Summer Means Damian Lewis in Brides For Me and Here is WHY

“Niki, my darling, I thought about you all last night. That’s more or less how a love letter begins. Isn’t it, Niki? ” – Norman Harris

source: screencap
source: Screencap from movie

UPDATE 08/05/2019: It is THAT time of the year again 😀 While I have been living in the US for the last 23 years, I come back to my native Turkey every summer to visit my family. I am currently in Izmir, my hometown, enjoying my time with family, the food, the sun, and the blue waters of my beloved Aegean sea!

source: New York Times

And while in Izmir, I cannot help think of a Damian Lewis movie which, in fact, starts in Izmir! So, this re-post is sort of inevitable.

Well, have you seen Brides (Nyfes) yet?

Brides (Nyfes) is a 2004 movie directed by celebrated Greek Director Pantelis Voulgaris and starring Damian Lewis and Victoria Haralabidou in the lead roles. The movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2004, and won the Best Film Award at the Greek State Film Awards, a part of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2004. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

Damian Lewis and Victoria Haralabidou with Director Voulgaris at the Brides World Premiere, TIFF 2004

Brides is a subtle, sad and beautiful story of impossible love between Norman Harris, an American photographer, and Niki Douka, a Greek seamstress. It is also a moving tale of women that need to put tradition, duty and sacrifice before love. The central love story as well as the subplots resonate strongly with me; however, I choose to focus on Norman and Niki’s love story in this post.


It’s 1922. We first meet Norman in Smyrna, Turkey. I wrote about it earlier here but in case you missed it, I am from Smyrna, born and raised (Izmir in modern day Turkey): a beautiful city on Turkey’s West Coast with a rich Greek heritage that reflects itself in all ways of life which I LOVE.

So Norman is supposedly — they filmed the entire movie in Greece — in my hometown, with a camera in hand, calling a group of kids in Turkish:

“Cocuklar! (Hey, Kids!)”

May I just say it’s so sweet hearing Damian say a word in my native tongue? He plays with the children and ties a piece of cloth to a wish tree with them! We find out he is in Smyrna for work, taking war photos from the Greco – Turkish war. However, they find his photos “too artsy to publish” and so Norman, quite frustrated, sells his camera to a colleague and is ready to board on a ship that will take him back home to Detroit, and to his troubled marriage.

The ship S.S. Alexander that will take Norman to New York is full of “mail-order brides” going to America for arranged marriages, a little known, true event. These young women, some of whom are barely teenagers — Greek, Turkish, Russian, Armenian — marry pictures in front a priest or an imam and then board on a ship to go meet their new husbands in America.


One of these brides is Niki (Haralabidou), a young seamstress from Samothrace, a Greek Island in Northern Aegean Sea. She is one of seven cousins at marrying age  — all orphans who need to marry to survive financially and there are not a lot of men left for them to marry because of the on-going war. Niki’s family marries her older sister Eleni off to Prodromos, a Greek tailor in Chicago, and ships her off to Chicago for her new life. However, Eleni cannot stand life in America, cries day and night, and Prodromos sends her back… Now, the family, to save its honor, chooses Niki, a strong girl that they know will be able to survive and be a good wife to Prodromos, too. The only thing Eleni has to say about Prodromos is he is “a very honest man” and Niki’s response says it all: “Love is for idlers, Eleni. I can do without it.”

Now… I would LOVE you to see the movie and enjoy it so I don’t really want to give spoilers… But since I am dying to talk about this most romantic Damian Lewis character ever, I need to do some spoiling without giving the entire story away… So… if you don’t want to know anything, STOP reading here, go get a copy of Brides and read this review once you meet Mr. Harris!

Last chance to jump ship! 🙂


Well… Niki catches Norman’s eye before they board on S. S. Alexander. As he is killing time at a coffee shop waiting to board, Norman notices this young woman and gives her a look that all of us would want some guy to give us in our lifetimes 🙂 Even the military march being played at the moment — a constant reminder of the war and its consequences such as orphans, poverty and mail-order brides — cannot spoil the FIRST LOOK between the two of them. And I know that if you did not stop reading, you will stop reading once you see this scene and go and get a copy of Brides — guaranteed!

Norman is traveling first-class where as all 700 brides are in third-class. Now… Just because the movie has a first class and a third class passenger falling for each other, you may envision this love story a Titanic of sorts… Don’t! One of the first things you notice about Brides is the contrast between Hollywood and European Cinema in story telling… Brides is an art-house movie. It’s subtle. It’s slow. It’s quiet. It’s poetic. It’s a wonderfully shot and told LOVE story — love lived through looks, gestures and a few words only… And even though the movie does not have a love scene as we know it, it has some of the most poetic love scenes I have ever seen.

Once the ship sails, we see one of the most heart-breaking scenes in any movie. Hundreds of women taking a last look at what they are leaving behind for good…

source: screencap from movie
source: screencap from movie

It gives me the creeps just to stop for a second and think about what they must be feeling at that very moment. They all know for a fact they will never see this land again, and more importantly, they will never see their families again. They are young and so full of hope but then they don’t know what kind of a husband is waiting for them in America, either… And, hey, what is America anyway? Olga, a young Russian woman prays to God: “Make America beautiful. Make it look like Russia.” They must be so deeply scared. It’s a situation that is quite incomprehensible for most of us, isn’t it? However, arranged marriages in one form or another are still norm rather than exception in many parts of the world… It’s always been hard and it is hard and it will always be hard to be a woman in this world… Sigh. But yeah I was saying I would write about something romantic, right? 🙂

FIRST WORDS between Norman and Niki… Norman, frustrated with his work, is tearing his photos and throwing them to third class deck late at night. Niki tells him not to tear them down again. It turns out the only photo she has in her house is her father in his coffin and all the family around him. Many people have their only photograph when they are dead on her island. Norman is intrigued by this spirited, hard-working and stubborn young woman. He helps her take a sewing job in the first class. And Niki gives Norman his new project when he tells her he likes to take photos of things others pass over: Norman will now take pictures of the 699 young brides in their wedding gowns or in his own words “snow in summer!” Why 699? Because Niki says she does not need one.

source: screencap from movie
source: screencap from movie

The two spend time together. Norman gives Niki a book. She gives him black olives from her village. They talk about their parents. He shows her the magic of making photos. He finds out she has never got any love letters… They just can’t help falling for each other; yet, Niki is not a daydreamer… When a woman wants to read her “kismet” on her palm she goes: “No need. I know mine.” Niki does not dream about eloping with Norman, or her future romantic life with Prodromos. Her only dream is about nice fabrics, a lot of customers and a Singer Machine!


But even the strongest woman may lose control of her emotions when our Norman is concerned 🙂 As the two are standing on the deck looking at the stars, Niki tells Norman about her wedding dress and its travels across the Atlantic: “My godmother in ’99, my sister 1921, and me 1922. Back and forth.. Back and forth… Very unlucky dress.” She just sits down with her face in her hands… And they have their FIRST KISS. Well, it’s not real a kiss, but I  would absolutely call it so. See and decide for yourself!

Kiss or not, Niki now wants to “live here for a second” with Norman. She doesn’t just let him tie her shoe but take her photo in her wedding dress… and the two actors together create one of the most poetic scenes I have ever seen! It absolutely feels like their wedding day. Norman is astonished… enchanted… He’s a bridegroom that cannot take his eyes off his bride on their wedding day. The way Niki leaves her headdress on his camera and the way Norman takes and wears it around his neck is, for me, nothing less than them saying their “I Do”s. And we once more see how less is always more with Damian. He is PERFECT.

source: screencap from movie
source: screencap from movie
source: screencap from movie
source: screencap from movie

Later that night her friend Haro tells Niki she sees the love between her and Norman. “That is all there is…” she says. “Go away with him, Niki.” LOVE is all there is… It’s too late for Haro but not for Niki. Haro is inconsolable. She is on this ship just because her father marries her off to some man in America but she loves another…  Haro chooses death and jumps into the dark waters which I suspect some viewers may find too sentimental. But this kind of story always brings tears to my eyes. Maybe because I am from that part of the world and I personally know women in my extended family that had been married off to men they really did not love just because their families gave promises. And just thinking about how many people, mostly women, had to choose (and still have to choose) duty over love is simply sad.

Norman makes his last move and says “I love you” to Niki hours before they arrive in America. But NO. Niki MUST go to Chicago and fulfill the marriage contract. “It’s a matter of honor to my family… If I come with you, my family will have a bad name, no marriage for my sisters and cousins… too many women depend on me.” This is her duty. Her sacrifice.

source: screencap from movie
source: screencap from movie

So Norman sits and writes the one and only love letter Niki will probably get in her life and gives her all brides’ pictures with his letter hidden among them… And Niki gives him her earring to remember her by… They really KISS for the first and the last time.

And me… In tears every time I see this movie because I just cannot accept the way the story ends. I am old enough to know life is not fair but I just can’t help it.

You know we believe in Fan Fiction to correct what should not have happened in the first place! In our Homeland Fan Fiction, for example, we have Carrie and Brody completely in love and living happily ever after. Why not? So, why not Norman and Niki somehow find each other and fall in love all over again at some point ? My imagination is going a bit wild now. Hehe. And I know Fan Fiction can help me with this… Can anyone help me with it? 😀

Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

21 thoughts on “Summer Means Damian Lewis in Brides For Me and Here is WHY”

  1. Hallo liebe Damianista,
    es ist einfach wunderbar, dass Du gerade diesen Film erwähnst. Ich habe ihn auf You Tube angesehen und war vom ersten Augenblick an total verliebt in diesen Film. Da ist so etwas Feines und Zartes in Damians Spiel, das man mit Worten wieder mal nicht beschreiben kann.
    Es ist wirklich ein außergewöhnlich schöner Film. Schade, dass man in nicht als DVD erwerben kann, zumindest habe ich ihn nicht gefunden. Bin aber schon zufrieden, dass ich ihn wenigstens auf You Tube gefunden habe und ansehen konnte.
    Übrigens vielen Dank auch für das wunderbare Bild in Deinem Bericht vom 03. Juli 2017.Einfach nur ein Traum !!
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie einen traumhaften Urlaub in Deinem Heimatland und eine fantastische Lebenszeit.
    Herzlichste Grüße aus Deutschland !!

    Google Translate (added bu Damianista)
    Hello dear Damianista,
    It’s just wonderful that you just mentioned this movie. I watched it on You Tube and was in love from the first moment. There is something so fine and delicate in Damian’s game, which can not be described again with words.
    It’s really an exceptionally beautiful movie. Too bad that you can not buy as a DVD, at least I have not found it But I am already satisfied that I at least found it on You Tube and could see.
    By the way, many thanks also for the wonderful picture in your report of 3 July 2017. Only a dream !!
    I wish you and your family a fantastic holiday in your home country and a fantastic life.
    Greetings from Germany!

  2. j”ai toujours adoré de film,Damian est fabuleux,dans ce film,son regard ,ses yeux bleus nous transpercent! Leurs baisers tres sensuels nous donnent le frisson!
    Damian est vraiment formidable dans n’importe quel role,c’est le témoignage de son immense talent!Monique

    1. Absolutely, Monique! I really love this character of Norman Harris since he does not say a lot, but he says a lot with gestures and just with his eyes. Lovely film.

  3. I followed the YouTube link Connie posted in 2015 and watched Brides today…… on my iPad without subtitles! And had a lovely time doing so. I’m so glad I knew from your post that Niki was saying You have beautiful eyes , that she was not talking about rain ;-).
    Enjoy your visit home, travel safely.
    PS I am reading My Name is Red

  4. Great review! Thank you!

    God, how I love this movie! I love its muffled – almost sepia colors! I love its music! I love every look, every unspoken word! I love every shoot in it! And I’m not even a big fan of romantic movies.
    I have probably moved backward more than 50 times that shoot (around the 7th minute) of the meadow with the wild thorns, which is right after the scene when the uncle said: “God sees this”. It moves me in an inexplicable way…

    I am a member of a facebook group called “Recommend a movie,” Many times I’ve been trying to write something about the movie, but I have never found words that can contain the whole hurricane of the emotions and thoughts that it evokes in me.

    Oh, how I hated Norman (maybe more than I hated Karabulat) when he said to her at the saloon “You got such letters, right Niki?” …the anger… and the confusion in her eyes before she answered to him “They are… hers.”
    And “Niki, my darling, I thought about you all last night. That’s more or less how a love letter begins. Isn’t it, Niki? ” is the most beautiful PRELUDE to a love confession I’ve ever heard (probably because of Damian’s voice 😀 )

    The pain and the impossible love admission behind Nicky’s words when she speaks about the unhappy wedding dress… That “back and forth… back and forth” is ringing so loudly in my ears so it can mute the collision of every Titanic. The way Nikki articulates crisply and moves briskly Is a great accentuation on her open, honest and brave nature.

    The scene with the shoe when she surrendered speaks volumes… Every scene in this movie speaks volumes…
    Victoria Haralabidou’s acting is shattering. She is one of my favorite actresses after “Brides” Once we talked with my sister about the movie ( she had seen it a hundred times too because of me 😀 ) And I said to her “It is so strange – I can`t remember the name of Damian’s character, only Niki Douka comes to my mind?!” And she said that she can`t remember his name too, only Niki comes to her mind. Then we realized that this was because of the impeccable support of Damian. Besides the script and the other things, it’s Damian who makes Niki stands out so remarkably. His ability to “make room’’ for the other actors is amazing! It reminded me for the hundredth time how good actor he is.

    There are many reasons why this movie resonates so strongly with me too. Maybe as you mentioned because we are from this part of the world. My grandmother was a seamstress too. And she had the same vivid spirit as Nicky. When she was 14 or 15 she went to work at a factory in Varna, which is on the other side of the country for two years to win a sewing machine. It was terrible. Workers have been exploited in an unacceptable way. They have been caned if they did not do well with the job. They were not in contact with their families. When she got back home she was weighing less than 35 kg. I remember that sewing machine very well. ( She also had a Singer  ) She allowed me and my cousin to sew with it. We enjoyed it as a treasure. If it`s still somewhere home, when I get back to Bulgaria, I will take a picture of it.

    “çocuklar” was the first word I searched in Google while I was watching the movie for the first time  In some parts of Bulgaria we have the same tradition to tie a piece of cloth to a wish tree.

    I`ve been thinking many times about those women who are forced to leave everything dear to their hearts for an arranged marriage. Women have been kind of commodity to buy and sell through all ages. This is so sad and inhuman. Only a few managed to overcome the habits of society. Ghhh!!!
    There is no duty in this world that is greater than such love. But if I was Nicky – I would probably have done the same.

    My thoughts are so scattered but I can`t do anything and I know you’ll understand me. And don`t thank me, because it was all my pleasure to find out that someone is reading the movie the same way as me! <3

    And last but VERY, VERY important: “I CAN SMELL THE RAIN…”

    1. Ha! NOW you have a beautiful piece to send to the “Recommend a Movie” group. I am sure a lot of people will see the Brides after your recommendation.

      Haha I love it that “Cocuklar” was the first word you searched in Google. And I was like “he said “Cocuklar! Damian spoke in Turkish!” And, yes, we also have the same tradition of tying a piece of cloth to a tree — you make a wish, and tie your cloth. Many people do it to fall in love, to get married or to have a kid 😀 I think Norman also says “Tesekkur” at the hotel reception which means thanks. And, of course, this all happens in my hometown of all places. Brides is extremely special for me. And, no matter what you say, TESEKKUR my friend for reading us and for this detailed comment that evokes a lot of emotions in me. TESEKKUR <3

      I think culture is an important part of understanding. That is why I think we may understand this particular movie a little bit better since we know THAT culture a bit better than others. And I think the moment you hate Norman is also about cultural differences, I don't think he has, as an American, no idea people do not often get love letters in that part of the world. And arranged marriage is still a reality in many parts of the world, still a reality in the Eastern parts of Turkey especially among lower income and low education populations. I have an aunt who had an arranged and unhappy marriage (some arranged marriages may turn out to be alright --- it is a matter of luck, I guess). I agree with you love conquers all but you are definitely a better person than me. I cannot say I would leave with Norman immediately, but I think I might. I don't know though if the relationship would work well.

      Yes, Singer! Your grandmother's story is INCREDIBLE. Wow. Yes, please take a picture of that machine when you go home.

      Ah, and that "back and forth, back and forth" about the wedding dress made me feel very sad. It was sort of a messenger of the life Niki would have. Her husband may be a good man but if he is not the one she is in love with, what is the point? And ah the shoe... she gives it up for him. That is the most she can do. The movie is so poetic in ways and it has some of the best love scenes I have ever seen. Probably the only thing I did not like is Niki's hair going gray over a night. I know it is biologically possible but probably because cheesy Turkish movies have used that for decades, it screams "cheesy" to me. Maybe the Greek cinema has not consumed it as much as Turkish cinema did.

      I wonder how many people ended up seeing Brides. I really think you can add a few to the count through sending your feelings about it to your FB group! You can do it, my friend!!! <3 And you know that whenever you feel like writing anything about Damian --- your fan story is coming up by the way, and please send me a paragraph or two if you wanna talk a bit about your Goat experience --- this is your home to publish a post and share it with the world! Sending lots of love!!!

      1. Thank you! <3

        I hated Norman because of his jealousy. Like every stupid man 😀 , he suspects her of having a relationship with another man, thinking that the letters she read to Haro are hers. I don't think she hasn't received love letters because people in this part of the world don't often write love letters but because she just hasn't met love yet. That is what she told her sister when she asked if she loved someone here on the island. "Did I sew a new dress to go to a date? Did I put jasmine on my chest? Have I been expecting the postman eagerly? Love … Love is for idlers, Eleni. But I MISS it." This is what she regrets most – that she hasn't met love, and she will never meet. And right after that, we see Norman's hand with a wedding ring stacking raisins on the table. No one ever knows what fate awaits him…
        I know what you are talking about. Life of poor and uneducated people is not pink, it's not singing and dancing, and they are easy victims of physical and moral violence. Yes, the problem can be recognized geographically too. And so on, and so on…( I'm not a big supporter of the clash of civilizations theory by the way). I think the movie is more about, can I say: “culture of the soul”, “culture of the spirit”. Cultural and social differences are more likely a background, just part of the age and the place where the story unfolds. The contrast between clothing and the behavior of the two groups of women is a great accent. If someone can’t read or doesn’t have fancy manners, it doesn’t mean that he\she doesn’t have a rich intense inner life, or he\she is less intelligent. Haro is a remarkable character. On the one hand – she can’t read, she enjoys her reflection in the mirror like a child, and on the other – the enormous intensity of her love. It is about the futility of empty vanity (as Norman sarcastically said: “Once they have seen the Acropolis Troy and the Delphi up close they are soar.”) And of course, it is about love, that only make sense…

        I didn’t know that cheesy Turkish movies have used “the going gray drama effect” that often” . I think in Bollywood movies characters are going gray quite often too. Now I know Marie Antoinette is not alone 😀

        I don’t think talking too much about your emotions is a good idea when it comes to describing a movie ( which I actually did here, but I was sure you would understand me). There is a risk of going too far from the main idea, and I was looking for the perfect review. I actually recommended it. It was something very short, sort of: “Anti-Titanic movie” 😀 I think I won some true connoisseurs.

        About the Goat:
        Oh, God … When I became a successful hotel manager, or better – a big hotel tycoon, I will write a story – “How did I start with the Goat” 😀
        Now seriously:
        I really do not know what to say. When something has impressed me so heavily and my emotions and thoughts are so intense, it is impossible for me to verbalize it. I've always been like that. It may take a while for me to sort out my own thoughts. It took me two years to define my impressions on “Brides” 😀 so imagine how much more I need to describe what is like to see Damian live(!), in the theater(!), … Don’t make me going gray, please! 😀

        MANY HUGS!!! <3 <3 <3
        And eat some baklava for me please!

        1. I thought most people in that part of the world — and I intended to mean “rural” areas in that part of the world — at that time in history, literacy rates were quite low and that is why love letters were not as common. So, I think my argument was more of a class argument than a clash of civilizations one – I am not a big fan of the theory, either. I think Niki is a rational woman, when she talks about love is for idlers, I think she is also making a class argument. I love it that she has a vision. But of course when you fall in love, all rationality goes away, doesn’t it? Still, she kept it until the end along with her sense of duty which I do not think I could have done. Hats off!!!

          I completely agree about the contrast between the women on the ship, and about Haro. She is a remarkable character. I did not interpret Norman’s “love letter” comment as jealousy. I think it is more of a curiosity, I think he tries to be subtle in asking her whether she is single or not. But maybe you are right and it is jealousy. You make me want to see the film again!!!

          YES, you said it all in two words: “Anti-titanic movie.” You don’t know how much I despised that movie. I lost my respect for Oscars the night Titanic won all the awards. I am now watching it just for red carpet and fun, but I am not taking it seriously anymore. I think movies like Titanic are the reason why I do not, and I know it is selfish, want Damian to be in big box-office movies. I would love him to go on doing indie, small budget, artsy movies like Keane.

          As much as we have so much in common, I think we are quite different personality wise. When I am impressed so terribly, when my emotions are so intense, I feel the urge to get it out of my chest. I know it is sometimes not easy to verbalize, I completely understand that, I live that, but I need to do it to feel better; otherwise, I feel restless. I think the whole blog thing came out of my fascination with Brody. He died and I got lost. I wrote a little piece for him, I made a video clip as a tribute to him, I went and met Damian at Cheltenham Literature Festival, but I found they were not enough… I had to do more, I had to do something to get it all out of my chest… and as I was mourning for Brody, I got to meet Winters, Crews, and all… and fell for them all… But I really think, with Brides, you did it, you got it out of your chest, and I have a feeling you will continue doing so!!!

          Haha I am more of a “Kazandibi” girl – it is a milk dessert. I love Baklava in winter 🙂

  5. Oh, You girls talking about “My name is Red”!
    Before my birth there was infinite time, and after my death, inexhaustible time. I never thought of it before: I’d been living luminously between two eternities of darkness.” <3 This is stunning!
    I was so impressed, so after reading the book I started using "my name is …" as niknames or keywords. 😀

    1. This is what I love the most about this — we start with Damian and then the distances we can go with it is incredible. I love Orhan Pamuk and My Name is Red is my all time favorite book along with Wolf Hall, A Tale of Two Cities and Little Women. Yes I love the way he titles the chapters, too!

    1. Me, too! We very rarely see that tenderness in Bobby thatwe see in Norman and also at times, SIGH, in Brody in Bobby Axelrod. Brides is a beautiful impossible love story and it is extra special for me because it starts in my hometown of all places — even though they shot the film in Greece in its entirety.

    1. Ha! You do not know how happy your note makes me, Laetitia! You are so very welcome! I love it when we help with discovering more obscure Damian movies but Brides, as you could see from the post, is very special for me. So happy you liked it! You are right – Norman Harris is not a kind of character we are used to seeing Damian play and I know I would not complain at all if he made another romantic movie!

      1. Yeah I saw that movie was very close to home for you and I bet it’s very special :).

        I really would like to see Damian portraying more of this kind of character, maybe one day who knows.
        I managed luckily to get my hands on this movie pretty easily, there is another movie I would like to see it’s “Stolen” but I’m struggling to get it. 🙁

  6. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, liebe Damianista,
    deine Beschreibung des Films ist einfach nur genial und auch wenn es bereits 1 Jahr her ist, seit ich diesen Film gesehen habe, so bin ich soeben doch mittendrin gewesen. Deine Einlagen mit „eine Sekunde hier leben“ sind dazu noch lustig und sehr kreativ und befördern einen für eine kleine Weile dann auch gleich noch kurz in „die Hütte im Wald“ …. Oh mein Gott, was machst Du wieder…. Hi Hi
    Du hast vollkommen recht, wenn Du behauptest, dass dieser Film einen irgendwie verzaubert und doch schockiert zurücklässt.
    Ich persönlich ziehe auch die Fan Fiction vor und denke mir einfach, der Fantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.
    Möglich ist schließlich alles und die Liebe siegt immer, sofern eine da ist. Ich persönlich durfte das in meinem Leben erfahren.
    „Der Glaube versetzt Berge!“ und Du bist unschlagbar !!
    Herzlichste Grüße aus Deutschland !!

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo, dear Damianista,
    Your description of the movie is just awesome and even though it’s been 1 year since I saw this movie, I’ve just been in the midst of it. Your deposits with “one second live here” are still funny and very creative and carry you for a little while then just a moment in “the hut in the woods” …. Oh my god, what are you doing again …. Hi Hi
    You’re perfectly right in claiming that this film leaves you somehow enchanted and yet shocked.
    Personally, I also prefer fan fiction and just think, there are no limits to fantasy.
    After all, everything is possible and love always wins, if one is there. Personally, I was allowed to experience this in my life.
    “Faith moves mountains!” And you are unbeatable !!
    Best regards from Germany !!

    1. Thank you for reading and for your kind words! Brides is a beautiful movie and yes the feelings it leaves you with are hard to describe and I tried my best to describe them 🙂 I think I may also be biased a little since the movie hits very close home and Damian speaking a few words in Turkish is priceless!

      I love Fan Fiction, too, and I hope someone will come along to write the sequel to Norman and Niki’s love story. Who knows, I can give it a try when I have some time in my hands… I think Fan Fiction is more time-consuming.

      Big hugs to Germany!

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