Billions is taking over New York from Landmarks to City Parks :) *UPDATED*

Billions Fans on Twitter
Billions Fans on Twitter

I told you all before. I love New York, I love Damian Lewis more, and I love Damian Lewis in New York the most! And I love the fact that Billions is taking over New York, the BIG film studio that it is… and not just because they are shooting all over the place, from Manhattan to Queens to Brooklyn to Long Island… but also the characters are NY characters from all over the place: Yonkers. Inwood. Do we know where Chuck or Wendy grew up? Maybe Manhattan? And then they live all over the place, too: Manhattan. Hamptons. Brooklyn. I am so excited about this because New York neighborhoods are real microcosms that each one has its own unique character and resident profile that makes it distinct. New Yorkers are known to be quite territorial, too; I once read they are just so infatuated with their neighborhoods, be it Upper West Side, Chelsea, Inwood, Park Slope or Coney Island… that they just can’t move more than a few blocks when they need to — I am certainly a living example of that. We lived on West 70s for 7 years and when we needed more space we could not look further than 2 block radius… Go, Upper West Side or as we say… Upper Best Side! 🙂 And, hey, it turns out they shot Billions on Upper West Side at some point, too — bummer I wasn’t there.  Continue reading “Billions is taking over New York from Landmarks to City Parks 🙂 *UPDATED*”

Spa Tubs, Bodice Ripping, and Paper Fights: Billions New Clip

Alluring new Billions clip came out this week and we at the blog did some alluring chatting back and forth on what it all could mean. Had every intention of putting together a pixel by pixel report: but, alas, the hours got ahead of me and all I got was two very alluring stills.(alluring…the only synonym for tantalizing I could think of 🙂 ) Thus my post for you this week is a rehash of one of my first ones for Billions. Tell you one thing: every new little bit we see makes us all the more anxious to see even more. Two months to the day: Billions will be on screen!

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Billions: First Takes, Fresh Takes

Now, dear readers, what kind of forensic fan would I be if I didn’t do a pixel by pixel analysis of the latest trailer for Billions? What latest trailer for Billions, you ask? Why this one, called First Takes, with some fun behind the scenes bits interspersed with more juicy bits of the story revealed. I’ll tell you one thing from the get-go: I see a different Bobby Axelrod in this preview than has been revealed in previous trailers.

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Billions is Coming: Team Axelrod vs Team Rhoades

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Oh yes Billions is coming! The anticipation  is heightening by the second. Brian Koppelman is tweeting about 18 hour set/mixing/writing/editing days… They are shooting all over New York, from Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens to Long Island, and Bobby Axelrod even jet-setted to Quebec City to rock to Metallica a few weeks ago 😀  The first series poster is out, we’re already past mid-October and now have just three months to go for the series premiere on January 17, 2016! And, as we can’t wait to see Bobby and Chuck playing the ultimate cat and mouse game, we continue to let our imagination work at full force about Billions. Continue reading “Billions is Coming: Team Axelrod vs Team Rhoades”

Bobby Axelrod Rocks to Metallica

Damian Lewis Noah Emmerich Brian Koppelman
Source: Damian Lewis

As we get closer to Billions becoming a reality to hit our screens come January, we learn more and more juicy bits about the show. Last week we learned that Bobby Axelrod takes a trip with his buddy to Quebec to see Metallica. We saw it all play out in the wonderful worlds of Twitter and Instagram, the best portals ever to behind the scenes goodies.

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