Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory
Lighting the Christmas Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Now that we have the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lit up, winter holidays are officially here… And the beauty is in the fact that everyone is celebrating something. It is Christmas, or it is Hannukah, or it is Kwanzaa, or it is Winter Solstice, or it is New Year’s or it is Festivus for the rest of us (Seinfeld, anyone?)… 😀

And, whatever you hold holy, Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you and may the Holidays bring all of you big smiles and good cheers as well as a happy and healthy NEW year with your loved ones. I am also hoping that everyone gets their  Covid-19 vaccine so we get back to our normal lives!

So… why don’t we kick off the Holidays revisiting Damian (with his Movember moustache!) and Helen switching on the Highgate Christmas Lights in Pond Square, London back in 2013?


The couple comes to the stage and Damian says:
“Hello, everyone!
Well, we live down the hill.
It’s very nice to be invited to the bright lights of Highgate.
We’re low lives from down the hill.”

And… lights! Or in Damian’s words:

“One whole tree!” 🙂


See the clip – it’s HILARIOUS!

So, how does Lewis-McCrory household celebrate the holidays?

Helen talks about their typical Christmas morning and Christmas lunch to Red Magazine back in 2013 which is quite lovely and heartwarming.


“We love going out to get the Christmas tree together and putting it on to the roof of our car. On Christmas morning, I throw on whatever I can, Damian’s T-shirt, for just running down the stairs to open the presents, but you’ve got to dress up for Christmas lunch… I don’t get stressed about it probably because I don’t take any responsibility for it. Hopefully someone else will cook Christmas lunch, I’ve still never done it. Isn’t that awful? When you suddenly realise I’’m not cooking my own f***ing Christmas lunch and I’ve got two kids and a husband. Maybe it’s just because I’m a domestic cripple and I still can’t cook.”

Don’t worry, Helen; it is never a problem when you have a good cook in the house… Believe me, I’m more than a domestic cripple, and I still can’t cook, either; but I have a good cook in the house, and I know you do, too; so enjoy!


Helen says, in an interview with Woman & Home in October 2014, that she spends Christmas Eve like every other mother “frantically wrapping presents at 3am while my husband says, ‘Shh, I think one of them is awake!’ Most years we’ll drive across the country to enjoy the day with family. We might head to Wales to spend it with my parents, or Damian’s brother Willy and his wife will often host the entire Lewis clan. It’s great because you just arrive at this beautifully decorated home and sit around all afternoon eating fabulous food!”

source: Woman & Home

It turns out Helen also makes her Christmas gifts.”I’ve done printed handkerchiefs for Damian, framed my own photographs and made things out of clay. I try to get children involved too. Both of them can sew – Manon’s even made her own dress – and they always make a Christmas decoration to hang on the tree.”

Very sweet <3

We know that this holiday season will be difficult for Damian, Manon and Gulliver. They will be in our thoughts. And we wish the entire Damian Lewis fandom a happy and fun holiday season… May everyone find whatever they are wishing for under the tree 😀

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory
Lighting the Christmas Tree”

  1. Great season post! First things first I made my letter to Santa so that Damian appears under my x-mas tree (hahhaa dont tell Helen or my husband please! ) .
    I totally think this is a great time of the year to spend time with family, help others and come all together no matter your religion, or cultural background; good vibes are in the air!

    1. Thank you! Well, based on experience, those letters sometimes find their way to the higher authorities 😀 So you never know what (or who!) you will find under the tree 😀 I am so with you, it is all about good vibes and being thankful for what we have, and for our families and friends, and good health, and helping others that are not as lucky! Happy Holidays! <3

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