Billions ‘Bridged: A Billions Parody by Kerr Avon

Greetings, ladies and gents. Welcome to my inaugural post on Fan Fun with Damian Lewis. Before we start with our little treat for you today, I should probably give you some background on myself and the type of parody I’m presenting here.

My name is Sebastian, but my alias both here and on Twitter is Kerr Avon. I am a longtime fan of Billions who up until now mainly contributed to the fandom with quippy tweets during the supporting cast’s live-tweet events and comedic parody scripts like the one seen here.

What I’m presenting today is an abridged series, which is a super-compressed retelling of a property — in this case, the pilot episode of Billions — with funnier dialogue. It’s most well-known in video format, typically satirizing anime, but there exist captioned versions for live-actions series which use screenshots what’s being presented below.

I originally intended to have this posted a week from today, on April Fools’ Day, but the ongoing COVID-19 crisis — which has driven the entire Billions fam indoors indefinitely — compelled me to post this early as a pick-me-up as we cope together with this still-unfolding disaster.

Hopefully reading this ribbing of the show will help you get through the coming days and weeks as it has helped me while writing it (as have my cats).

Join us, won’t you?

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