Take Route


It has been remarked and, indeed, I remarked myself recently that one of Damian’s biggest strengths is the ability to say a lot without speaking i.e. he uses his eyes, his facial expressions and body language in general to convey his characters’ thoughts and feelings.   I found myself struggling with one of my fan fictions, at a loss as where to take it, when another idea fully formed popped into my head. I had originally intended for it to only be 4 or 5 chapters long, but it ended up being 14 chapters as it took on a life its own. It sprang from the notion of Damian’s ability to make his characters say so much without speaking…from a slightly different angle. Continue reading “Take Route”

Crossing Paths

In our first blog the Misfit mentioned making “alternative paths” for your favourite characters. You could have them deviate from the canon of the show because you are unhappy with it or just because you want to play around with different viewpoints. This brings us to this month’s blog which is crossing paths i.e. take characters from at least two different universes…say for example Life & Homeland and weave their stories together. Imagine Charlie Crews and Nicholas Brody meeting. They are two characters with similar tortured backgrounds, but who dealt with the aftermath of imprisonment very differently. Charlie was not for being anybody’s puppet and took full control of his life once he had escaped his imprisoned hell whereas, physically Brody may have escaped his cell, but mentally he never did. What would Charlie think of Brody? We also wondered, with the show Billions being picked up, how Damian’s characters on Showtime would interact if their paths crossed. Would Brody and Bobby respect each other or tear the other down? Continue reading “Crossing Paths”