Catching up with Axe & Wags on
Billions Season 1 Finale Set

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Time flies! Can you believe it’s our last rendezvous with Axe & Co, fortunately only for a while, in a couple of days? I just can’t.

Bad news: We will have serious withdrawals.

Good news: We can always go back to Billions Season 1 and watch it. Again. And again. And again.

Better news: They are starting to shoot Season 2 later this year.

Best news: We will have Billions Season 2 coming our way sometime next year.

So the season may be coming to an end, but we still have so much to say about it. For starters, we are currently working on a FUN Best of Billions post that we will publish as soon as the season is over. One of the categories we have to take our pick in is Best Chemistry. And I just can’t help reveal my vote here today: In my humble opinion, Axe and Wags have the most brilliant chemistry on screen and, believe me, off screen, too!

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