Wolf Hall on PBS, Episode 4: The Devil’s Spit

"I keep you because you're a serpent. Don't be a viper in my bosom." 
-Henry VIII
source: farfarawaysite.com
source: farfarawaysite.com

Have I told you that I’ve been reading Wolf Hall for a second time in parallel? It’s been great fun, and this is really some overdose that would never kill you, but instead nourish you 🙂 And, every time I see a new episode, I am just fascinated by Peter Straughan’s adaptation: The script is wonderfully condensed with most of the conversation coming directly from Hilary Mantel’s pen. What a feeling it is to hear some of the BEST lines I have ever read coming out of Mark Rylance or Damian Lewis’ mouth. Pure brilliance.

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All about the Queen(s)

As Henry VIII was such a notoriously much married monarch, some of the talk about him, his politics, and his reign must focus on his Queen.

source: BBC

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Wolf Hall on PBS, Episode 3: Anna Regina

"Everything you are, everything you have will come from me."
-Henry VIII
source: farfarawaysite.com
source: farfarawaysite.com

“Anna Regina” is an episode in which happiness peaks for the main trio. Look at Henry’s expression in the pic above — a mix of cheer, pride and hope. And, it’s not just Henry, but Anne and Thomas also get what they have been longing for quite some time in “Anna Regina.” This episode is about HOPE. It’s about “Yes, we can!”  Continue reading “Wolf Hall on PBS, Episode 3: Anna Regina”

Damian Lewis on Mark Rylance

We always talk about what we think about Damian Lewis and the characters he brings to life here, and I think, we have to leave the stage to Damian, from time to time, to see WHAT he thinks about… well, anything.

Why not start with what Damian thinks about his wonderful Wolf Hall co-star Mark Rylance?

source: WSJ
source: WSJ.com

It turns out Damian Lewis was a fan of Mark Rylance way before they starred in Wolf Hall together! When asked about his acting idols at The Hollywood Reporter Drama Actors Interview in 2012, Damian says: Continue reading “Damian Lewis on Mark Rylance”

Wolf Hall 2: Translator of Prophesies

As the episode Entirely Beloved starts, we learn that Cromwell’s beloved Cardinal Wolsey is more ostracized than ever, urged by the King to go further north, further away from the political center of the country. And we see Cromwell holding fast to his mission of getting the Cardinal back in favor with the King.

Meanwhile, Wolsey is destitute, flagellating himself on the advice of monks who visit and likely believe that the suffering he is going thru is the result of a sin that must be expiated with even more suffering. A cat gives birth to a litter of black kittens under Wolsey’s bed. Cromwell promptly translates the dark omen into something optimistic. He doesn’t want the Cardinal to give up hope.

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