Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at 2012 Emmy Awards

“I don’t really believe in judging art. But I thought I’d show up just in case. Turned out alright.” – Damian Lewis


We have Prime Time Emmy Awards coming up this Sunday. As much as I believe it is a crime that we do not have stakes in this year’s Emmys, I will just keep calm and take us all back to 2012 Emmy Awards and re-live Damian’s BIG MOMENT!

Well, it all starts with the nomination. Homeland scores BIG in Prime Time Emmy  nominations  – it is not just a record number of nominations for Showtime and but also the highest for any freshman series that year!

Entertainment Weekly asks Damian how he feels about his nomination just after the Emmy nominations are announced.

“I’m really thrilled. Over the moon. I was asleep. So I was just getting some extra zzzzs and I woke up with my phone buzzing next to my head.”

And what does he think about the rewarding quality of such a major awards nomination?

“Everyone is always trying to be sort of tasteful about awards and it’s the work that’s important and awards don’t really matter. Of course, it’s nice when you get nominated. It’s ostensibly an Emmy. And it’s a recognition. It’s being in the club and just saying “We thought you handful of guys and girls did amazing work so we’d like to recognize that.” I wanna be a member of this club.”

September 23, 2012: Here we are at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles. This evening will go into history as the one that Damian wins an Emmy. Damian does not know that yet. And this evening will also go into history as the one that Damian Lewis makes his entrance into my life. And I do not know that yet, either.

The Red Carpet

Here is Damian Lewis, ladies and gentlemen, with his lovely wife Helen McCrory at the 2012 Prime Time Emmy Awards.


I just cannot think of a better way of putting how these two look together than Vogue put it a few years ago in an interview with the couple: “Separately, they are engaging. Together, they are a little bit intoxicating.”


Helen is dazzling in her floor-length Luisa Beccaria gown and Damian is dashing in his Tom Ford’s rakish shawl-collared tux with Ford’s signature ’70s-style butterfly bow tie.

Ok. Here is a closer shot.

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images
Big Moment

I vividly remember it. I am in my living room watching the Emmys and rooting for Mad Men and in particular Jon Hamm (Don Draper, anyone?) to win the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

Me: “Come on, Jon, come on!”

Julianna Marguiles: “…and the Emmy goes to… Damian Lewis!”

Me: “Who the hell is Damian Lewis?”

Damian comes to stage, receives his award and makes a fun speech.

It is not love at first sight but, hey, I am intrigued. I LOVE it that Damian asks for a round of applause for his fellow nominees. I LOVE it that Damian thanks the “leading lady” of his life in such a beautiful way that you feel he means every word. And I LOVE it that his kids thought he was nominated for an Emma 😀
“Well, Manon and Gulliver, daddy just won an Emma.”
He seems to be a decent guy. This Damian Lewis. And we like Claire Danes anyway. Maybe we should give Homeland a shot 🙂
By the end of the night, Homeland sweeps the awards: It wins Best Drama Series (ending Mad Men‘s four-year winning streak in the category), Best Actress in a Drama Series (Claire Danes), Best Actor in a Drama Series (Damian Lewis), Best Directing in a Drama Series (Michael Cuesta), and Best Writing in a Drama Series (Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon).
We find out they are filming in Charlotte, North Carolina, two and a half hours from our house. It is our local TV show for God’s sake! And, you know what, I never made it to the set. Yes, shoot me! But I paid a visit to the Brody House way after Brody left the building. Better late than never, I guess!

Since I find out about Damian himself at the Emmy Awards, I also find out about him being “one of those pesky Brits” there as well. The fun fact is that many viewers that already knew and loved him as Dick Winters in Band of Brothers and Charlie Crews in Life had no clue that Damian was British until they heard his acceptance speech.

A Telegraph article reports about the surprise:

“When Damian Lewis was named best actor at the Emmy Awards for his role in Homeland, he wore an expression of surprised delight.

For American audiences watching at home, the surprise was even greater. It turns out that many viewers had no idea until they heard his acceptance speech that the man playing US Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody was British.

“Wait … the guy from Homeland is British?” was typical of hundreds of comments on Twitter, as the actor began giving his thanks.

“Who knew Brody from Homeland was British? I guess he really does deserve the Emmy,” said one, while another fan joked: “Hearing Damian Lewis speak with a British accent is like being told Santa Claus isn’t real.”



Minutes after receiving the award, Damian Lewis is in the press room answering questions.

And as he talks to Access Hollywood Damian is joined by his co-star Claire Danes who has also just received her Emmy and paid a wonderful tribute to her co-star in her acceptance speech:

“He did the magnificent trick of taking a villain and making them someone so human.”

Damian and Claire are just beyond hilarious together especially when they talk about Claire’s pregnancy!

Damian: “They keep asking me about your baby. Like I know anything about it.”

Claire: “You know as much as I do.”

Damian: “Yes. No! I don’t! That’s the wrong answer!”

It’s just so delightful seeing this guy’s playful side.


The Party

Well, Damian hits the parties with two beautiful ladies: “Emma” and Helen! Well done!



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  1. Luckily for us, you gave homeland a shot, otherwise we have no way to read such a interesting blog, including the views of in-depth analysis of Damien Lewis’s brilliant performance you write.

    1. Florence, THANKS SO MUCH! It is our readers like yourself that keep us going, we cannot thank enough for your support! And I will cherish your compliment for a long, long time – you make my day! <3 I am so happy I gave Homeland a shot as well! 😀

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