“Is She the Tutor?” Or Throwback Thursday to American Buffalo Stage Door


Hey all, Damianista here!

My husband Lewisto wrote this post about how he became a Damian Lewis fan a few years ago. While it is an extremely funny story centered around Damian, it is quite personal and says as much about the two of us as about Damian. That is why I am sharing it again this week marking our 24th wedding anniversary! Since it is Lewisto’s story I do not intend to give any spoilers but I cannot help say if you think of Carrie and Brody as the best cat and mouse you have ever seen… you ain’t seen nothing yet 😀


source: Damianista
source: Damianista

Folks, I have a fun story to tell.

First, let me put the record straight: We are a lucky generation. Our life time has given us geniuses of all sorts, from Maradona to Michael Jackson, to Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Banksy, Steve Jobs, Mandela, Philip Glass, Haruki Murakami, Serena Williams…. and our very own Damian Lewis.

We are so very lucky to be indulging ourselves in one of the finest forms of acting from Damian Lewis in our life time. Well, we are also lucky to have this fan blog, too. It is an awesome blog and there is nothing like it. The level of fun, creativity, imagination and sophistication it offers cannot be matched by any other fan page or blog for any artist. And frankly, this is probably the most appropriate way of talking about such a genius and his art. Thanks ladies, I am a huge fan of yours, too!!!

Long story short, I have been addicted to Damian’s work since I met Brody in Homeland. But something else made me a true fan of Damian Lewis, the man himself.

Here is the story:

Your humble servant, that is me to be precise, is a close companion to Damianista, who happens to teach at some university during her seriously serious daily life.

Fact number one: They refer to her likes as “tutor” in Britain.

Fact number two: Damian is a pretty pretty good looking guy, even for a straight guy like me, but let us defer that discussion.

Now, it turns out that Damianista gets a chance to travel to London and see American Buffalo on stage.

Fact number three: I follow Damianista wherever she goes. Yeah, this is a lesser known fact, but it is a fact anyway.

So we book our flight, buy our theater tickets, and off we go to London.

Fact number four: I am a pretty smart and rational guy. Yeah, the “smart” part is up for debate, but really folks, anybody who creates such great content should try to meet with the dude who inspires them. That is rational, no? So I convince Damianista to try and meet with him in person.

The day of the play. You know, signing/selfieing with fans after performance is not a sure thing and besides, one needs to share the actor with fifty other fans at the stage door. So we decide to try and see him before the play.

source: Damianista
source: Damianista

We go to Wyndham’s Theater a little early that day. It is a standalone building in the middle of Leicester square with doors on all four sides. How do you know which door he would use? Damianista decides to place herself by the stage door at the back of the theater, where actors do their signing with fans after the show. I am located by the main entrance in front of the building. Citing one of Teach’s best lines from American Buffalo:, “this is preparation!”

So I am waiting… Suddenly a seventies-porn-star handsome guy walks towards the front door of the theater. Have I already told you how good looking he is? Yeah, that is fact number two, man, he looks good in those sideburns and mustache!

Chart I: Our “preparation”

I quickly approach him. When I say quickly, what I mean is what you see in our “preparation chart” above. “Mr. Lewis, Mr. Lewis!” I shout, “I am with the woman from fanfunwithdamianlewis.com”

He turns to me:

“Is she the tutor?”

I know they met before but I am surprised he is remembering details about her.

Me: “Yes!”

Damian: “Where is she?”

Me: “Stage door at the back.”

He immediately cuts me off from the conversation (I mean, really dude, that was not nice at all), he gets out, walks to the stage door, murmuring his lines all the way, a few bystanders join our walk trying to talk with him to no avail, because he goes to Damianista and says “I have come to talk to you, how are you?” The next picture captures the moment with high precision indeed!

Chart II: The Holy Trail

He is obviously very busy rehearsing his lines one last time. We find out later he and the family are quite busy with moving, too, that week. I told y’all, I am a rational guy, if I were him, I would say, “Really? How sweet! Say hi to her and give her a big hug, OK?”  Nope. He chooses to walk to Damianista in person and have a long conversation with her.

Now… This kind of generosity is enough to make me a true fan of the man himself! Oh, have I also said how great an actor he is? Well I’ve tried a bit at the beginning, but in truth, I cannot put it as well as those ladies do…

Until next time, hugs to y’all.

source: Damianista
Damian and Damianista having a seriously fun conversation, photo: Lewisto


Damianista is back for the last word! Hehe no wonder Damian asks after Lewisto every time I meet him 😀

Anyhow… to complete the story… I am standing across from the stage door for more than an hour now… Tom Sturridge is the first to arrive… John Goodman follows soon after, and he does not only give me an autograph but also chats a bit with me about Treme in which I adored him!

So, I wait a little more… And, all of a sudden, and exactly like Lewisto has it on his “Holy Trail” chart, four guys turn the corner at the same time… It feels exactly like the famous OK Corral scene except that the guys look a bit different! 😀


On the left, Lewisto, jumping up and down, and waving the two hotel umbrellas he has in his hand (it was a rainy day in London!)… Then, in the middle, two guys that I have no idea about, cameras in hand and trying to make conversation with the guy on the right who seems to have zero interest in them and is murmuring to himself… And that guy is… Damian! And, hey, he is not going to the stage door… He is walking crosswise… to me:

“I have come to talk to you… How are you?”

Some dreams come true, don’t they?

Anyhow… I do my best not to take a lot of his time because Damian will be on stage in less than an hour and we will be in our seats to see him in American Buffalo. But I, at least, say:

“Look, Damian. I would love to kidnap you for a day just to have you sit down and read our blog. But I cannot do that. So I will do the second best. Here is a selection of our blog posts that you may like!”

And I give him a fat dossier 😀 He laughs and we chat a little. He says I always have my cameraman ready for taking pictures – oh yes I do! And just after we say our good-byes, an older lady comes to me and says:

“You know how lucky you are, don’t you? You had your moment with him.”

Yes. Yes, I know how lucky I am. I am over the moon. But not just because I had the chance to meet Damian. It’s also because I have the BEST guy in the world that always plays ball with me, even in my craziest endeavors like this fan blog, making everything in life better, funnier and happier! As of today, I have spent half of my life married to him and I want 500 more years! Cheers <3

29 thoughts on ““Is She the Tutor?” Or Throwback Thursday to American Buffalo Stage Door”

  1. It’s fabulous, but nothing astonishes me from Damian! He is an incomparable actor, and a wonderful man
    Yes you have a lot of luck!

  2. Without a doubt, it is the post that moved me !!! It is fortunate to have such a kind and undesrtanding partner. And I really got excited about the last part, because I think, my fantasy of meeting him one day is very similiar. I´ve told tou before, rigth? Aniway…I believe that those grat moments that give us life, we most tresure them and share them as you do. Thank you very much!!! Your blog is an important part of my routine now. Saludos.

    1. Thank you, Analia!!! You have told me that your dream was to go to London together and meet him, but no you did not give me the details 🙂
      I really really HOPE that your dreams come true sooner than later my lovely friend!
      I cannot agree more with you that these little moments are the biggest treasures in our lives.
      Thanks so much for your kind words about the blog and you know that our fantastic readers like yourself make us keep going and try to do better!
      Please keep your feedback coming!!! <3

      1. There is not much more to say about my dream…
        Is this: Travel to London, know that city full of history, see Damian in the theatre next to you, Damianista, a wonderful who shares the love for our guy.

        1. And I now hope even more that your dreams come true!!!! Thanks so much for your very kind words – love you <3

    1. Thank you so much, Lucia! I loved it when my husband wanted to write his story himself. I was not surprised though since he has always been this blog’s biggest supporter. We have been together since we were in college so we sort of grew up to be adults together but we can still play 🙂 And you are absolutely right this story is a real reflection of Damian being a generous and a kind man. Thanks for reading us and please keep your feedback coming. Much love to Italy!

  3. So great to be able to share your life and travels with such a supportive partner! Loved to hear his side of things, too! Hope to get to spend time with you both, in person, someday!

    1. Thank you! I know I am extremely lucky to have Lewisto as my partner-in-crime 🙂 And you know what there would have been no Fan Fun without his encouragement. I was hesitating because I thought it was a crazy thing to do and Lewisto’s words “some people love golf, and you love Damian Lewis, what is the difference?” was comforting enough for me to take the next step! He, in fact, thinks our blog is much better than playing golf since we are making not just ourselves but also others happy 😀 I really HOPE we all get to spend time together and hopefully sooner than later <3

  4. How on earth have I missed this blog from Lewisto? I can’t believe myself – this is a jewel; made me laugh, made me cry! Bless him – Lewisto I mean – he is a REAL partner in crime! It is true, he is your reflection in universe! Damianista and Lewisto – I remember that day so well – we met first time during this visit and I was also lucky to listen this story from you both! Oh Damian – you truly touch people’s lives:-)

    1. Hahaha you sort of LIVED it dear, I think we met a day after THIS happened. Now that I am thinking this should be a good addition to our Fan Stories Series, too! ❤️

      1. haha HELL YEAH! Totally agreed – there are so much to add and plus I need to be kidnapped to sit and read everything in this site:-) So much to read, so much to learn from ‘The Tutor’ 😉 xxx

        1. Oh I would kidnap you anytime – just let me know. And by the way, I got promoted from “The Tutor” to my first name recently 🙂 xxx

  5. What a sweet, sweet story! Your husband sounds like a very special man and his post clearly shows how special Damian is also. Wishing a very happy anniversary to you both!

    1. Thank you, Nancy! It’s a sweet (and a bit crazy) story but yeah it certainly shows ours is a good match 😀 Lewisto is a very special man. I feel very lucky. And, yes, Damian is very special, too. I have to say I suspect he likes Lewisto more than he does like me whenever I see him saying hi to Lewisto… My hunch is he feels for him for bearing with a crazy woman like me 😀 😀 😀

  6. First of all… Happy Anniversary ! You realize that after reading your post most of the fans will have just one goal: to go to London, see one of the Damian’s play and meet him…!?
    So, dear Damianista, do you have any clues about a new play with Damian, when he’ll be back on stage…?

    1. Thank you so much for reading!

      This story is from five long years ago – thank God I have been promoted to be called by my first name. But I loved “The Tutor” as a nickname!
      Ahhhhh the days we felt free to travel and walk on the streets of London… I’m very happy to report that many fans, especially the lucky people living in the UK, have been able to see him in American Buffalo or The Goat in the recent years and meet Damian at stage door. He’s typically generous with the fans. That said I understand some fans who “discovered” Damian in early 2000s in Band of Brothers before he was a big star were able to hang out with him over drinks after a stage performance… not an easy thing to do these days 🙂

      Yes, I have a clue! No formal announcement or anything… but Helen has been saying in more than one interview that they are trying to get the rights of a play that they want to do together. And she said that since they are doing “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” at home… :)))) they may want to do a comedy! It would be a dream coming true to see this power duo on stage together. So fingers crossed!

  7. Thank you so much for your answer, Damianista !
    You see, I live in Romania and I have a dream (and now a plan !) : to go to London with my daughter (who’s 30 and married, but we need our quality time every now and then !), enjoy this wonderful city and, of course, see a play with Damian!
    And, who knows ? If he’s to busy, maybe we’ll have a few drinks with… you !
    What do you say about that, tutor? It’s a plan or… just a dream?

    1. It’s a date! I am just so hoping that this virus crisis is over in no time (i think it will be over though only when we have a working vaccine!) and Damian is back to stage, and YES, I would be so happy to have drinks and talk about the play after the performance. A girl can dream – no? 🙂 Sending love to Romania – you are from my part of the world, I grew up in Turkey!

  8. You bet it’s a date ! And about the pandemic and this virus, let’s hope for the best !
    So, dear Damianista, you grew up in Turkey, in the Balkans…! This means that we were almost neighbours some years ago…
    Can’t wait to meet you on the streets of London and talk and talk…!
    Have a great weekend, Balkan Girl !

    1. Yes! I grew up in Turkey but my Balkan roots are even stronger because my father’s father came to Turkey from Greece after the Balkan war and my mother’s mother came to Turkey from Kosovo (Prizren) about the same time. According to Ancestry test I am 49% Greece and the Balkans! 🙂

  9. Hello, Not sure if you have ever seen this. Damian Lewis did a series a few years back called “Life” I purchased it via Amazon. If you have not seen it you should. He is GREAT in this and I have never seen it mentioned anywhere else.

    1. We love Charlie Crews! We actually reviewed every episode of Life over the summer a few years ago!

  10. It’s a small world after all !
    So… Fingers crossed for “Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf” with Damian and Helen and also for our dream/project !

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