Wolf Hall Episode 3: “Anna Regina”

source: farfarawaysite.com
source: farfarawaysite.com

As much as Wolf Hall is this smart, dark political drama, Episode 3 is probably the happiest episode in the series. Henry, Anne and Thomas all get what they have wanted for a long, long time… “Anna Regina” has HOPE — in particular, the hope of the male heir that the King has long been obsessed with…

Well, let’s start with Henry. The King wants… well, Anne! He has desired her for years! “I’ve known passion, Cromwell,” he says as they look at “Anselma” together, which he sends to Austin Friars as a gift later. “With Anne. I shake, do you understand, I shake.” Continue reading “Wolf Hall Episode 3: “Anna Regina””

Damian Lewis on Mark Rylance

We always talk about what we think about Damian Lewis and the characters he brings to life here, and I think, we have to leave the stage to Damian, from time to time, to see WHAT he thinks about… well, anything.

source: WSJ
source: WSJ

And why not start with what he thinks about his wonderful Wolf Hall co-star Mark Rylance?

When asked about his acting idols at the Hollywood Reporter Drama Actors Interview in 2012, Damian says:

I cannot imagine then how great it should feel for Damian to be STORMING Wolf Hall together with an actor he has so much respect for.  Continue reading “Damian Lewis on Mark Rylance”

Damian Lewis is making Billions in New York: What do we know? What do we WANT to know?

Showtime drama pilot Billions shoot started on January 19 in New York!

What do we know so far? And, what do we WANT to know?

source: variety.com

Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti are headlining Billions. Damian Lewis takes on the role of Bobby “Axe Axelrod —  “a brilliant, ambitious hedge-fund king” and Paul Giamatti is Chuck Rhoades, “a hard-charging, whip-smart U.S. Attorney.”

If this is not some acting heaven, what is? 🙂 Continue reading “Damian Lewis is making Billions in New York: What do we know? What do we WANT to know?”

Wolf Hall in Wool!

source: farfarawaysite.com
source: farfarawaysite.com

These few weeks have been pure pleasure thanks to Wolf Hall! I just can’t stop thinking, talking and writing about it… And, it is just amazing that Wolf Hall inspires us in all different ways… So, it inspires me to write constantly… write about my own year-long Wolf Hall journey, about codpieces and the internet frenzy it has created, about Leading lady of Wolf Hall, in defense of “skinny” Henry, and many more… I am so full of ideas that I sometimes think my head will explode if I don’t sit down and type… Continue reading “Wolf Hall in Wool!”

The Day Brody came back :)

I knew something would happen. First, I knew Damian Lewis was seen on Homeland set in September.

source: daily mail
source: daily mail

And then when he heard I was boycotting Homeland because of him in Cheltenham, Damian Lewis told me:  “I may have a little surprise for you later on down the line.” So… I have been waiting for that little surprise since… and it came in Episode 7 aptly named “Redux.” Continue reading “The Day Brody came back :)”