Damian Lewis is Pretty in Pink!

My husband and I run the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure every year. And we did it again this year. Look at us — we’re hilarious and proud! 🙂

source: Damianista
source: Damianista

I will give it to the guys at the Race for the Cure that some of them were so comfortable, including my husband, wearing pink as well as posing for pictures in pink. Still, it was inevitable for me to think about the guys’ never ending struggle with pink, arguably the girliest color of all.

Dunno. Is pink really girly? Or are we somehow made to think that way? And hey some guys can be really PRETTY IN PINK! 😀 

Exhibit A:

source: uproxx.com
source: uproxx.com

See what Damian Lewis says about PINK on Jonathan Ross Show in 2012:

“Well, Molly Ringwald could do it, I thought… you know…”

Why not, Damian?

Hey, I really love the ’80s touch to the conversation 🙂 And, I love the matching pink socks, too… Brilliant! And, by the way, it’s not just Molly… Elvis could do it, too 🙂

source: theartofmanliness.com
source: theartofmanliness.com

Ok. We’re talking PINK today 🙂

I just don’t understand why most men limit themselves to the so-called “manly colors” of black, grey and blue, and miss red, orange, yellow and, of course, the most controversial of all: PINK!

Pink is arguably the girliest color of all, and still a controversial color for men, and I argue it’s mostly because our minds are just trained that way.

Pink is reserved for girls, and, believe me, when you go to Baby GAP, you are almost not allowed to buy pink stuff for baby boys, they literally write “baby girl” on the pink pants or caps 🙂 Come on, this is too much! Where did this come from?

The Art of Manliness gives an explanation for how come we are wired as “Pink-is-for-girls/Blue-is-for-boys”:

“Around the turn of the century, books on infant development encouraged parents to distinguish their children’s gender from an earlier age, and manufacturers saw that there was more money to be made in producing sex-specific clothing; if parents had a girl and then a boy, they couldn’t hand down the first child’s clothing to the second, and would instead have to purchase a whole new wardrobe. In the midst of these two currents, and for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, adoption of the pink-for-girls/blue-for-boys rule became more universal.”

Smart marketing strategy, huh?

According to an article in Telegraph “pink during the 1920s was seen as the cousin of red; warlike and masculine, and with working class connotations. Pink seersucker suits were traditionally worn by the help during the summer months, and were later adopted as a kind of very elegant workwear by some upper-class New Yorkers.”

And, believe it or not, 1955 was the “peak year” for pink in men’s fashion!

source: theartofmanliness.com
source: theartofmanliness.com

So… maybe I should have really lived in the times of Mad Men 🙂

In my opinion, PINK looks good on men, it brings a subtle touch of softness and sensitivity. A man wearing pink is confident, and in touch with his emotions, in other words, he is my kind of man.

Here is Exhibit B for you 🙂


I am, of course, not in any way suggesting all guys should walk around in 50 shades of pink all the time! I am just saying that guys should also experience with color, and hey, showing a little bit of your soft and sensitive side is not a crime, believe me! Just saying!

And, Exhibit C: How more manly can PINK look? And, if this is not proof enough, what is? 🙂 Well done, Damian!

source: pinterest.com
source: pinterest.com

Finally, a close-up just to make my final point stronger 😀

Happy Weekend!

source: http://firthgal.livejournal.com/
source: http://firthgal.livejournal.com/

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3 thoughts on “Damian Lewis is Pretty in Pink!”

  1. Okay, want to hear something funny? I was Googling “Damian Lewis pink” and the VERY SAME photo of you and your husband came up but I didn’t recognize you and I thought to myself “Wonder why that photo pulled from the search engine? Oh well.” And now here I discover why! LOL There must not be a lot of pink photos of our ginger because I used 3 of the 4 same photos in today’s Twitter #NationalPinkDay! 🙂

    1. Yeah, Damian is absolutely much more of a “blue” guy than a “pink” guy. And I don’t have complaints since “blue” looks amazing on him. When I think about it now, he usually wears different shades of blue, some green. He certainly wears white shirts. And he has a purple Darth Vader tshirt… but he does not really wear reds, oranges, yellows… does he?

      So funny our picture comes up in the search – HILARIOUS! Another mystery uncovered 😀 😀 😀 Happy #NationalPinkDay!

      1. I tweeted the purple Darth picture of him on Star Wars day #MayTheFourthBeWithYou. Yes, he sticks with the blue, green, gray, black color hues.

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