the gorgeous focal point of the Bethasda Terrace  is one of the largest fountains in New York, measuring twenty-six feet high by ninety-six feet wide. The  statue at the center, Angel of the Waters, was the only sculpture to have been commissioned as a part of Central Park’s original design. Emma Stebbins, who designed the statue in 1868, became the first woman to receive commission for a major work of art in the city of New York.

source: Damianista

While Axe finds Dr. Gilbert at Fort Tryon park, Chuck chooses to meet the good doctor in the middle of the night at the Bethesda Terrace.

Episode 6: The Third Ortolan

Marcus Garvey Park

Chuck ruins Bryan’s lunch on Mount Morris Park West bordering Marcus Garvey Park just to find out he will pay a visit to Chez Rhoades that afternoon 😀

Duane Street (close to Greenwich Street)

source: Damianista

Axe gives Lara, who seems to have shopped at Stella for new linens, a heads-up that he is considering to take the plea and go to prison.

Episode 7: Not You, Mr. Dake

I am very good at finding locations in the five boroughs but it becomes a challenge when Billions leaves the city 😀  One location of interest in this episode is the place standing in for Nova Scotia where Axe visits Hall!

I am pretty sure they did shoot it somewhere in New York State but I do not know whether and how much of the scene is digitally made. Please let me know if you have any idea what this place is!

UPDATE 06/26/2018: Well, who knew our wonderful reader and friend Connie was a lighthouse expert? Connie has figured that the lighthouse in the scene seems to be Peggys Point Lighthouse in Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia, which shows us the show creators, as always, have kept the authenticity. Given that the Peggys Point Lighthouse stands alone, it is likely they have done some movie magic to make the background look like Nova Scotia!

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse in Nova Scotia

Episode 8: All The Wilburys

Stella Tower

Stella Tower was built by Ralph Walker, a prolific American architect whom Frank Lloyd Wright praised as “the only other honest architect in America.” The building, photoshopped a bit for the show, is a stand-in for Devon & Maker, a safe storage place for Todd Krakow’s Dutch Masters which his young wife cannot fit into their post-modern DC townhouse with their De Sede couch.

Jaguar Land Rover Manhattan

Axe buys a Land Rover as a token of appreciation for his CIO taking care of the company while he was away. Well, Taylor will certainly look good in it up in Hudson on weekends 🙂

Park Lane Hotel

Wendy finds Chuck Senior in a bathrobe, and I bet he has taken the pill, in his hotel room to tell him that he may want to think twice before he fucks with her next time.

Episode 9: Icebreaker

Nassau Coliseum

Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, also known as the Nassau Coliseum, is a multi-purpose indoor arena used for sporting events, concerts, large exhibitions and shows as well as trade shows. The Coliseum used to be the home for the New York Islanders (hockey) and New York Nets (basketball) both of which currently play at Barclays Center in Brooklyn now. The venue is now the new home of the Brooklyn Nets’ NBA G League team, the Long Island Nets.

Axe meets Grigor Andolov for the first time at the Coliseum as the latter is playing hockey with the New York Islanders, a team he is considering to buy!

Episode 10: Redemption

Sportime, Randall’s Island

We find Axe playing tennis with Maria Sharapova of all people at Sportime! This is arguably the largest and finest tennis facility to open in New York in the past 30 years and, moreover, it is the Manhattan home of the John McEnroe Tennis Academy.

Episode 11: Kompenso

Seaglass Carousel

A carousel like no other commemorating the original NYC Aquarium. Each of the 30 massive fiberglass fish is custom designed, internally illuminated with color-changing LED light fixtures and outfitted with integrated audio systems creating a real underwater atmosphere. A ride on Seaglass, oh yes adults can ride, too, will make you feel like a kid again and put a smile on your face. Guaranteed!

This is THE place where Taylor “programs” Wendy so that the latter goes and convinces Axe to put them back on the raise team…

…And, hey, Wendy is right, you feel like a mermaid here! Look at me! 😀

Episode 12: Elmsley Count

Foot Heaven

Chuck meets State Attorney General as the latter is giving his feet the heavenly massage they deserve 🙂

Citi Field

The air smells of money as McLarens, Aston Martins, Bentleys and such arrive at the home of the New York Mets. Spartan-Ives is having Capital Introduction Day where hedge funds share their ideas to capture whatever they can of the $30 billion out there to be invested.

Cutting Room

Classy yet funky concert venue that offers table service in the theater and bar in front.

As Axe is thrilled to announce on stage they have raised $6 billion and that Axe Capital is all the fucking way back with shout outs to Wags, Wendy and Taylor. As he yells Hold Steady to take it away, he has no fucking idea about what will hit him in the morning 😀 HUGE thanks go to Kelly AuCoin for helping me to figure out the venue!

28th Street 1 Train Subway Station

Ben Kim gets out of 28th Street Subway Station to find Taylor waiting for him to make an offer! I LOVE it how realistic they choose the locations in Billions: This subway station is one of the closest to the EOS Building supposedly housing new Axe Capital Headquarters in the show!

114 East 95th Street

Beware, residents on the block! Grigor Andolov does not only think a brownstone is not home without quilts on the bed and healing crystals in every window but he also thinks it does not feel home unless he owns the entire block! Here is Axe and Hall leaving Andolov’s house talking about his offer about pest control!

Hope you pick and choose and take your own Billions tour in New York City and beyond and give us feedback! And in case you missed our locations guide for Season 1 and Season 2 you can check them out here and here.

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  1. What an interesting entry Damianista! Now I probably have mentioned before that I am not a city person. Shouldn’t say I HATE them, but the feeling is almost that intense. Too much concrete, glass, etc.. I am a mountain, lakes, oceans, rocks, trees….etc. anything in nature person. I have to walk out of my house and hit grass and lots of it, immediately. However, I can’t imagine anyone could have covered the Billions NYC locations better! Must add that my husband absolutely loved New York City, so were he still alive I think he would have really appreciated all your efforts. The only city I like to visit is Washington DC. Now that I have that out of the way, I can try to find out that location that was a stand in for Nova Scotia. There was a lighthouse in the background on the right and lighthouses are more up my alley. Hubby and I got to as many as possible on the East Coast over the years. Each is unique so maybe I can find that one in one of my books. Will let you know if I do, although of course it could have been photoshopped in which would negate my efforts.

    1. “I can’t imagine could have covered the Billions NYC locations better.” YOU HAVE JUST MADE MY DAY, CONNIE! THANK YOU!
      It is no secret NYC is my happy place so I had enormous fun putting this guide together. I completely understand your husband’s feelings for the city, because I love it so much, maybe because I myself grew up in a city and still, after 22 years in America, I have not been able to get used to suburban living and all that driving 😀 I have to get out of my house and hit the shops immediately 😀 My husband is exactly like you though. He loves living surrounded by trees, squirrels and deer. So I think going back and forth between New York City and North Carolina, we have a good balance!

      Oh it would be MARVELOUS if you were able to figure out the lighthouse. You are right though: The background could certainly be photo shop and they have Canadian flags, too, in the background even though they are probably shooting in New York state somewhere. Please let us know if you have a clue. Cheers!

      1. OK, I dragged out all my coffee table lighthouse books and checked the 30+ entries for New York. None match the one pictured with Axe in Nova Scotia. Assuming the showrunners continued with their work on authenticity, I checked some in Nova Scotia. Google Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. I am 99% sure that’s it. No two lighthouses, at least on the Atlantic Coast, are identical and Peggy’s Cove’s matches on a couple of counts. First of all, the number and placement of the windows and the configuration of the housing at the top, specifically the “lip like” shaping which is not present in any other I’ve either seen myself or found in pictures. However Peggy’s Cove LH is on a very rocky coast, but who knows what is around other angles than the usual photo. Maybe they actually filmed in NS or more likely used a photo of an NS lighthouse to be accurate. I’m guessing it could be done in some way to make it look like it was actually in that setting with Axe.

        1. BINGO! You’re amazing, Connie! I will add it to the post tomorrow with proper thanks to you! NotLinda is absolutely right, you could be a GREAT detective!

  2. So much to see and do! Thanks for the tour, Damianista. I’m especially glad this post was in my inbox for me this am,

    1. You are very welcome, I had so much for putting the tour together myself, and I’m so glad to hear the subscription is now working!

  3. I have been waiting for this post all season long!! I still say we should do a “Billions” tour with like minded fans! I intent to make it my business to get to as many of these locations this summer/fall and take a photo of me there! That could be a post in its self!! Thank you for all the amazing research!! It’s almost like a treasure hunt!!

    1. Thank you! I have enormous fun figuring out all these places, some very easy and some very challenging! I love it that you call it almost a treasure hunt because it certainly is!

  4. Such a great job with this! One location I can’t figure out is the bar (or pub) that Connerty & Sacker go to in the last episode – anyone have any ideas? They’ve gone to that location before in other episodes, it’s kind of the attorney hangout bar.

    1. Thank you for reading! NYC is my favorite place on earth so I have enormous fun putting the locations guides together!
      We list all the restaurants and bars in our dining guide:
      That said, the pub we have seen Bryan and Kate hanging out at is the ONLY place I have not been able to figure out this season. If you figure out the place somehow, please please let me know and I would be very happy to add it to the post! Thanks!

        1. Thank you! I will check Barrow Street Ale House out to confirm. And if you tell me your name (it says anonymous) I would be very happy to give appropriate credit to you — I will add the information to our Season 3 Food and Drink Guide. Thanks so much again, now our Season 3 Food and Drink Guide is complete!

    1. Thanks Notlinda, maybe from my armchair, but I’d be a poor specimen of a detective if I had to hoof it anywhere.

  5. THIS. IS. SIMPLY. BRILLIANT!!! What an amazing piece of dedication and thoroughness! As a native New Yorker, I pride myself on being able to recognize movie exterior locations from their facade. Sometimes its obviously a set somewhere, or shot in another city… and other times I’m left scratching my head. Thank you for filling in the blanks on what is my favorite TV show and “new addiction” Kudos on the treasure hunt!

    1. THANK YOU! Your words make my day especially because they are coming from a native New Yorker! Thank you! New York is my happy place on earth and as much as it is sometimes a challenge to pinpoint the locations, I have enormous fun using the clues, and I am in love with the fact that our favorite show is also a love letter to the city from its landmarks to museums to sports venues… Brilliant!

  6. Brilliant indeed. I go to NYC often and try to see something new every time. You’ve given me quite a task. Sign me up for the tour.

    I haven’t been to Bethesda Terrace in many years. I’ll just say you had to duck the Frisbees while wearing bell bottoms. The Seaglass Carousel is just mind blowing. This one will be my first stop.

    Big smile that Kelly AuCoin assisted in your venue search. And how cool was it to have Damian around the corner? How long did it take to come off of that high?

    Off to read your season 1 and 2 guides.

    1. Hahaha it’s been some time since you’ve been to Bethesda Terrace One of my favorite places! I rode the Seaglass Carousel and highly recommend it – lots of fun! Well, finding out Damian just around the corner from our apartment was a highlight! Who is chasing who, I don’t know And Kelly is a real sweetheart!

      Thinking of neighborhood-driven or theme-driven Billions tours, Legal tours and Finance Tours and Food Tours haha now that would be fun huh? Thanks much for reading and as usual for your support Joyce!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!! It was so much researching and putting this together. I will definitely write about Taylor’s office in Season 4 locations guide. I think Taylor’s office will be one of the main locations in the new season.

      1. Yep Taylors office is a few blocks from my place in Brooklyn Heights. Also the last scene where Wendy was running was along the dumbo waterfront (eg not the west side highway as the trader said she went running along).

        Does anyone have the address for Chucks house? this is what I was searching for when I came across this page. Its supposedly in Brooklyn Heights but I don’t believe it is.

        1. Taylor’s office is a part of Empire Stores, isn’t it? Yes, Wendy was running along Dumbo waterfront, but it seems Bonnie lives on Manhattan. I use West Side Highway for running, too!
          Chuck and Wendy’s townhouse is in Prospect Park, I believe. But I all interior shots are done in studio as far as I know.

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