Life with Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Seven and Eight

Episode 7 “A Civil War”, and Episode 8 “Farthingale”

As we follow Charlie Crews’ exploits as detective non grata on the LAPD bizarro homocide beat, with every episode of Life, we get another puzzle piece clicked into place in Charlie’s picture of who framed him and took away so many years of his life. This time the puzzle pieces were more personal than ever. We got a couple of major reveals about Charlie’s partner Reese.


Now, decades and decades of watching police procedural drama have taught me nothing if not the incontrovertible fact that partners have to rely on each other through thick and thin. Partners sharing a car and a beat have to have absolute trust in each other. Without trust they can’t possibly face the bad guys with an united front, without trust they can’t have each other’s back out in the field. Violations of that trust between partners is a breeding ground for some good drama in police stories.

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Life with Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Five and Six


Charlie Crews and me: I confess I did not watch Life as closely as I did Homeland or Billions earlier. I kept it in my stash for a long time and my husband and I then binge-watched both seasons in a couple of weeks with no real opportunity to digest it. That is why I fell in love with Holliedazzle’s idea to re-visit this fantastic show and dive deep into it the moment I heard about it!

Crime fiction and me: I had a phase in my childhood that I told everyone I would become a detective when I grew up! It probably started with Charlie’s Angels at a young age, continued with Magnum P. I. and peaked with Murder, She Wrote. I also religiously read Agatha Christie. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple together sealed the deal for me.

Los Angeles and me: I confess L.A. is not my cup of tea. Having said that, I always love films and shows that display the city they are filmed in with its good, bad and ugly and Life is no exception. In fact, the wide variety it has in all things makes Los Angeles the perfect setting for the show.  Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Five and Six”

Life With Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Three and Four

It’s Tuesday, so it must be time for the second installment of our summer re-watch of “Life”! I was tasked with Season 1, Episodes Three and Four (“Let Her Go” and “What They Saw”, respectively).


I will admit it: I’m a crime drama junkie! I have watched every episode (multiple times) of the original “Law and Order” (yes all 456!) and even did background work in two scenes in Season 17, Episode 3. Thanks to the modern miracles we call Amazon Prime and Netflix, I have also been able to devour “Sherlock”, “Walllander”, “Prime Suspect” “Inspector Morse” “Inspector Lewis” “Endeavour” “Grantchester” “Luther” and “Shetland”. However, I have never watched a single episode of “CSI”, whether it be New York, Miami, Las Vegas or Des Moines! While thinking about why I enjoyed some shows more than others, I began to see what drew me to the ones I loved. Continue reading “Life With Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes Three and Four”

Life With Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes One and Two


Welcome, everyone! Today is our first installment of our summer re-watch of “Life”. I am thrilled and delighted to have had my idea for this re-watch to have become a reality.

source: NBC

I, myself, am constantly re-watching Life. I am always in need of something to put on in the background as I create my burlesque costumes, and Life is one of my favorites to put on. On the surface, itself, I enjoy the stories, the acting, the writing, the characters. I love the Los Angeles backdrop. As a small child I lived for 3 years in a little town in the Crescenta Valley called Sunland. Many of the sights and sounds of the show really brings me back to that time in my life, from the way mountains are always in your peripheral, to how the heat shimmers off the pavement. And when I really begin to give it significant thought, to break down all the little details, I’ve found even more reasons to love the show. Continue reading “Life With Charlie Crews, Season 1: Episodes One and Two”

Revisiting Life with Charlie Crews

When our new blogger Holliedazzle had the idea to do a summer re-watch of Life, we were intrigued. “We’ve never had the opportunity to dig into this show with a lot of detail, and I think the readers would really enjoy to watch along with us this summer and talk about the episodes,” she said. “And with it being on Netflix, that helps a lot with people’s access to the show,” she added. We were sold. Both Damianista and I had a binge watch at different times in our shared tour of all things Damian. Bookworm had a far deeper relationship with the show…it took her by the hand all the way to fanfic land! The two season series straddled both ends of the 2007-08 television writer’s strike, and we see tweets roll by nearly everyday bemoaning the fact that it was a great show with a lot of promise which somehow never got the chance. So, yes, let’s give Life a revisit! In the following weeks, we’ll be talking about Life, S1 and S2, every Tuesday. To inaugurate our series on the series, here’s a bit of a summary review.

I want to be the unwobbling pivot at the center of an ever-revolving universe. I want to be still  – Charlie Crews

source: NBC
source: NBC

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