Desert Island Discs with Damianista

I identify a lot of things in my life with music. Almost every piece of music I love reminds me of some sweet moment, and sometimes a bittersweet one from a particular time in my life. I associate my memories with music so much so that I believe we all should have a life soundtrack. And I know my husband would tell you mine should be the soundtrack of the movie Amelie! 😀

Damian playing the piano after Game for Grenfell, September 2, 2017

It has been pretty easy to identify the pieces of music that reminds me of Damian, who is a very musical man, or several characters that he brings to life. The only challenge has been to limit the list to eight. I have done my best to choose the eight I feel most strongly about and I hope you enjoy them! Continue reading “Desert Island Discs with Damianista”

Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at MET Gala 2013


source: damianista
source: damianista

Metropolitan Museum of Art is, for me, the CROWN JEWEL of all art museums in the United States. It has an amazing collection of art from all different periods and different places in the world that one of my favorite pastimes is to go to the MET and just get lost and indulge myself in the incredible art for the whole day.

We are visiting one of the curatorial departments in the museum,  the MET Costume Institute today for our Throwback! MET Costume Institute holds a very high-brow annual Gala Benefit every year. And in honor of their 2018 Gala next week, I propose to travel back to May 2013 when a certain someone stopped by the museum for the event! Continue reading “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory at MET Gala 2013”

Damian Lewis on Fame and Fans

I didn’t know people could get that famous. Just briefly, I felt like Justin Bieber for a second. – Damian Lewis

source: Times Talks
source: Times Talks

Damian answers Cara Buckley’s question at Times Talks about whether he misses Homeland which was “obviously a huge pivot” in his career: “I have to say I felt pretty famous after Band of Brothers. I was like ‘well, I am doing alright, this is good, people stop me on the street, pat me on the back, say ‘I love your work Damian’ or they go ‘thank you for winning the second world war, sir!’… you know… as I peel off my tights doing Shakespeare somewhere on stage: ‘thank you, this is awkward…’ so reminding people that I am just an actor… But Homeland… You’re right… I didn’t know people could get that famous. Just briefly, I felt like Justin Bieber for a second… It was a phenemenon, you’re right, it was a phenomenon.”

This little dialogue inspires me to think of the relationship between the actor and his fans! We, as fans, are constantly talking about Damian. We post about him, tweet about him, and some of us even blog about him 🙂 We are pretty much set on what we think about Damian… but what does Damian think about fame and his fans?

Continue reading “Damian Lewis on Fame and Fans”

“He’s more Just Like Us than we are”: Take the Tube like Damian Lewis!


Here is the most HILARIOUS conversation between Damian Lewis and Nick Grimshaw, the host of BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show that Damian joined last week. You can hear the radio bit (short version) here and (long version, starts at 01:33:48) here. BIG thanks go to JaniaJania for transcribing part of the conversation for me!

source: @R1breakfast
source: @R1breakfast

Nick Grimshaw: We saw this picture the other day, Fifi sent them, of you on the tube. (I said) That’s cool, it’s Damian Lewis, he’s getting on the tube!

DL: Yeah.

Nick Grimshaw: Because it must happen when you’re out and about, people are like…ohh, can I have a …

DL: Who has pictures of me on the tube?

Nick Grimshaw: I don’t know, it was in the paper. But em…

DL: (To Steph) Do you know who has pictures of me on the tube?

Nick Grimshaw: (To Fifi) Do you know this? There are pictures of him on the tube. What was it Fifi?

DL: Who took a picture of me on the tube?

Nick Grimshaw: Who did that? (Fifi: Somebody on the…) Somebody on the tube did it.

DL: I’m always picking my nose on the tube. You’ve got to be careful. You’ve got to be overly careful about that. Continue reading ““He’s more Just Like Us than we are”: Take the Tube like Damian Lewis!”

Damian Lewis Hanging Out with the Royals!

source: @IrishGuardsBand

Damian Lewis participated in the final night of Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations at Windsor Castle last Sunday. The celebration, filmed live on castle grounds, was about narrating the Queen’s life story as the longest-reigning British monarch from her birth in 1926 to present day.

Damian was spotted on the grounds earlier in the day during Sound Check…

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

…then he was among the crowd greeting the Queen and Prince Philip as they arrived for the final night of special birthday celebrations…

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

… And then he was on stage introducing a horse battalion in connection to some historic moments in queen’s life… Well, everyone knows that the queen LOVES horses! But did you know that her love for horses worked some wonders for Damian, too? 🙂 Curious? Then read more! Continue reading “Damian Lewis Hanging Out with the Royals!”