Billions on Showtime, Season 4 Episode 2: Arousal Template

Billions creator and show runner Brian Koppelman tweeted earlier today that the first two episodes in Season 4 are the warm up. Well, if this is the warm up, I cannot imagine how crazy the best stuff will get!

Now that he has decided to put out the fire not by pouring water on it but by sucking oxygen out of the room, Axe is busy cutting off the credit lines to Taylor Mason Capital (TMC). We find him with Wags at an ambitious robotics raise by Patriot-Trust Bank where they claim the product has the brains of Will Hunting and strength of Artis Gilmore during his American Basketball Association days. The robot company is looking for five investors to put in $100M in this round that includes anti-dilution rights.

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Keep Yourself Alive – Billions S4 E1 “Chucky Rhoades’s Greatest Game”

Keep yourself alive
Keep yourself alive
It’ll take you all your time and money
Honey you’ll survive
Keep Yourself Alive – Queen

Happy Friday from the Trader’s Desk! Are you ready for some Billions? Yeah, me too. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Before we get into the Axe/Taylor storyline, I’d like to say that I truly enjoyed Chuck’s! It was fun, and so New York. Not just the different restaurants, but the type of horse-trading Chuck does is typical high-power moves New Yorkers do all the time!

Last season, I started many of my posts with lyrics from songs that I thought were appropriate for the episode. That tradition continues with a Queen song, “Keep Yourself Alive”. It seemed like everyone this episode was doing “whatever it takes” to keep themselves alive, whether it be their political career or being the big dog of the hedge fund world. And oh, what lengths they will go!

We open with a flash-forward of 27 hours: Wags doing what Wags does best – partying. The debauchery is Wagner level, until Wags gets drugged and thrown into a closet. How did we get here? Continue reading “Keep Yourself Alive – Billions S4 E1 “Chucky Rhoades’s Greatest Game””

Billions on Showtime, Season 4 Episode 1: Chucky Rhoades’s Greatest Game

What are the odds that the two most anticipated events of the year for yours truly fall on the same day? I got up at 5am to run NYC half-Marathon earlier today and I found out later that Showtime kindly released the Billions Season Premiere today which gave me time to watch the episode two times, sit down and write.

My one word review for the Season Premiere: WHOA.

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Previously on Billions, Season 3 Finale: Elmsley Count

Hear Bobby Axelrod say it: “Previously on Billions”

As we cannot wait for Billions Season 4 to arrive at 9m ET on Showtime tonight, we would like to share with you our recaps from Season 3 Finale as a refresher about where we left our characters! We will as usual have our weekly Billions episode reviews on Mondays (Damianista) and Fridays (Lady Trader). Besides the Fan Fun team will collectively talk about the MVPs of the week’s episode on Wednesdays! Hope you come visit us, enjoy our Billions posts, and join the conversation on the blog. Cheers!

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Who should We Turn to For Moral
Guidance in Billions Season 4?

Damianista’s Note: Who should we turn to for moral guidance in Billions Season 4? Well, we are thrilled to have The Tail that Wags the Dog on the blog today writing about his take on this very question. And, you’ll never guess his answer. ENJOY!

When Billions opened 3 years ago, viewers were immediately presented with a choice – whose side are you on, Team Axe or Team Chuck? Both had characteristics that made you want to root for them, and both had characteristics that made you want to root against them. As the seasons have progressed, it has become more and more challenging to root for either one, as both of them have had moral failings that have shown their true colors to be somewhat less than redeemable. Bobby turned on his childhood friend and mentor Bruno, was a deadbeat dad to his two sons, and ruined Taylor’s love life. Chuck, no slouch in the louse department, broke into Wendy’s private files to get dirt on Bobby, played a vicious and unethical game of hardball on a number of people, and even used his best friend and dad’s own money for his own sense of vengeance. Both of them have long since passed the point where they can be looked on as having any sense of moral center, as they show a far-too-easy willingness to sacrifice it to get what they want. Continue reading “Who should We Turn to For Moral Guidance in Billions Season 4?”