Billions on Showtime, Episode 1: The Pilot


So, Billions is finally here! It’s absolutely fascinating to finally meet the characters that we have speculated about for months. Now we will get to hang with them for 12 weeks and hopefully for years to come and I know we will not get enough of them!

Since it was the writing that impressed me the most in the pilot episode, I chose to write about it in our collective blog about our first impressions with Billions! Now I am happy to turn my utmost attention to the characters and their intriguing relationships for a proper episode recap! Continue reading “Billions on Showtime, Episode 1: The Pilot”

Damian Lewis is BACK on TV: Billions of Morsels in One Bite

Damian Lewis, Billions
source: Showtime

Damian Lewis is BACK on TV – Hallelujah!

Now that Showtime has kindly offered us a “sneak peek” to Billions pilot, we are very tempted to kick off the Year of the King with our first impressions of the show in a collective blog and add a little spice with favorite character (except for Axe who will always come on top — guaranteed!), character to watch and best line of the first episode! Just so you know we will start our weekly detailed reviews when Billions premieres on Showtime January 17! And guess what? We just can’t wait! Continue reading “Damian Lewis is BACK on TV: Billions of Morsels in One Bite”