She comes for Michael Fassbender, stays for Damian Lewis: Sharane’s Story

Hello all! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

Today’s fan story comes from Sharane who defines herself as an “actorholic.” You will love her story in which she comes for Michael Fassbender and stays for Damian Lewis 😀 Massive thanks go to her for taking the time to share her wonderful story with us. Enjoy!

copyright: Sharane

I’d like to share my long-winded, “it’s 1 am so screw it!” Damian Lewis fan story.

I’d like to preface this by stating I’m a massive “movieholic.” Well, it’d be fair to say I’m more of an “actorholic” if anything. Most people choose what film or show they’re going to watch based on the genre. I choose by actor, and when I fixate on one actor I try to watch every single thing they’ve ever been in.

So, with that in mind, I had started watching Band of Brothers a few years ago. This one happened to be a fluke (as far as “who” I was watching it for.) I mean, I was absolutely in love with it. It had a slough of talented actors and it was about WWII (which as a former Marine is right up my alley.) And every few years I’d go back, and just fall in love with it again. Then a scant few months ago, I revisited everything Michael Fassbender. Knowing he was in Band of Brothers gave me an unnecessary excuse to go back and watch every episode again.

source: HBO

Now…when I’m watching a movie or a show, 99% of the time I can tell you who I’m watching it for. Field of Dreams? Kevin Costner. Beginners? Ewan McGregor. Overboard? Kurt Russell. And so on. I generally can’t focus on what I’m watching if said actor isn’t in it. So, here I am enjoying Band of Brothers and lapping up whatever scenes I can that Fassy is in…but I can’t focus on him this time. There’s this damn red-headed “American” actor that keeps catching my eye. I tell myself, “Focus! You already have a long list of ‘favorite’ actors. You can’t add another to your list!”


But this infuriating lead would not leave me be. Was it his stylishly slicked locks? His piercing blue eyes? His puckered pink lips? Or did it have nothing to do with his clean-cut American looks but his economy of movement? How he commanded his many men with few words?

I was instantly intrigued. Who was this man? I couldn’t keep my eyes from him as we followed Dick Winters from episode to episode. Where did he come from? Have I seen him in other work before? Surely I would have noticed, right?

I followed this man from Currahee to Austria. I watched the behind-the-scenes of Band of Brothers in hopes to catch more of him. I went to his filmography page and realized two things: I couldn’t proudly claim this talented man as an American, and he was actually in a few things I had already seen before. But I needed to see more. I scoured Youtube for interviews, devoured episodes of Homeland, and poured over criminally few fan-written stories of his characters.

And after I read everything I could access, and watched every video I could get my hands on, I realized one last thing:

“Damn. I’ve just added another ‘fave’ to the list, didn’t I?”

Author: Damianista

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8 thoughts on “She comes for Michael Fassbender, stays for Damian Lewis: Sharane’s Story”

  1. Hallo Sharane, Hallo Damianista,
    diese Fangeschichte ist für mich persönlich der Hammer. Ich lese bzw. erkenne mich “Einszueins” in der Art des Fanverhaltens wieder. Auch für mich gibt es entweder nur Filme mit Damian Lewis oder mit Shah Rukh Khan. Alles andere interessiert mich herzlich wenig. Ebenso das Verhalten mit den You Tubevideos. Einfach unglaublich. Es tut so gut, zu hören, dass man nicht ganz alleine ist, wenn man wie eine Verrückte versucht, alles über diesen einen besonderen Menschen zu erfahren, zu hören und vorallem zu sehen.
    Zum Glück gibt es solche tollen Menschen, wie Dich liebe Damianista, die dann auch noch eine wirklich aussergewöhnliche Plattform schaffen, auf der man vieles erfährt, was einem sonst wahrscheinlich verborgen bliebe und dass man sich ein klein wenig austauschen kann und nicht komplett alleine fühlt, mit seinem spinnerten Verhalten… Hi Hi
    Ich wünsche allen noch einen wunderschönen Tag und freue mich wie ein Schneekönigin, wenn wir endlich wieder etwas Neues von Damian zu sehen bekommen.
    Herzlichste Grüße aus Deutschland !


    Hello Sharane, Hello Damianista,
    This catching story is for me personally the hammer. Also for me, there are either only films with Damian Lewis or with Shah Rukh Khan. Everything else interests me very little. Also the behavior with tube videos. Just unbelievable. It’s so good to hear that you’re not alone when you’re like a madman trying to find out, hear, and see all about this particular person. Luckily, there are such great people as you lovely Damianista, who then also creates a truly exceptional platform, where you can learn a lot of things that you are likely to find hidden and that you can exchange a little and do not feel completely alone its spinning behavior … Hi Hi
    I wish everyone a beautiful day and free me like a snow queen when we finally get something new to see from Damian.
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! I cannot think of a better fan community! Haha being a bit crazy could be a prerequisite for our very exclusive club, but hey, who wants boring normal? Thanks so much for reading us and for all your support!

  2. Sharane, thanks so much for sharing your story with us! I love it that Damian stops you from being able to focus on Fassbender — who, by the way, is a fantastic actor, too! 🙂

    I LOLled as I read your story. Field of Dreams! 🙂 I did watch it just because of Kevin Costner, and loved it BUT it was not enough so I also traveled to Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa and sat on the benches Kevin and his family did when they had the baseball game with Shoeless Joe. Have you read my fan story? You may LOL, too , about the Kevin part:)

  3. My work colleagues tease me for also being an “actorholic.” One week it is Ben Whishaw, the next Gary Sinise or Michael Ealy or any number of types. May sound fickle but, like you, I cycle back just enough so they don’t feel abandoned, lol. I enjoyed your post. I’m experiencing a renewed love for Damian Lewis myself. Mmmmm, not a bad problem to have!

  4. Hi Sharane, thank you for your story. I hadn’t heard the term “actorholic” before, love it. I’ve called myself a polite stalker. I prefer your term. I had to miss a PaleyFest for “Oz” the other day so now I’m looking for Dean Winters home address. And thank you Danianista for the photo of Fassbender. I watch BOB at least once a year and never recognized him. I also need to catch up on my FanFun readings. Love this, lover everyone.

    1. That is a very young Fassbender! I would probably not recognize him if I did not know he was in BOB. Love you, polite stalker! 🙂

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