Fan Fiction: Brody’s Prayer

I know most of you, exactly like me, cried buckets when our beloved Brody died in Homeland. But have you ever imagined what final thoughts did possibly go through his mind during his last moments? As someone who has still not been brave enough to watch that horrific scene, I certainly have not. But NotLinda, a terrific fan, whose fan story and her fan fiction “Dear Dana” we published earlier on the blog, has. Massive thanks go to her for giving us Brody’s final prayer in a new fan fiction. Please keep the Kleenex close by as you read. And if you have written fan fiction for any of Damian’s characters you would like posted on Fan Fun, please email us at 

Allahu Akbar

God is One

God is Great

“Our Lord! Grant us forgiveness and mercy! You are the best of those who show mercy!”

I’ve purified my body as best I can, in another cell. Captive. Again. I offer myself for Your purification of my soul. Over and over I’ve tried to redeem myself just to get trapped by my own weakness, by the lies I tell myself, tell my family ….. hell, the lies I tell everyone.

“Oh my Lord I have indeed wronged my soul!”

Please give me forgiveness I can’t give myself and don’t deserve to ask of anyone else

Protect Jess and Dana and Chris. They’re going to need it. Bad. Protect everyone unlucky enough to love me.

source: Showtime

Protect the new life.


Thank you for this life. Allah You know I tried. Especially thank You for letting it be over

I’m done, really, finally done. I’m grateful for that and for Your peace.

Can a man like me make a last request? A man not sure I even believe anymore. Forgive me, it’s probably wrong to even ask, but can I see her one last time? My brave and tender love. It may be selfish, but she is the best gift of my life. I feel bad saying it. Even so I thank you for Carrie.


Don’t let her be alone.



8 thoughts on “Fan Fiction: Brody’s Prayer”

  1. Hallo liebe Damianista, hallo liebe NotLinda,
    ich bin total Hin- und Weg!!!! Ich weiß gar nicht was ich dazu sagen soll. Sprachlos im begeisterten Sinne.
    Was für eine tolle grandiose Interpretation seiner Gedanken und Gebete.
    Wenn man die letzte Folge mit ihm bis zum Schluss angeschaut hat, muss der Gedanke dahinter genau dieser gewesen sein,
    nur so kann man eine Verfilmung so zustande bringen. Nur dann, kann man das so spielen, wie Damian das gespielt hat.

    Überhaupt finde ich gerade die letzten Posts von Euch einfach überirdisch gut und faszinierend.
    z.B. Am 19.02. von Damianista ! oder am 21.02.2018 von JaniaJania !
    Ich bin immer wieder total begeistert, was Ihr da an Herzblut, Zeit, Mut, Liebe und überzeugender Hingabe abliefert.
    Vielen vielen Dank dafür !! Ihr seid einfach spitze !!

    Eine ganz warme und herzliche Umarmung an Euch aus Deutschland !!
    Eure Lucky Fellow ( Fan von Damian und Euch !! )

    1. Hello dear Damianista, hello dear NotLinda,
      I’m totally there and there !!!! I do not know what to say. Speechless in the enthusiastic sense.
      What a great, grandiose interpretation of his thoughts and prayers.
      If you looked at the last episode with him until the end, the thought behind it must have been exactly this,
      only then can you make a filming so. Only then, you can play it the way Damian played it.
      Anyway, I just find the last posts of you just above ground good and fascinating.
      e.g. On 19.02. from Damianista! or on 21.02.2018 from JaniaJania!
      I am always thrilled with what you deliver with passion, time, courage, love and convincing dedication.
      Thank you so much !! You are just great !!
      A very warm and warm hug to you from Germany !!

      Lucky Fellow, it so gratifying to receive your kindness, well considered and kind. If my work touches you so; I am successful. Isn’t it wonderful that the Fanfun team offers us this opportunity for self expression and Fun. Love to you from Florida, USA – Notlinda

  2. Gah, beautiful. “Don’t let her be alone” kills. And, of course, that IS her fate. Brody not even getting that last wish. Well done!
    Did you know that in that last phone call, a big chunk of the script had them talking about the baby, her future, Brody telling Carrie what he wanted for her. But that scene never got past the cutting room floor. As far as I know it didn’t get into deleted scenes in the DVD extras either. All of which to say: we still need to see it! Someone has to write it for us to “see” and hear that last phone call lasting just a few seconds longer. Gah.

    1. Thank you, Jania, your good opinion means a lot to me.
      I’d heard about the other version too. It’s not on the DVD’s I own. You know me, JJ, I’d take any Brody footage I could find! Gimme outtakes, gimme bloopers. Just give me more Brody.

  3. Thank you, NotLinda, for this beautiful story. I know that you know how much I love and appreciate this story because I know that you know how much I love and miss Brody. It goes without saying that his prayer brings tears to my eyes. Especially “Don’t let her be alone. Inshallah.” I think, even though we did not, Brody really wanted it to end. He was ready to go. I think he was already a dead man walking somehow. It’s just that I loved that dead man so much. Did I ever tell you that I cannot even watch S1 and S2 now? I always thought as I got over his death it would be easier to go back to first two seasons and watch them and love Brody all over again, but it is fascinating that I cannot. It just hurts. I know it’s totally irrational but it is what it is. We LOVE having you with us, NotLinda, here is to many many more stories and fan fictions. Inshallah <3

    1. I I love being here with you and all our Fanfun friends. You don’t want your heart to break again, I think. For me, being only a year out from meeting Brody, I watch an episode and pause on frame, an expression. I just “live there for a minute”. I’ve given up on rational.
      Sometimes I’ve pondered at what point could he have escaped Nazir’s trap? He and his family are either in US crosshairs or Nazir’s. It’s unsolvable. Thank God for Carrie!

  4. I loved it. Really deep and emotional, it is painful though at the same time, hopeless for he knows his fate and time have come.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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