“Discovering” Damian Lewis through His Better Half: Martina and Heather’s Stories

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Most of us joined Damian Lewis fandom after seeing him in one of his major roles such as Major Winters in Band of Brothers or Nicholas Brody in Homeland. Sure, there are others that “found” him in less likely situations, say, when he played Laertes to Ralph Fiennes’ Hamlet on Broadway 22 years ago or when he hosted Have I Got New for You! And, today, we have two fans who noticed our favorite actor through his better half, beautiful and ridiculously talented Helen McCrory! So, without further ado, here is Martina and Heather sharing with us how they became Damian fans through Helen. ENJOY!


How did I become a Damian Lewis fan? Honestly? Because I am a big fan of his wife! I started reading about Helen McCrory and I felt the need to find more about him since apparently everyone says he’s a great actor.

I remember reading something like “Such a talented couple!” on Penny Dreadful official page and so I started. The first thing I saw was “Life” since she’s in there too and many people recommend it and I absolutely loved it!

I think it’s quite underrated as a show and as far as I’ve read, badly treated by its network. Afterwards I saw Band of brothers, which is a masterpiece (and I’m not even a fan of war movies) and so on…

I haven’t seen Homeland yet but I will, I promise! I have to say that recently his performance as Antony in Julius Caesar really impressed me, I was left feeling so little.

I wish them both a long and successful career, they definitely deserve it!


This is my little story about how I became a Damian Lewis fan.

My husband was watching Homeland whilst I was busy watching Peaky Blinders, little knowing that my favourite character was Damian Lewis’ lovely wife, Helen McCrory.

Then I caught a glimpse of Damian in Homeland and thought, I adore this guy, how good is he? The acting was brilliant and I was jumping on Netflix between Peaky and Homeland.

source: Showtime

After that I searched to see what else I could find with Damian cast in and found ‘Billions’. And so it went on and then I found Wolf Hall where he portrayed  Henry VIII, and what a fitting King he was 🙂

source: BBC

I love the acting and how he can take on a role, instantly make it a success and one to remember. After making the connection with Ms McCrory being his very lucky wife, it’s a total bonus for me to watch them both.

I went to see The Goat at the Haymarket Theatre on April 22nd with my husband. I do enjoy going to the theatre if I get the chance. We had nice comfortable seats with a fairly good view of the stage. I was ready and I absolutely couldn’t believe it when Damian came on stage, nudging my husband and smiling to Kingdom come because I was actually seeing Mr Lewis in the flesh! Every outline of his face, every movement of that body was there right in front of me and I felt like a teenager with a crush!

The play was brilliantly done, all the actors were fantastic in their individual roles and Damian’s portrayal of a man in love with a goat, was so convincingly good, I almost felt sorry for him at the end when he lost her. I want more plays please Damian so I can make another trip to the theatre x

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9 thoughts on ““Discovering” Damian Lewis through His Better Half: Martina and Heather’s Stories”

  1. Martina-I couldn’t agree with you more about Life. Often underrated and caught in the cross-fire of the writer’s strike and the network. love, Love, LOVE me some Charlie Crews 🙂 Damian’s Homeland performance will blow you away IMO.

  2. Thank you, Martina and Heather, for sharing your lovely fan stories with us! I love it that you “discovered” Damian thanks to his better half. Helen is a fantastic actress and I feel so lucky to have been able to meet her — she is lovely and completely down to earth! I told her I was so happy to know Damian was married to a feminist because no man should have it easy 😀 And, believe me, I was not buttering her up or anything, I am a believer in feminist women making a marriage REAL for a man.

    I met” Helen before I “met” Damian because I am a Harry Potter fan and I also saw her in Skyfall but never knew the actress’ name until I “met” Damian in Homeland and started googling” Damian Lewis’ wife.” 😀

    1. Hi Damianista, thanks a lot! I would love to meet her cause I admire her so much! By the way, I still can’t fully recognize her as Narcissa, but they say the best actors are those who are able to transform completely and are hard to recognize, so… 😉

      I absolutely agree with you, no man should have it easy!

  3. These stories are so interesting! I’m one of Nick’s chicks so I caught up with Life after Homeland. Watching the series it suddenly dawned on me ” Oh that’s the witch-mother from Penny Dreadful!” I’d seen photos but never made the connection.
    You’ve not seen Homeland – oh I envy you. Nothing like the first time.
    Thank you for your stories!

    1. Hi itsnotlinda! Thanks a lot! I know what you mean, I will start Homeland very soon and I’ll probably come back here to write about it!
      About the witch-mother, she is simply amazing, I am amazed by her performance, evil can be so good!

      1. Hier soir sur Arte,il y a eu la diffusion de 3 épisodes de WOLF Hall,j’ai le DVD,mais cela a été le mème régal de revoir cette série!Damian est merveilleux,et grace a son talent il est difficile de détester ce Roi si cruel Monique

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