Unveiling A Special Gift on a Special Day!


Today (April 16) is a SPECIAL day. And, we celebrate it with a SPECIAL GIFT for our most favorite actor!

So… what’s SPECIAL today?

As the fans in America cannot have enough of Wolf Hall and Damian Lewis as Henry VIII these days, some lucky fans in the UK are about to have a SPECIAL treat as Damian Lewis is making a wonderful comeback to stage in the West End revival of David Mamet’s American Buffalo.

Damian Lewis is headlining the play as Walter “Teach” Cole — a character that cannot be more far away from Henry VIII — along with the great John Goodman as Don Dubrow, and Tom Sturridge as Bobby. Daniel Evans, whom Damian Lewis trained together with at Guildhall School of Music and Drama is directing the play. The previews kick off this evening (April 16) at Wyndham’s Theatre and the press night is on April 27. Continue reading “Unveiling A Special Gift on a Special Day!”

American Buffalo is “Profane Poetry”

 “Loyalty is fine, but this is business.”
-Walter “Teach” Cole, American Buffalo
source: digitalspy.co.uk

I LOVE Theater. There is simply nothing that can beat LIVE stage acting for me… I LOVE sitting as in the front as possible and immerse myself in the play in the most intimate way possible. The energy actors put into acting every single day for weeks — and twice a day on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at least on Broadway — is beyond admirable!

I am sure everyone has her special way of enjoying a play, and mine is knowing as much as possible about the play before I go and see it for the BEST theater experience. I don’t want to concentrate on understanding the play once I take my seat; instead, I want to know “what’s going on” beforehand, and so I can just sit back, relax and SAVOUR the experience. Even for plays that I have read or seen before on stage or in film, I love to refresh my memory about the plot, characters and conversations before I go and take my seat in the theater. Continue reading “American Buffalo is “Profane Poetry””

From Blue-Collar “Teach” to One-Percent “Axe”

source: londontheatre1.com
source: londontheatre1.com

American Dream… It’s a cliché, isn’t it? But, as an immigrant to America, I know that it is real.

I came to the US as a young graduate student — a good research university saw some potential in me, I think, that they gave me a stipend for several years plus subsidized housing. And, with real hard work, and a little bit of luck, I made it here — I can actually say that I am living the American Dream… However, I am well aware that hard work does not necessarily make you reach your dreams… There are millions of people that are nowhere close to their dreams despite hard work and right choices… And then, on the opposite side of the socioeconomic spectrum, we have the “one percent” that has REALLY made it… And, some of them, unfortunately, even have a hand in hindering others from reaching their dreams, and sometimes, in shattering these dreams altogether. Continue reading “From Blue-Collar “Teach” to One-Percent “Axe””