Well, How Did I Get Here? Lady Trader’s Fan Story

And you may ask yourself, well
How did I get here? – Talking Heads

Damianista often visits New York, and when she does, we try and get together to chat and catch up. On one of her Spring visits, on a subway ride home, she asked me how I became a fan of Damian Lewis. I told her the story and her reaction was: “You should post that on the blog!” When I finally wrote up my story, Damianista came up with the brilliant idea of getting stories of how others became fans of Damian Lewis and posting them on the blog. How interesting it would be to read everyone’s stories and to see just how we all became a happy, FUN community! Damianista sent the word out, and the response was amazing!

We will be publishing fan stories right here every Tuesday. Damianista was gracious enough to let my story be the first one to get us rolling, so here it is! Continue reading “Well, How Did I Get Here? Lady Trader’s Fan Story”

Life With Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Three and Four

It’s Tuesday, so it must be time for the second installment of our summer re-watch of “Life”! I was tasked with Season 1, Episodes Three and Four (“Let Her Go” and “What They Saw”, respectively).


I will admit it: I’m a crime drama junkie! I have watched every episode (multiple times) of the original “Law and Order” (yes all 456!) and even did background work in two scenes in Season 17, Episode 3. Thanks to the modern miracles we call Amazon Prime and Netflix, I have also been able to devour “Sherlock”, “Walllander”, “Prime Suspect” “Inspector Morse” “Inspector Lewis” “Endeavour” “Grantchester” “Luther” and “Shetland”. However, I have never watched a single episode of “CSI”, whether it be New York, Miami, Las Vegas or Des Moines! While thinking about why I enjoyed some shows more than others, I began to see what drew me to the ones I loved. Continue reading “Life With Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Three and Four”

In Defense of Bobby Axelrod

Hi everyone!

We are extremely happy today to have our lovely Lady Trader blogging for us in defense of Bobby Axelrod. Lady Trader is not just a fan of Billions, but she has been living and breathing the world of Bobby Axelrod with 20 years of experience in the securities industry. For 8 years, she was a software and media equity analyst in asset management at The Bank of New York and Weiss, Peck & Greer. In addition, she was responsible in supporting the portfolio managers in portfolio construction and risk-control. She previously worked for 6 years at the American Stock Exchange as a special assistant in the Finance and Information Technology Departments. Prior to that, she was at Dean Witter Reynolds in the Retirement Plan Operations Division.

Dear Lady Trader, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your expertise with us over the months and it feels wonderful to have you share your own perspective on Axe and his doings, particularly in the wake of 9/11, in your own words.

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Continue reading “In Defense of Bobby Axelrod”