Fan Story Tuesday: A Band of Brothers Collective

It is Fan Story Tuesday again and this week we have a collection of different stories from a few of our readers. The response to the wonderful idea by Damianista (co-inspired by Lady Trader) to share how we each discovered Damian has been fantastic. We have lots of stories to share so if yours hasn’t popped up yet, please be assured ladies and gents, we will get to them and we do appreciate your sharing with us!

Long-time follower, Iza, is going to start us off and Charlene, Ali and Kathleen follow. BIG thanks go to each and every one of them for their sweet stories and constant support.


Hello everyone!

I am Iza, I am from Brasil and I am a fan of Damian Lewis. The first show I watched was Band of Brothers. But Life was love. It was so good and the ending was sad. Crews was very funny, smart, and friendly. His relationship with Reese was special. They fight together for the resolution of their dramas. I think he loved Reese. I watched everything I got.

Homeland is my favorite show, Damian Lewis is perfect. We see one broken man. These soldiers were in a war that destroyed their lives. The relationship with Carrie and Brody was so beautiful and so sad. It was perfect. Carrie was at war and so she understood. She knew how difficult it was to stay sane without being destroyed by the pain of war. But everyone knew Brody cannot change the past that destroyed him. We have a group (Barrie) to honor Damian Lewis and Claire Danes. We talk about them and their show. Barrie members and I congratulate Mr. Damian Lewis for his excellent job and incredible talent.

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My respects to Mr. Lewis and his family and all Fan Fun with Damian Lewis followers. Big hugs!


I was visiting my mother up in Cambridge Bay… Nunavut…. and I wanted to watch a movie.  As I looked through the movies, I saw this cover that caught my eye, this movie was called “Band of Brothers” so I started to look at the cover and the back of the cover and I thought hmmm this is an interesting movie and so I watched it.

As I was watching this, I saw my fav actor in this movie they called him Lynn “Buck” Campton! Ughh he is so cool, but then Damian was starring the movie so, I watched him do the play and that is when he caught my eye… :* ughh he is so hot…  but anyways, I started to wonder who is he then I looked him up and I thought to myself ohh so he directs and he is an actor too. That is how I became a DL Fan!


It was definitely his fabulous portrayal of Dick Winters in Band of Brothers. Absolutely loved him ever since. Recently visited New York for a week with my husband & kids from the UK. I put several episodes of Band of Brothers on my phone to watch during the flight. Arrived in NY on the Monday & was walking through Chelsea & passed Damian walking down the street. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My family said it wasn’t him, but my husband said “You’ve loved him for ever, if it is him go & get”, so I did!!!! I chased him 3 blocks like a crazy woman, when I caught up with him, he was totally charming & adorable. He offered to take our pics & was really, really lovely. Made our trip, and I’m still totally buzzing!


 I think I discovered Damian Lewis when I first watched “Band of Brothers.” His skill at bringing Maj. Winters to life was brilliant. I then “re-discovered” him during his (too) brief tenure on “Life.” What a great show – impeccable writing and acting, the chemistry among the cast – couldn’t ask for more!

Then came “Homeland” and I was a goner for good. Damian Lewis is a brilliant actor – bringing so many nuances to every role he plays. My favorite role (so far!) is, of course, Nicholas Brody. So believable as a tortured (emotionally and physically) individual, who shows his vulnerability, yet inner strength.

I can’t think of anyone who could have played that role other than Damian. I have enjoyed watching his performances get better and better every time! Any time I see that the cast includes our Damian, I’m there!

8 thoughts on “Fan Story Tuesday: A Band of Brothers Collective”

      1. Iza, your story is BEAUTIFUL. Your English is GOOD. You are speaking a second language, come on how many can do that? We have no barriers no borders and no walls here when we come together as Damian Lewis fans! We are extremely HAPPY to have you here with us and thank you so much for your lovely contribution!
        Sending much love to Brazil and all Barrie group! <3

  1. I enjoyed these stories from the four of you. We are a global community and I thank you for sharing them from around the world. Lynda

  2. And, of course, let’s add to these lovely snippets out very own HBO War Fandom who all love and adore every single one of the boys, and, of course Damian. He literally is Major Winters. They look so alike (thank you Meg for awesome casting).

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