Top Damian Lewis Moments 2016:
White House Correspondents Dinner

Happy belated Christmas, everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season. Minnesota has been quite chilly and snowy this winter, we are totally living up to our bitter, tundra-like reputation!

Painfully accurate.

Since it’s been far too dangerous to venture outside, I’ve been hunkered down inside, hiding under a blanket, getting some awesome posts written! I’m pleased to bring you a moment from the tall one’s year-specifically from Saturday, April 16th, when he headed to Washington, D.C. to attend the 2016 White House Correspondents Dinner.

This black tie shindig, thrown by the Washington Correspondents Association, happens annually at The Washington Hilton. This year marked the 102nd anniversary of this dinner! You can read in great detail about the history of this organization, and it’s relationship with the White House and the president, both present and past. The stated goal of the gathering is stated as such on their website:

“Proceeds from the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner go toward scholarships and awards that recognize aspiring and accomplished journalists. Auctions and raffles of WHCA DINNER tickets designed to raise money for other organizations or for commercial purposes are against the policy of the WHCA.”

Photo by Jacquelyn Martin for AP

So it’s a fun night of schmoozing, boozing, eating, and laughing, all for a good cause! The speeches given during dinner include some good-natured “roasting”, or “making fun” of the attendees. President Obama has, in particular, been rather incredible in his delivery during these dinners. While I am certain he has the best team of comedians and writers crafting his perfect speech, his comedic timing and charisma definitely make those words into comedy gold. This year’s dinner was no exception, President Obama’s 30 minute speech was filled with playful jokes and jabs and reached back and forth across the aisle.

This might be the only time it’s said without sarcasm: Thanks, Obama.

But you know our favorite moment, of course, was the attendance of our favorite fellow, Mr. Damian Lewis!

Photo by Getty Images, RIP Damian’s beard.

The Daily Mail, based in the UK, was excited to announce the attendance of two “British hunks”, both Damian Lewis and Tom Hiddleston, in their “sharp suits.”















While scoring a ticket or invite to this event seems to be complicated, both Tom and Damian attended as guests of The President and The First Lady.

Put Benedict Cumberbatch in the middle, and you’ll have my ultimate British “dream team.”

Tom and Damian, out on the town together? This is 100% a bromance I could get behind. I found it rather funny that The Daily Mail described Damian as looking “suave, despite his bearded state.” As if he rolled in there like Grizzly Adams or something!

I’m dating myself with a “Grizzly Adams” reference, aren’t I?

Getty Images captured many beautiful photos from the evening, including this series of Damian, Tom and Michelle Dockery. These Brits always seem to find one another at events like this!

Gotta love a gal that can pull off yellow. Beautiful!
The combined beauty, talent and charisma in this photo alone could power a rocket to the sun and back. GET ON IT, SCIENCE. UNTAPPED RESOURCES.

And I loved seeing Damian shaking hands and posing with my man, Bernie Sanders. Before I was “with her”, I was certainly “feeling the bern”. And these photos, back in April, tickled the happiest parts of my brain.

No, wait, THIS is my actual dream team.

These photos of Emma Watson and Damian are adorable.

It’s good to know that famous folks even fangirl out over one another.
Her face.

Should she be writing for us?

Like, based on these photos, I kinda feel like she might be one of us.

Vanity Fair was on hand, of course, to document all the beauty and glamour of the evening, even setting up a photo booth and gathering celebrities and politicians for some beautiful, elegant shots. Their instagram  was blowing up with gorgeous faces all evening. When it came time for Damian and Tom to step in front of the camera, these two couldn’t help themselves, it seems.

Yep, that happened.  Smoulder into….the robot.  Gotta love it!!

Some have classified 2016 as a “dumpster fire of a year”, but many sad losses and events, our main man definitely managed to provide several memorable moments!  Stay tuned to the blog for many more Top Moments with Damian Lewis!




10 thoughts on “Top Damian Lewis Moments 2016:
White House Correspondents Dinner”

  1. Beautiful pictures, thank you very much In the south of france, it is not cold at all, not enough for a month of December I suppose that damian is in London for Christmas and New Year!
    Do you know when, he returns to USA to work?
    Will there be a season 3 and when should he start his new film?
    merci beaucoup monique

    1. I feel like they may have just wrapped filming for season 2, or are close to doing so. I am not sure where he was for the holidays, I feel like Damianista will probably have a better idea about these things. She’s great at keeping current on what he’s up to!

      As for season 3, I haven’t heard anything yet, but I would assume we’ll know soon after season 2 premieres in February!

      1. Hello you two!

        Damianista feels like the ultimate Damian paparazzi now 🙂 Damian was spotted at a butcher’s shop in London on Saturday so they are all back home for the holidays. Since he will be doing The Goat in London this spring, he will definitely be in London March thru June. I really hope he can take some time off between now and then and rest a bit!

        They wrapped Season 2 of Billions last week. Damian will be back for TV Critics Association meetings in LA in early January. My hunch is that he may come again late January / early February to do promos for Billions Season 2 and they may again have a Season Premiere screening/party in NY like they did last year.

        Billions Season 3: As much as we have not heard about a formal announcement, at the PaleyLIVE event that I attended early December (as well as in a couple of interviews with a few actors from the show), both show creators and actors liberally talked about “Season 3” and I just have a hunch they may know a bit more than we do at this time! I really REALLY hope there is a Season 3! 🙂 If there is a Season 3, I would guess they would start summer like they did these past two years.

        Happy New Year! <3

        1. I am sure every celebrity could only WISH to have paparazzi as nice as you! But you always manage to have all the good details! Glad he was home for the holidays.

          Very excited, even though we haven’t seen season 2, to know that season 3 sounds like a done deal! Started my rewatch of season 1 and, man, I had REALLY forgotten how much I loved this show.

          1. Thank you <3 You are extremely kind! I crave Billions so much at the moment; alas, I have so much work to get done until New Year's. Bummer. But we will absolutely do a marathon before Season 2 starts and I am sure I will still find new stuff in there. One of the richest shows I have ever seen!

  2. Watched Grizzly Adams as a child, so I totally understood your reference 🙂 Emma is sooo one of us!!! Really enjoying Michelle Dockery on Good Behavior. Pleasantly surprised with the show. I feel like I’m getting my Downton back just a little 😉

    1. I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing Michelle in anything, but she sure was lovely in these photos! I love the complete series of them, it looks like they were all 3 speaking, then Tom said something wry and Michelle added something and Damian MUST have been the butt of the joke, because he’s got that “Oh, dang, they got me” face in the end. Fun times!

      Glad that Grizzly Adams wasn’t lost on ya. And Emma was just adorable. Love her, can’t wait to see her in Beauty and the Beast!

      1. Just saw the trailer for Beauty and the Beast when my friend and I were at the movies to see Passengers. We both turned to each other and said in unison, “We HAVE to see that!”

        1. I said the same thing to my husband as we were in movie theater to see Allied and Beauty and the Beast trailer popped up! I don’t recommend Allied though. Cliche.

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