Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 1: The Pilot


Billions has finally made its highly anticipated arrival in Damian-land aka the UK tonight. And it seems the show has some certain households fighting over the remote 🙂

source: @lewis_damian
source: @lewis_damian

I don’t know, mate… I would personally avoid from messing with Aunt Pol! Still, a personal invitation from Bobby Axelrod could be too tempting to turn down! 😀


So if you are in the crowd that did say “YES!” to Damian’s invitation to stay in with him and watch Billions on Sky Atlantic, this blog post is for you!

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

We covered Billions during the 12-week US run with detailed recaps and themed blog posts, and we are keen on doing the same for the fans in Damianland! Hope you all stay with us and enjoy! And for those of you that have Sky Box, who now can binge immediately the entire show, we have all our episode recaps here for you.

Now… Before we get to our Episode 1 recap, it’s very much worth visiting this week’s festivities in London marking the premiere of Billions on Sky Atlantic!

From hedge-fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod, ahem, Damian Lewis, opening the London Stock Exchange…


Here’s a little clip, too, from London Stock Exchange:

…to giving an interview to The Guardian and BBC Radio 5. You can read The Guardian interview here and hear the entire radio program here

source: BBC
source: BBC

Now that you have seen the first episode…

What are your first impressions of Billions? Well, here’s a collective blog on our first impressions of the show… quite interesting that the three of us pick and choose different aspects of the show to talk about… which is not surprising given that The Pilot is extremely rich!

Damian Lewis is BACK on TV: Billions of Morsels in One Bite

Here’s our Episode 1 Recap to make you re-live the episode and think about what could be in store for us in the weeks to come!

Billions on Showtime, Episode 1: The Pilot

If you want to get into Billions jargon of longing and shorting, this article will be very helpful.

Billions: the Long and the Short of it

Finally… We don’t think it’s essential to be a financial or legal expert to enjoy Billions. It is a show more about characters and their interesting relationships than about the workings of Axe Capital or the US Attorney’s office. Having said that, we believe we are more likely to enjoy Billions once we understand exactly what’s going on… so here’s our Billions glossary.

Billions: Glossary

Savor them all and please stay with us for more!


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