Why Damian Lewis? Part II: The Man

damian88In case you missed “Why Damian Lewis? Part I: The Actor” you can see it here.

Now that we have moved from the actor to the man…

Why Damian Lewis?

What are the qualities that I admire in him? How would I describe the man in a few adjectives?

Ok… I’d say… he’s a witty, kind, charming and articulate man!

I really ENJOY hanging out with witty, kind and charming people, and I deeply ADMIRE articulate people – it is just my soft spot, I just can’t help admiring people that can express themselves readily, clearly and effectively. Continue reading “Why Damian Lewis? Part II: The Man”

Why Damian Lewis? Part I: The Actor

source: breakingnews.ie
source: breakingnews.ie

My first ever blog post on Fan Fun with Damian Lewis was about how I became a Damian Lewis fan. In case you missed it, it is here, and a guaranteed fun read.

Now, being a fan is one thing… being a super fan is another. Blogging about your favorite actor daily is a completely different ball game.

So… What is it about Damian Lewis that makes me the FAN that I am? 🙂

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Why Damian Lewis should play Steve McQueen

News has it there’s a McQueen biopic in the works. And you know what we think, right? One actor comes to mind instantaneously as the best and only one to play Steve McQueen. Here, let’s make it easy with a list:

Top five reasons Damian Lewis MUST be considered to play Steve McQueen

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Happy Birthday, Damian Lewis! Let’s Look at the Year Ahead…

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

Happy Birthday to my favorite actor, a very kind man and a fellow Aquarius 🙂

Dear Damian, hope you have a happy, healthy, lucky and successful year, with your family and all your loved ones!


If you believe in yearly horoscopes (I really don’t but I still enjoy reading them) then 2015 will be a really GREAT year for Aquarius. But, honestly, when it comes to Damian’s year, we don’t really need to read his horoscope or read the tea leaves, or having grown up in Turkey, the coffee cup for him 🙂 His record just speaks for the entire year!

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Reflections on My Birthday

I know, I know, you read Fan Fun with Damian Lewis because you are Damian Lewis fans, and you prefer, and rightly so, to read about his birthday and not mine ☺ But today is my birthday, and I just wanted to reflect on it a little bit, and thought you all may get to know me a little bit better through these reflections…

Well… I am turning 43 today.

First things first: I got the BEST birthday gift ever last night… Wolf Hall!

source: farfarawaysite.com
source: farfarawaysite.com

Second things second: Just to make you laugh, here is some birthday magic for you! Continue reading “Reflections on My Birthday”