Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 10, 11 and 12

We are in the middle of Season 2! Charlie is getting closer to finding out who stole 12 years of his life. Dani is getting closer to Tidwell  Charlie and Dani are getting closer, too. Dani is asking for Charlie’s opinion, can you imagine? Besides, they start finishing each other’s sentences! 🙂


In Episode 10 Evil… and his Brother Ziggy, Charlie wakes up poolside at Raybourn’s house while Dani wakes up next to Tidwell in bed. Raybourn tells Charlie he can call whenever he wants to talk. Dani tells Tidwell she can handle his New York attitude as well as his four ex-wives that adore him but his hair needs to go. Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 10, 11 and 12”

Life with Charlie Crews, Season 2: Episodes 7, 8, and 9

As you’ve been following along on our Life rewatch and blogs, you may have noticed that, for the most part, the episodes are standalone stories. They focus usually on the investigation of one crime o’the day, which rarely carries over to other episodes. What does carry over is the tenuous thread of Charlie’s own story, the back story of him being framed for murder, jailed, released, and now in search of the people who did him wrong. Sometimes that thread of Charlie’s story is more tenuous than others, and we see Charlie so happy-go-lucky, so FREE, we nearly forget about the revenge subplot. These three next episodes from Season 2 are ones where Charlie is free to be Charlie and we see the comedic side of Damian more than ever.
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Life with Charlie Crews: Season Two, Episodes 1-3

Welcome back, everyone! It’s Tuesday, and we’re spending all our Tuesdays this summer with our favorite fruit-chomping LA detective, Mr. Charlie Crews!

Alternate universe boy band album cover
Alternate universe: boy band cover photo

When we last saw Charlie, he was celebrating his full exoneration. His case and conviction had been previously overturned, but the doubts had still lingered. If not Charlie, then who? Well, through diligent detective work, Charlie spent season one tracking down the answer- Kyle Hollis. We left him dragging Kyle through the squad room, and then enjoying a fruit cup, alongside his partner, Dani Reese.

new phone who dis?
new phone who dis?

What I left off was the cliffhanger ending-episode 11 of season one ended with one doozy of a twist. The damsel in distress, the darling brunette, the devoted but caught-in-the-crossfire daughter of Kyle Hollis, was none other than Rachel Sebold. Yes, the daughter of Tom, the remaining member of a slain family. She was not only in the house when her parents died, but also through some twist, Kyle felt compelled to atone, to be “cleansed” by the fire and take responsibility for the girl he orphaned.

And we found out, through a phone call from Jack Reese, that Rachel was in Jack’s care. The last remaining witness, an innocent victim still in this whole debacle-injured and in the hands of the enemy, stolen from the hospital and taken to who knows where!? Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews: Season Two, Episodes 1-3”

Life With Charlie Crews: Episode 11

I love a happy ending. It’s the reason I love Return of the Jedi instead of The Empire Strikes Back. It’s the reason I am not so sad that Disney took some rather horrifying stories and remade them into something…a little brighter! And it’s why, I think, I love the season finale of Life, season one.

Going into it the very first time, I wasn’t so sure it was going to be a happy ending. Charlie finds the name of the man who committed the crimes for which he did the time, and he knows just who can help him find this man. He starts the episode by walking into the prison he was unjustly confined in. He looks nervous, edgy. Is it the prison that has him out of sorts, or is it the path that he’s on? Either way, Charlie is much less Zen. Calling in a favor, he taps an inmate named Mark Rawls, someone who owes him a favor. In episode one, Cruise help put the murder of Rawls’ son, John, away. Charlie tasks him with putting out the word-he’s looking for Kyle Hollis. Continue reading “Life With Charlie Crews: Episode 11”

27148 – Attempt 67

Disclaimer – Life and Charlie Crews do not belong to me. Unfortunately. They belong to NBC. No copyright infringement or money making scheme intended. This is purely for reading enjoyment.

A/N just an idea for pre-season 1 that demanded to be written. Not necessarily consistent with Canon.

6 months, 24 weeks or 67 attempts or however you chose to look at it, he is finally sitting in front of her. If anyone else had stubbornly refused to see her or ignored her the way Charlie Crews has she’d have given up a long time ago.

She’d heard the guard calling Crews by his inmate number and pulled him up for it. The guard had scoffed at her and told her to mind her own business initially, but when she wasn’t for letting it go he told her it is the only thing Crews would answer to. She had felt the frown cross her face. It implied he’d all but given up on his identity and that she did not like.

They had been sitting in this room together for over an hour and he still has not said anything to her. She’d introduced herself and explained why she is there out of courtesy because even if he hadn’t read the correspondence she had sent him, she’s sure he knows her name and why she is there by now, but still he remains silent. Continue reading “27148 – Attempt 67”