Damian Lewis Fandom Has No Borders: Claudette, Florence, Mina, Rakel, and Vincienne’s Stories

Hello everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

We have five short and sweet fan stories today attesting to a wonderful fact we know and love: Damian Lewis fandom has no borders! Claudette is from the US, Florence is from Taiwan, Rakel is from Spain, Mina is from Iran (she was extremely quick to detect my real first name is Persian!) and Vincienne is from Malta. And while they may be from different geographies and cultures they all fell in love with one particular character:

Nicholas Brody.

Without further ado, we give you their lovely stories. Thank you, ladies! Here’s to many more years of sharing Damian love together!


I loved Damian Lewis in Homeland… so much so that I cannot watch the show without him.

source: showtime

The universe smiled on me and gave me Billions. It’s impossible to love him more. An actor with a distinct British accent who can act without that accent detected is true to his craft of acting.  Plus, he is sexy as hell he has a beautiful form.


l read the brilliant analysis of the TV series Homeland you wrote with your team, and then started to be a Damian Lewis’ fan. The more I read the insightful analysis you wrote, the more I enjoy watching Damian Lewis’ acting. Homeland, I watched six 6 times! Billions, I watched five times! Thank you for your contribution. I’m sorry that I don’t have any dramatics story to tell you, and I can’t wait to read more wonderful articles about Billions season 2 you will write. Maybe they’ll mention more Taiwanese food and whiskey next season season 🙂

Wish you and your team all the best.


Hey there! Actually the first time I saw this handsome gentleman was like 4-5 years ago when I was watching The Forsyte Saga, I liked him then but after watching Homeland I really adored him and I became a real fan, I was so damn sad when I saw that they killed Brody in the third season because i still wanted to see that face.

source: salon.com

When they brought him back in that scene of the season four I just suddenly screamed because I was so excited! And believe me I’m just looking forward and hope to see Brody again and they bring him back with some magic …

source: imdb.com

Then a few months ago I saw the Band of Brothers and I think it has the best scenes about world war two it was really stunning, and I started to saw this series just for the love of Damian Lewis I heard that he is in a new series now but wasn’t that lucky to catch it yet… so it was the way I became a fan of this lovely guy….He is so adorable and special….god bless him.


I met Damian Lewis thanks to Homeland… My favorite series … I fell in love with the character of Brody from the beginning… And I was tempted to leave the series when he died …

After Homeland, I watched Band of Brothers… From there… I got hooked on every movie he was in… from Colditz to Chromophobia to The Situation to The Baker… I loved Keane … and the romantic Queen of The Desert…. I have to start watching Billions more thoroughly when the stress of my work and my children and my husband allow me 😀 


copyright: Vincienne

I am not a person who like watching films, I can read for hours and get excited about the story believing it is real and that the characters are real but not in front of a screen. I heard people discussing seasons and couldn’t understand why they liked them so much until a relative told me you like to read so much so you must start watching for example Homeland which she thought I would love. After a week reluctantly I started watching Homeland and I think I felt in love with Brody, he really made me believe it was real and he is the first red head I ever liked.

His face expressions are extremely natural and sometimes I watched the same part several times. I will absolutely watch more of his acting cause I really like him so much. He is very talented.

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15 thoughts on “Damian Lewis Fandom Has No Borders: Claudette, Florence, Mina, Rakel, and Vincienne’s Stories”

  1. Thank you for sharing your stories ladies. It is great to hear from so many places in the world, proving Damian is indeed an international star. Also thanks to this team for keeping the Damian ball rolling, even as we are forced to endure this ginger drought. Billions season three cannot come soon enough for me!

  2. Fandom has stories from everywhere, I enjoy reading them while having breakfast. I do agree with the point that Homeland would never be the same without Brody. I dont feel so bad now that I see that there are people who have watched the series as many times as I have. I usually get a new friend in the Billions or Homeland zone (now more recently into Life), and I say, let’s get a cocfee and watch some series 😉

    1. It is fabulous that we may be from different geographies and cultures but we all speak the same language when it comes to Damian! I am grateful to Brody not only for changing my life forever but also for all beautiful friendships I have gained in the last (almost) three years. And your lovely story is coming up in a few weeks, too. I did not know the fan story project would get this popular when we started it, but we were able to have it run for one whole year. I am proud of this fandom!

  3. Hallo Ihr lieben Gleichgesinnten !!
    Manchmal braucht es keiner vielen Worte.
    In den kleinen FAN-Geschichten ist alles gesagt, was man als FAN von Damian sagen muss. Es fühlt sich so gut an, wenn man liest, wie er aufgrund seiner Menschlichkeit und seines Könnens, welches meiner Meinung nach, von seiner starken positiven Kraft ausgeht, so sehr verehrt wird. Es gibt einfach Menschen auf dieser Erde, die etwas mehr zu sagen und zu geben haben. Zumindest mehr für die allgemeine Menschheit und nicht nur im engen Kreis unserer Familien und Freunde.
    Es ist einfach nur schön und deshalb die allerherzlichsten Grüße aus Deutschland !!

    Google Translate:

    Hello your dear like-minded ones !!
    Sometimes nobody needs many words.
    In the little FAN stories everything is said what one must say as FAN Damian. It feels so good to read how he is so much revered for his humanity and his ability, which in my opinion is based on his strong positive power. There are just people on this earth who have something more to say and to give. At least more for the general humanity and not only in the narrow circle of our families and friends.
    It is just beautiful and therefore the warmest greetings from Germany !!

    1. I could not have said it better myself! “Sometimes nobody needs many words. In the little FAN stories everything is said what one must say as a FAN of Damian.” Big thanks go to Damian for the inspiration and to all of you for being here! This community enriches my life beyond my wildest dreams. THANK YOU <3

  4. Wow! An international feast of friends! I’m happy there is still much Brody love out there; it’s less than a year since I met him. I still feel so strongly and have much to say! I am sometimes thinking “It’s been 6 years, who wants to talk about Brody?”
    So greetings to Claudette, Rakel, Mina and Vincennes!

    1. An international feast of friends indeed! I LOVE IT!!!!! The first wave of fans came with Dick Winters. The second, and I believe bigger and more international, wave of fans came with Homeland. It may be 6 or 16 years and I know we will still talk about Brody. I thank him for changing my life forever and for these wonderful friendships I have made in the last three years thanks to the blog.

  5. Thank you for the sincere stories, ladies!
    And, hey Florence, no worries about the dramatic stories. 😉 Being caught by Brody is a DRAMATIC experience for 10 lives!
    And yes, thanks to the great team here whose analyzes and fan fiction are just brilliant, we can ‘let off some steam’. 🙂

    1. Thank you! And especially for your comment “Being caught by Brody is a DRAMATIC experience for 10 lives.” I sometimes need to hear such word to believe once more that I am not as crazy as I think I am 😀 Big hugs!

      1. You’re definitely not crazy. I’m quite familiar with your concerns. Moreover, Damian himself is sometimes slightly ironic about all that Brody-obsession. I can imagine how annoying that can be. 😀 – The risks of the profession… 😀 I can spend ages thinking about Brody’s influence. I don’t think even the creators had an idea of how this character would impact people’s minds. They certainly have done some researches on the moods and attitudes of the potential viewers etc, but the topic is risky. Brody is a very subversive character. The whole thing is subversive. This could be repulsive for some more conservative viewers and a real slap in the face of those with prejudices. As I began watching the series, a lamp lit up in my brain: “Ha, these guys have put a Trojan horse into the mainstream! It will be FUN!” Watching the development of character (especially in season 1), and how Damian with such an ease and just as if it is a kid’s play, binds together with every layer of Brody’s person, making him more and more straightforward, appreciated and beloved in every f**king messy situation that the script requires, was a mind blowing feast. Throughout my feast I thought and rejoiced: “OMG they really hit the jackpot by casting that handsome!” This, along with the incredible chemistry between Brody and Carrie, which I think is largely chemistry between Damian and Claire, is a golden chance that rarely happens.
        Anyway, Brody is such a MAGNETIC one so if I hadn’t realized yet at the first moment of our meeting (as you know I met them both – Brody and Damian at the same time 😀 ) that I’m actually MAD about Damian, after “grand finale” I’d be dead and gone. Now I’m just sick and broken as Carrie is. It’s not the most sober affair, but it’s good to know that your beloved is not hanged and he does well 😀 And even if we’re crazy who cares !!! Lucky Fellow said it best. Bigger hugs!!!

        1. What you have just said is the best: “And even if we’re crazy who cares!!!” YES. WHO CARES????? WE DON’T! Love you <3

  6. Claudette – I cannot watch Homeland without Damian Lewis either. I read an article where he discusses that beautiful form of his, which he referred to as a coat hanger.

    Florence – Whoo hoo! You’re a Billions five-timer. I think I’m a four-timer. Unless you count the time I watch just the Damian parts, than I’m a five-timer.

    Mina – Soames is in my top 5 favorite Damian Lewis characters. He was fabulous in Forsyte Saga.

    Rakel – I have to watch Billions more thoroughly many times over. I catch something new each time.

    Vincienne – I reluctantly watched Homeland, too. I wasn’t on the Brody bandwagon in the beginning, but I sure am now and Damian is my first redhead as well.

  7. The protagonist’s attitudes have already caused a lot of dislike, now in the scene of chapter 7 of season 4 it was impossible not to be moved when she “decides” to believe that Brody is alive: a mixture of relief, happiness and vulnerability …. She wanted to to believe it too when realizing the extent of Carrie’s pain, from her great loss and remorse, it was really cruel to see her lose him a second time. It is also impossible to miss the density and the ever-present tension of the scenes between these two characters / actors with their duel / link visible, even though accepting the decision, Brody’s absence left us orphans, yes, of this great quality. I was in favor of her brief “return”, served to personify the protagonist’s emotionally stunned, served to show the power of her presence / absence, served to honor the most emblematic complex character of the series. In short: epic episode.

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