Another two in the hole

Holliedazzle and I have the great pleasure of bring up the derriere of the bloggers’ fan stories… I am hoping someone did indeed discover Damian in the Escapist, but I digress.


We all knew, that being quite new to Damian Lewis fandom, it was very likely that we all discovered Damian Lewis from the same TV show because of the same character, which is one of the reasons I am looking forward to reading your stories from next Tuesday onwards. Damianista is the only one who has read them so it is quite exciting.

Speaking of Damianista, a big thank you to her and Lady Trader for conceiving the idea. And stay tuned next week as the reader’s fan stories start rolling out, as well!

We may have discovered Damian via Homeland, but not necessarily the same way…


While watching Homeland, in the early episodes of s1, I knew that I recognised Damian from somewhere, but just couldn’t think where.

There is quite a lot of season 1 of Homeland to look back at and eulogise about Damian’s performances, but his scene in the corner of the room in ‘Grace’ as he flits back and forth in his mind is simply heart-breaking and wonderful (performance wise) at the same time. The wounded soldier retreating to the perceived safety of the darkest corner in the room. It wasn’t even the first time he reeled us in on Homeland -he managed that for me in the Pilot when the first person he asks for is ‘mom’ – but it certainly wasn’t the last either. As his performances in s1 of Homeland captivated me more and I began to look back at his earlier works, it suddenly became clear where I knew him from…

source: showtime

With Charlie Crews’ penetrating gaze seeing right through me, I have a confession to make. I used to be a very big fan of NCIS (that is not the confession) and I was watching NCIS religiously at this moment in my life. The adverts were on and one of the programmes being advertised was Life. I recall feeling that it sounded vaguely interesting, but was not compelled to watch…not so much the cleverness of me (as Peter Pan would say) but the stupidity of me.  No throwing tomatoes, people! That would be a waste of perfectly good fruit!

Oh, to be a pear!

I sometimes wonder now if I might love Charlie more than Brody had I watched Life first and whether I would be quite as annoyed with how the storylines for Brody developed in Homeland had I already been through hating that Charlie was taken from us. I might love Charlie more than Brody anyway…hmm…two wonderful characters with some very startling similarities, but who dealt with and handled the circumstances they were thrown into very differently, all given to us by the same fine actor.

I have had great fun adding to my Damian collection since finally noticing him. Finding Damianista and this blog has been the icing on the cake, not least because I was absolutely desperate to find someone to chat to about Wolfhall and the rest, as they say, is history!

source: BBC

“I don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can.”


It’s all my husband’s fault.

My own gorgeous ginger!!

So my husband and I had just moved in together, and were sitting down together one evening to watch TV and relax. He had pulled up a new show to watch, something called “Homeland”. He asked if I wanted to try it, as he would buy a single episode on Amazon Prime and then decide after that if he would spring for the series. He listed who was in it, and I was already interested just based on hearing that Claire Danes was in it. As a teenager during “My So Called Life” and “Romeo and Juliet”, I had been a fan of hers for some time, already. But then he mentioned a name I didn’t know.
“It’s also got a guy that I’ve been watching since ‘Band of Brothers’, you’ll probably like him, he’s just your type, he’s got red hair.”


The rest, as we say, is history. After powering our way through “Homeland”, we watched his season 1 DVD set of “Life”. It was jarring to see his playful goofiness in Charlie after seeing the intensity he brought to Brody. But it was just another wonderful example of the range that Damian has, and I came to know it more and more as I started watching more of his work.

source: Showtime

Googling his name brought me to Fan Fun, and now I have the honor of writing about this man who has become my favorite actor. And I’ve made all these wonderful new friends, both the writers of the blog, and you all, the readers! Cheers to one of the most wonderful group of fans out there, we cannot wait to read all of YOUR stories next!

8 thoughts on “Another two in the hole”

  1. En ce moment je regarde ” Friends an crocodiles”Magnifique Damian,trés beau,arrogant!Damian prouve encore une fois qu’il est capable de tout interpréter,dans un meme film!
    je voulais vous demander
    ,Among all Damian fans, I wonder why, no took over the site “ I would have liked, but I’m not competent enough in this area!
    But I think there are people who can!
    This would make two great sites with “Fanfun with Damian”
    Please make us this joy!

  2. Brody goes 5 for 5!!!! It seems all roads lead to Brody but differently. LOVE this!

    OK then I have a confession to make, too, so Bookworm knows she is not alone! For years, Lewisto suggested we watch Band of Brothers (he did not watch it, either) and I said no, not because I don’t like WWII shows, I do, but I am not a big fan of Spielberg. I always think his work is always very black and white and he is not very good at providing the gray. And, better yet, Netflix, for years, has suggested I watch “The Forsyte Saga” and I did not because the picture it showed was Irene and Dartie dancing — which was not compelling enough for me to watch! Yes, you can throw tomatoes at me!!! 😀

    I love it that Holliedazzle puts the blame on her own ginger, because yes it is all him to blame! And, come to think of it, he was there way earlier than we all were. He got to Damian through Band of Brothers, which I now think, is the BEST work Spielberg has ever done.

    Having made my confessions, I think I would not be the fan that I am today either with Band of Brothers or Forsyte Saga even though Damian gives a fantastic portrayal of Dick Winters and I LOVE the tortured soul that Soames is. First, I was completely steeped in my own stuff back then trying to build a career but also, and more importantly, no fictional character has ever made me feel like Brody made me feel. He came along and turned everything upside down and I can’t thank him enough for it 😀

  3. Yeah, it’s totally Mr. Dazzle’s fault, and you are right, he was way ahead of the curve about being a fan! He loves his Band of Brother’s box set, usually rewatches it a few times a year. We’ve been rewatching Billions, too, really enjoying the DVD set he got me for the holidays. So looking forward to season two!!!

  4. Great stories ladies! I truly wonder if Brody realizes the effect he has had on this world!

    Can’t wait to hear more stories!!

  5. Keep these posts coming ; I am thoroughly enjoying them. But I must confess, that knowing you young ladies got on board the Ginger train at what to me is a very recent time, makes me feel terribly old. (Well truth be told and I may have said this before, my kids are older than Damian!) I trust you all have seen Keane and Dreamcatcher, yes? He never gets enough credit for Jonesy/Mr.Gray, since Dreamcatcher itself was a bit of a bomb. Keane is pure talent and Damian actually puts the viewer inside his character’s head. Phenomenal!

    1. You may be older than we are, but you are completely young at heart and that is what really counts, Connie! We LOVE having you here, please keep your feedback coming!

      Now that we are done with the team’s fan stories, we are going to publish our readers’ stories starting next week – I am the only one that saw them all, including your lovely story, and I can’t wait to share them with the world! <3

      Keane is a phenomenal and unfortunately an under-appreciated movie. We have done a few posts about Keane on the blog. It's almost a one-man show and Damian is incredible with the up close camera shoot. No wonder that role gave us Brody!

      I would not be able to say it for Dreamcatcher though 🙂 I just think, the actor cannot do much when the script is not there. Having said that it seems Dreamcatcher has turned into some kind of cult movie and has its own following.

  6. I love reading all these stories! So interesting! Mine is not that interesting. Well, I`m very interested in history of II World War. That`s the reason why I like to watch war films. A few years ago I saw Band of Brothers series. First time I fell in love in major Richard Winters. Then I realized that I also fell in love in Damian Lewis who was portraying major Winters. Since that time I try to see all films with Damian Lewis, which is not that easy in Poland because he is not that popular here 😉 For example, to see HOMELAND I had to write to Polish public TV! I was so insistent that public TV complied with my request 🙂 Well,I am just one of Damian Lewis fans, but I think the most “insistent”! Hahahaha 😉 Cheers to all Damian Lewis fans! I love you guys! Greetings from Poland!

    1. Hi Joanna, thank so much! Well, your story about writing to Polish TV is UNIQUE – I don’t think anyone else has such a story. Poland had Brody thanks to you!!! That is why we keep saying all stories are personal and special and very much heartfelt. I still insist you send your story to us! No pressure, only if you want to 😀 We love you, too; and sending much love to Poland! Please keep your feedback coming!!!

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