When they had some time to kill, Brody was there to help: Lina and Breni’s Stories

Hi everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a new Fan Story Tuesday!

We celebrated Homeland’s birthday yesterday and shared with you our own stories about how this show basically changed our lives. And, today, we are bringing you fan stories from two wonderful fans who have joined the fandom earlier this year. Both Lina and Breni, exactly like most of us on this blog, came to the fandom via Homeland, and exactly like us, were mesmerized by Damian’s fantastic portrayal of Nicholas Brody. And the rest is history! We thank them for sharing their lovely stories with us all and for their constant and kind support to Fan Fun. Cheers!


copyright: Lina

I was forced by illness to endure a month of idleness in January 2017. How much can you read when a week has gone by with no change in circumstance? Time for a binge watch! I read a review of season six (and not a positive one) of Homeland and thought I’d give season one another try. Yes I’d watched an episode in real time but I couldn’t tolerate how oddly Claire Danes behaved. I know, I know bi-polar! So I got it this time.

By The Weekend I was enthralled by Q&A I was in love! I watched a couple of episodes a day; I watched on my iPad in bed, all the way to The Star. This was a serious actor in a serious role. Damian Lewis is a beautiful man. The character he created was alive to me. There is a moment with Jessica where she says “Carrie knows everything” and Brody does almost a double take. Damian shows him about to lie AGAIN and choose not to. In one second. It’s masterful and moving.

Now I watch Billions on the current end in order to keep up with you ladies! And on the back end just ’cause. There’s much for me to admire but no one to like in the show. I get to see Damian perform always a plus.

I watch Homeland to catch glimpses of Brody. There’s been a few lately, eh, ladies? Wink and nudge ( – ; That Brody died for the Iran nuclear deal is a proposition I, personally, choose to ignore.

Damianista’s note: Some of you “met” Lina earlier on the blog thanks to her wonderful Homeland Fan Fiction that we were thrilled to publish. In case you missed it, you can read it here. It is GOOD!

I watch Life. It’s clearly part of the detective with a hook trend fashionable in it’s time but again Damian Lewis. 
So for me, yeah, its about Brody. Thank you, Damian Lewis!

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copyright: Breni

So here’s my story…

Imagine it’s summertime, when there is practically nothing to watch on tv.  I say…hmmm.  Everyone talks about how good Homeland is. I think I’ll watch it.  I work from home and it’s particularly slow in July with clients taking family vacations. I literally watched Seasons 1-3 in 3 days.

source: showtime

Well, almost all 3.  I have to admit, I almost didn’t watch the end of Season 3.  I was so anxious to see what happened that I read spoilers.  Let me tell you, I was pissed they were killing him off. I told my husband that I refused to watch it anymore.  I couldn’t imagine watching Nicholas Brody die. I ended up pushing through and finishing it. I do believe I mourned the loss of his character for several days!

Carrie and Brody’s relationship sparked something in me. I am a wife and mother from North Carolina.  I have two small children (2 & 5).  Anyone who has had small children knows how your marriage can suffer a bit with all the changes and intensity of caring for little human beings.  Hey, we are just trying to keep them alive. 🙂 The on screen love between the two characters reminded me of what things used to be like and how I wanted to bring it back!  So thank you Nicholas Brody  🙂

source: showtime

Seriously though, I just wanted to share how full of admiration my heart is for his incredible talent. We are so fortunate he is willing to share it with the rest of the world.

I recently read a piece online where he stated how important bedtime was for his children. As a certified child sleep consultant, I was so thankful he shared that with his fans. I cannot even begin to imagine how hectic his family’s schedule is. It’s truly inspiring to hear they make their children’s bedtime a priority!

Needless to say, I’m now watching everything I can get my hands on. I’m a little late to the game but I’m hooked!

Thanks for taking the time to read!

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8 thoughts on “When they had some time to kill, Brody was there to help: Lina and Breni’s Stories”

  1. Hi Breni! Carrie and Brody reminded me the importance of romance to my marriage as well. I truly related to what you were saying, haven’t heard it before. I know what you want, you have to bring. You can see I was late to the party as well! Fanfun is so good for those of us who missed the “water cooler” talk and media buzz, folks here are still interested in what was and in what’s to come!
    Check out CBeebies for Damian reading a kids book 🙂
    P.S. I’m halfway through Colditz right now. Oh and Keane,Keane, Keane!

    1. I enjoyed both your stories very much, thanks so much for sharing them with us! We were all late to the party, but, hey, better late than never! And, thank you so much, Lina, yes, we are still and will always ben interested in what was as much as in what is to come.

      Enjoy Colditz!

    2. I love him reading the children’s book. Can you imagine hearing him read to his children when they were growing up. How awesome that must have been

  2. Damian! Damian! Damian! Wow, is all I can say! I thought from all actors and actresses that I’ve seen were exceptionally talented but recently after watching HOMELAND over the past 3weeks (watched S1 to S3 The Star so far) I have come realise truly out of all those actors/actresses that you Damian Watcyn Lewis have to be my Top number 1 favourite actor! I’ve never ever seen such exceptional talent from an actor and, watching you act is moving, glorious and wonderful! You stole my heart, I felt I could relate to you in some way but not sure why! I came to find you brought a spark to the show and it will truly never be the same without you after THE STAR episode! I actually googled up episodes to find out a little bit more to do with HOMELAND to find you were killed off and for days realised this was to help me get through watching that particular episode! I was scared, petrified and emotional for you for that episode – infact for most episodes to be quite truthful – as you were brainwashed into doing these acts of sin! You lost your family, your life and the woman you fell in with who fell in love with you! Those final moments playing Nicholas Brody must have been heartbreaking for you. I felt your burden as I watched this. I cried as I watched this and am still in shock you are gone! You may have been broken in this show as was Carrie but this didn’t mean you had to lose your life! I felt for Carrie too. I could feel her pain as she knew she was going to lose you in The Star! I was so delighted she found you and got back with you in episode 11 and I was thrilled she told you she was expecting a baby with you . I’m just glad you knew this before you you left the show! But on the other hand, it must have been so hard knowing this exciting news before being hung! Missing you so much now in homeland because YOU MADE HOMELAND WHAT IT IS! But I know you will make an appearance in it later and it’s this that is helping me keep on watching the show. Why they couldn’t have you and Carrie “make it together” I don’t know as this would have shown viewers who are broken in real life that you can make a life together! I’m excited to say that I have ordered on DVD Band of Brothers, and plan to get other dvds of films and to shows you appear in because like I say you’ve stolen my heart! Keep up the amazing acting and look forward to seeing you appear in more things on tv. Love your dimples, smile and what a sweetheart that you are! A massive fan, Natalie Wallace xxx

    1. WELCOME to the fandom, Natalie! Wow, it should be intense to see all three seasons over three weeks!!!! What can I say? Brody changed my life. I was a normal woman attending to her own thing when Brody came along and turned everything upside down! I have become a Damian Lewis fan for life, and a blogger, too. Go, figure! :)))

      As you probably read the post under which you comment, so you should be aware of our Fan Stories series. We would LOVE to publish your fan story of how you became a Damian Lewis fan. And we so hope you see the rest of his filmography and come visit us often here, and keep your feedback coming! If you want to type your story up and send it to us, our email is allaboutdamian@gmail.com

  3. Welcome Natalie! Falling for Brody is an exhilarating and heartbreaking experience. Knowing there are other women who know that feeling is a real joy. Damian has a large body of good work for you to enjoy…… but there is no other Nicholas Brody.

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