Take a Closer Look: Billions Poster
History with Holliedazzle

Hello, folks!  Reporting LIVE from the frozen tundra of MinneSNOWta!

No lies detected.

We’ve had some record-breaking snowfall in 2019, but I am looking ahead at the HEATWAVE that is the hot action that this season of Billions promises to bring.

So, as usual, I consume all media through the lense of a Delsartean. What is Delsarte? Well, a great outline can be found in three parts in this blog, as well as several of my previous articles. 

I’ve recently gotten sucked into enjoying some conspiracy theories on Youtube, not taking anything too seriously, of course.  But I do love how channels pick apart every little detail and tiny thing about a given topic, and make it all so compelling and entertaining!

I’m not saying it was aliens….

So, I kinda wanted to take a little bit of that conspiracy theory hype, and combine it with my love of Three Pillars Arts.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Knowing what we know now, what did these first few images tell us?  Well, I see here two camps, bridged by one person. We have the spouses on the outside, as far from one another as possible.  Chuck and Lara didn’t really interact, did they? And Wendy, supporting her spouse in a very mindful way, hand(mind) on his shoulder(vital), but her heart(calves) against Bobby’s(heart).  Where is her REAL allegiance? Chuck has his arms crossed over his chest(guarding his heart-a weakness some might call it…), with his hands mostly hidden(deception!!) Mr. Mind is leaning forward, leading with that mind.

We’ve seen video of many of these types of promotional images being shot, and they are often composites, created by editing individual shots together.  Some may think that makes them even less of a clue as to what the season may hold, but I think it makes them even MORE of a clue!  There’s some real intention in the way that they put these images together. I can see, above, the power of the 3 main players-Axe, Wendy, and Chuck. Axe, looking confident and grounded.  He’s got his hands hidden(deception!) except for…that vital thumb.  Yes, thumbs are vital! And he’s got it in the vital zone so…power play? I think so! Chuck’s crossed arms, again, over his heart, his biceps emphasized.  Biceps, no surprise, are vital as well.  Wendy, framing her stance with a hand in the vital of the heart(waist).  She’s got her forehead a little forward. She is smart and she wants you to remember it, bud!  They all stand 100% forward, powerfully. Except for Lara.  Lara is often found without much power(vitality) of her own(she mostly supports her husband’s needs) is standing at a diagonal.  Diagonals are heart, according to Delsarte.  I, personally, think Lara has a lot of heart, despite was a ferocious mama bear she can be.  I think her heart is what makes her powerful.  We see her give up everything for him, and to protect their family.

Season Two’s images brought some serious drama. Everyone was settling into their characters, and really putting life into them.  The cast said as much in the video:

I loved the image they created above, with the crowd of characters.  Bobby looking over his shoulder, his glance betraying the strength and power he’s trying so hard to portray.  His collar being open, unbuttoned.  What zone is on display? The mind of the heart.  Does he have his mind on heartbreak, after losing Wendy?  Lara is looking out of him, standing behind him, as always.  Wendy, separated from Chuck but still trying to play peace keeper, standing between these enemies.  Her supporting hand on the shoulder from the season one poster? Now it’s a hand warning him, trying to convince him to remain restrained.  Trying to redirect him.

source: Showtime

It seems like Wendy is ALWAYS in the middle, in all these photos.  Sounds familiar….

Here we go again. Season 3’s photos were absolutely BANANAS. Last Supper vibes? I was living for this whole thing.  The feast they were ignoring, too busy watching one another.  Too much suspicion to enjoy anything.  Wendy, again, in the middle. Lara, now we see a shift.  She’s  not behind Bobby anymore. She almost looks like she’s trying to escape. There’s no affection and love between her and Axe. They are so close, but so far away.  The men, though, are finally looking at one another. They are sizing each other up.  They look like maybe they will see eye to eye soon?

Ok, kids. Now we are here.  What do YOU see, knowing what the previous years have told us?  What do you see, knowing what you know about Delsarte?  I’ll tell you what I see.

I am seeing a little bit of this guy, again. We’ve got one of those vital zones under the arms peeking out, we got some epic manspreading, we’ve got a conspicuous placement of a hand close to a vital zone, as well.  Chuck is engaged, he’s facing ahead, eyes on the same prize as the man who he previously viewed as his mortal enemy.  They look like a team, sharing a drink together.  You know what I don’t see? For the first time EVER in these posters, who is NOT between them?

With Chuck and Axe finding their common ground, and joining forces, will Wendy finally have an opportunity to stop playing referee, and start making her own moves?  I think she’s gonna have some major developments this season.  She’s even adopted the heart, the diagonal stance. Has she been hurt? Is her heart broken?  I think this stuff with Taylor has got her REALLY twisted.  Hell hath no fury like a therapist scorned…..

Who is standing in the middle?  Taylor.  What could THAT mean? Is Taylor their new uniting force?  In a totally different way, it appears so.  For all of Wendy’s work to keep Axe and Chuck from destroying one another, she never could unite them.  Taylor has managed to do so, though I am not sure that’s the kind of attention you really want to have.  I love that Taylor is holding a large glass of deep red liquid(wine I assume), right in the vital zone of the heart.  They are feeling quite powerful, quite celebratory.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

Also, does is appear that Connerty and Sacker are a team, again?  They both seem to have their eyes on Dollar Bill, too.  Will he end up back in the hot seat, again?  Will he be as lucky a second time around? He better keep his lucky dollar close.

What do YOU see?  Also, make sure you take a stroll through my Fan Fun  sister Gingersnap’s amazing poster analysis, as well.  I love the different takes we can all have on the same subjects.   I think the one thing we all agree on is BRING ON SEASON 4!!!!


3 thoughts on “Take a Closer Look: Billions Poster
History with Holliedazzle”

  1. I love your analysis! You really make me look at the photo in a whole new light!

    And, I really am looking forward to seeing if the story plays out the way you see it from the photos.

  2. You dazzle me, Holliedazzle! This is fantastic. I can’t believe how much you can see in the images and looks and gestures.

    I’m especially pretty intrigued by what you see in Wendy this season. And I agree that she may be a little different, and little more forthcoming, if you will, this season, in business. All the promo videos also show her more involved in business, she even sits in a meeting with Hall!!!!! I think she can’t get over the fact that Taylor used her to get their way. We’ve already seen Wendy can get at least as bad as her two boys in Season 3 so I can’t wait to see whether she can exceed my expectations. And I bet she can!

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